Nebraska - Recap

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The episode begins with Rick lowering his gun after shooting, undead Sophia. Carol weeps behind him. Hershel weeps too. Dale meanwhile, is shocked and is staring at the mess of familiar walkers strewn across the ground. Basically, everybody is having a hard time coping, with all that is happening. Suddenly Herschel's Walker wife, Annette, awakens and attacks her own teenage daughter, Beth, much to her shock and horror. Andrea on seeing this grabs a nearby scythe and buries it in the zombie's brain, thus nipping the situation at the bud. Meanwhile, Shane is visibly furious. He blames Hershel for putting them all in danger by hiding Sophia in the barn while the rest of the group combed the woods for her.

Hershel denies it, saying Otis might've found Sophia first. Shane in his anger moves in as if to attack the old man and is promptly slapped in the face by Maggie, for his show of anger. Momentarily taken aback by the slap, Shane then turns his ire on Rick, calling the sheriff as deluded and naive as Hershel for ever believing Sophia was alive. Later, Glenn asks Maggie if she knew Sophia was in the barn. Maggie is visibly insulted he even had to ask, which in other words means he doesn’t trust her. Glen meanwhile, wonders if his gang of survivors can ever move on. "We've lost others, but this is Sophia," Glen explains. "This one was different." Meanwhile outside, Rick quietly explains to Lori that Hershel wants everybody off his land "or Shane at least".

Rick, meanwhile, is beating himself up for "chasing a ghost in a forest". No matter how hard Rick tries, people still end up dead. Once again, he doubts his own leadership, in the light of all that has transpired. Meanwhile, on the other side of the farmhouse, Shane spies Dale staring hard at him. Shane immediately becomes defensive and, at the same time, aggressive. Shane demands to know what Dale has done to defend the group. "Next time I need a radiator hose, I'll give you a call" Shane screams in absolute rage. Dale though, remains silent. Later, Andrea and Daryl ask Carol if she wants to bury Sophia. Carol declines, explaining that the body by barn is no longer her little girl.

"Sophia died a long time ago," Carol whispers without making eye contact with the survivors, as she is clearly overcome with grief. Meanwhile, inside the farmhouse, Hershel goes into his bedroom and takes out a hidden flask. Old demons have apparently returned to join the new horrors, from the look of things. Downstairs, Beth collapses at the sink, apparently from shock. Maggie searches for Hershel but he is nowhere to be found. However, the group does find a flask. "He gave up drinking the day I was born," Maggie explains. Rick volunteers to head to the town bar to find the old man. "We need Hershel for the baby," Rick whispers to his angry wife. "I'm going after him". Later, a stunned looking Carol wanders out of the woods. She has been off crying.

Shane finds the grieving mother and leads her to a water pump. He gently washes Carol's hands and arms, in order to calm her down and make her feel better. "I had no idea she was in there," Shane says. Dale, meanwhile, warns Lori that Shane is dangerous. "I think he killed Otis," Dale says. "I believe that Shane sacrificed Otis" says Lori, and also says Shane is a hothead, but he is not a murderer. Dale meanwhile, warns that Shane will kill again. Meanwhile, Rick and Glenn drive into town in search of Hershel. Glenn confides that Maggie has professed her love. Glenn doesn't dare believe it. "I've never had a woman say that to me before," he explains. "What does she really know about me?" In any event, Glenn didn't return the favor and feels regretful for doing so, now that he looks back at it.

Back at the farmhouse, Beth has gotten worse. Lori goes to Daryl, asking him to head into town and help Rick and Glenn. Daryl, however, refuses. After the Sophia debacle, he is done looking for people. He is done caring, apparently. Meanwhile, Rick and Glenn find Hershel alone inside the bar. The old man is holding a rather large drink. "Beth collapsed," Rick explains. "Beth needs you." Hershel says that Beth just needs to mourn her mother, something she was denied when Hershel put his undead family members in the barn. He blames himself, for all that has happened. Hershel then pours himself another stiff drink. He, too, has lost hope, from the look of things. Back at the farmhouse, Lori decides to take matters into her own hands. She hops in the car and speeds into town.

When she looks down to study a map, a walker wanders into the road. Lori screams and jerks the wheel, on seeing the walker. The car then slams into the walker and then catapults into a ditch, landing upside down. Back at the bar, Rick explains that he promised Maggie that he would bring Hershel home. "Like you promised that little girl?" Hershel snaps. Rick tries to keep his emotions in check, despite being taunted. "There is no hope," Hershel says. "And you know it now. Like I do. Don't you? There is no hope for any of us." Rick tells Hershel that the people back at the farmhouse need someone to follow even if Rick and Hershel no longer believe in themselves. Just then, the door to the bar flies open and two strangers appear, and they aren’t walkers, but regular human beings.

Meanwhile, Dave and Tommy introduce themselves and everybody shares a drink except for Hershel. "I just quit," Hershel says. Dave toasts their respective dead loved ones and explains that he has come all the way from Philly. Rick explains that his group had decided to go to Fort Benning. Dave frowns, explaining that he and Tommy met a grunt from Fort Benning in their travels. "He said the place is overrun," Dave says. "There is no way out of this mess." Dave then inquires where Rick and the gang are living. Rick suddenly becomes cagey, when asked this question. He says they're all part of a larger group that is out scouting.

Clearly, Dave and Tommy are not being invited into the fold, from the look of things. "So what, you guys set up on the outskirts or something?" Dave asks. "You on a farm?" Dave then wonders why Rick and Hershel can't make room for a few more. Both Rick and Hershel apologize, but stand their ground. "We don't know anything about you," Rick says. Tommy becomes angry on hearing this. "I'll shoot you three in the head and take your damn farm" he yells. Rick puts his hand on his gun. The tension is palpable.

Dave wonders what he and his friend should do. "I hear Nebraska is nice," Rick says. Dave then reaches for his own gun and Rick opens fire. He then shoots Dave and Tommy. Both fall to the ground, dead. Rick in the meanwhile doesn't appear the least bit regretful, for what he has just done. The episode ends at this point.