Triggerfinger - Recap

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The scene opens with a Walker trying to get to Lori. She lets out a quiet scream. Meanwhile, Rick makes sure that the Dave and Tony were dead. Hershel tells them that they need to head back. However before they can do this, a car pulls up and they hide. Two men come up to the bar asking for Dave and Tony. Rick, Glenn and Hershel get ready for them. Back at the crash site, the Walker is getting through the windshield and Lori tries to climb to the top. The Walker grabs her hair, but she manages to stab it in the eye. She gets out only to be attacked by it again. She hits it and runs to the car for the gun. She shoots it and gets up to look around to where the car crashed to begin with.

Meanwhile at the farm, Andrea and Shane come in for dinner and Shane says that they will head out tomorrow to look for Rick, Glenn and Hershel. Dale asks where Lori is when Maggie tells them that she is out. Shane asks Carl where his mother is. Shane says that he will go out to find her. Back at the bar, Rick, Glenn and Hershel are waiting and Rick says that they run to the car, but the two men come back. They ask them for some help, and Rick says that Dave and Tony drew on them and the men ask them what happened. However, before Rick can explain themselves, they open fire on the bar. Carol goes up to Daryl and says that Lori is gone. He says that he is done being an errand boy for her. She tells him not to do this. Shane goes off to find Lori.

Back at the bar, Rick tells the other men that there is nothing in this and tells them to leave them alone. He tells Glenn to go around the back and see if they have an exit and tells Hershal to protect him. Glenn goes out in the back and hears the men come in. He shoots and breaks the window. He yells out that he is alright and that there is nothing to worry about. Shane pulls up to Lori’s overturned car. However, Lori is nowhere in sight. Back in the bar, Rick tells Hershel that he is going to have to cover Glenn and run for the car. He goes up to Glenn and tells him the plan. He walks outside and Glenn is fired at. Hershel shoots the man. Rick asks Glenn if he is hit. He says that he isn’t. They watch as a truck stops to pick up the other man who is on the roof. However, he falls and is injured. They leave him for dead. Rick goes over there to help. Hershel watches as the Walkers eat the other guy who tried to shoot them.

Hershel says that they have to go and Rick says that they can’t leave the kid. Hershel tells Rick their options and Rick says that they are going to have to cut the kid’s leg. Rick and Glenn try to fend off the Walkers and Rick takes the kids let off the spike. Shane goes up to Lori and she says that they need to find Rick. He lies to her and says that they are back safe and sound. At the camp, Carol walks up to the food rations and sees one gone. Daryl comes up and asks what she is doing. She tells him that she is keeping an eye on him and says that he has earned his place with them. Daryl bites back and says that if she had keeped her nose out of people’s business, then her daughter would still be alive. He says that she isn’t going to get him to tell her that his dad was horrible. He says that she needs to go and says that she is afraid and that he is fine.

Shane gets back with Lori and Andrea asks what is going on and if she is alright. Lori finds out that Rick, Glenn and Hershel aren’t back and Shane says that he has to make sure that the baby is alright. Carl comes up and asks why she didn’t tell him about the baby. Dale tells her to come inside to make sure that everything is alright with her and wants tot see if she is going to need any medical attention. Lori goes inside and Carl says that he wasn’t scared that she was gone. Carl asks if it is a boy or a girl and Lori says that he must have a lot of questions. She tells Dale that they never had “the talk” with him yet. Carl looks at Dale and he says that is the subject that he is going to have to have with his father.

Shane comes in and asks to talk to Lori and says that Lori wouldn’t have come back if he wouldn’t have lied to her. Lori and Shane talk alone and he says that she needs to be thankful that she is alive. He says that she can’t be walking off like that. She asks about Otis and he says that he loves her and that is what happened with him and Otis. He dodges her interrogations and starts to walk away. She tells him that she told Rick about him and her. He asks if she told him the circumstances. He says what they had was real and right, but she says that it wasn’t. He walks off upset.

The next day, Andrea goes up to Maggie and Patricia and asks how Beth is. She says that she is doing as well as they can be. Andrea asks Maggie if she could get her anything. She remembers the story about how Beth was going through her purse and found her birth control pills. However, when their dad came up, Beth lied for them and said that they were only swimming. She says that she needs her dad there to help her and that she wants to make Beth better. Shane and Daryl are loading up and Andrea says that she is going with Shane. Dale tells her that Shane doesn’t want Rick back because he has everything he wants and no one is going to tell him different. They see Rick’s truck and Rick. Glenn and Hershel come out unharmed. They see that they have an extra person in the car. Glenn says that his name is Randall. It is clear that none are happy about this.

In the house, Rick talks to the others and tells them that they couldn’t leave Randall there. Rick says that when Randall is to be given food and then sent on his way. The others don’t like it and Shane is boisterous about it. He says that he is going to give Randall some flowers and candy calling it Fantasy Land again. Hershel tells Shane to keep his mouth shut and that he does as he is told. Hershel tells him that this is his farm and that he is to play by his rules. Maggie asks to talk to Glenn alone and asks what is going on. He says that Rick and Hershel were heroes and says that all he did was freeze. She says that he doesn’t have anything to prove. He says that he hid to stay alive and that is good enough. He says that she doesn’t get it and says that he only thought of himself. He leaves her alone in the kitchen.

Maggie goes up to Hershel attending to Beth. He asks if she has eaten. She says that she hasn’t. He says that he isn’t blaming anyone for this. Later, Andrea goes up to Shane and asks what they are going to do with Randall and says that Shane is pushing everyone away. He says that Rick and Hershel are going to kill them. He says that he should have left when he had the chance. Lori helps Rick out of his clothes and he helps her out of hers. She says that they need to talk about Shane. He says that Shane thinks that the baby is his. However, she says that it is Rick’s. She tells him that Shane is dangerous. He says that Shane lied and is scaring people. She says that she thinks that he killed Otis and says that Shane loves her. She says that he thinks that they should be together. Rick says that he killed two people today and Lori says that he did what he had to do. Lori tells Rick that Shane is dangerous and he won’t stop. The episode ends.