18 Miles Out - Recap

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The episode begins with Zombies everywhere. They chase Shane. They pursue Rick. It appears both survivors are at some sort of depot. Shane barricades himself in a yellow bus. Randall, his hands tethered together behind his back, crawls toward a knife. How did they get themselves into this predicament? FLASHBACK. Rick and Shane pull up to a four way stop of empty road. "Why'd we stop?" Shane asks. Rick wants to talk -- and not about Randall, who is locked in the back (Rick and Shane are going to drop him somewhere so he can't remember how to find his way back to the farm). Rick tells Shane that he heard about what happened at the school. Shane explains that he did what he had to do to ensure that Carl lived. Would Rick have done the same? "You just can't be the good guy and expect to live," Shane says.

Rick insists that he is no longer a good guy -- and he will do anything to protect his family, including keeping them safe from Shane. "Now Lori says you're dangerous, but you're not going to be dangerous ... not anymore," Rick says. He then warns Shane that the only way they move forward is if Shane accepts that it Lori doesn't love him -- and the baby is Rick's alone. Back at the farm, Lori brings Beth a tray of food. Beth, who continues to convalesce, wonders how Lori can even think of bringing a child into the world. Lori, not for the first or last time, storms out of the room. Later, Rick and Shane continue to drive. Rick wants to find a place to drop Randall that will give the stranger a "fair shot." Shane bites his tongue. They finally come upon a vehicle depot. A walker appears and Rick stops Shane from shooting. To save ammo and keep a low profile, he cuts his own hand and slathers the blood on a chain link fence.

The walker charges, banging into the fence, and Rick stabs it with a knife. It's the new strategy for one-on-one encounters. The two survivors search the joint. Shane finds dead walkers that, oddly, don't have bite marks. "Must be scratches, then," Rick says. Shane appears unsure. The pair then removes Randall from the back of the car. The young man's hands are tethered behind his back. Back at the farm, Lori pays another visit to Beth, who is weeping. She says life is pointless. "You have Maggie and your father ... and you got to stay strong for them," Lori says. Beth thanks Lori, who exits. Lori then heads downstairs with the tray of uneaten food -- and discovers the knife is missing. Lori runs back upstairs and demands Beth return the knife. "It's not worth it!" Lory pleads. Beth silently hands over the knife.

Back at the depot, Rick and Shane drag Randall to the middle of a parking lot and then turn around and start walking away. "Why would you save my life just to kill me by leaving me here!?" Randall says. "I went to school with Maggie for God's sake!" Shane and Rick stop. Randall explains that Maggie didn't know him, but he went to school with her. Rick appears to be rethinking the plan. "He knows where the farm is," Shane whispers to Rick. "Suppose he brings back his people?" Shane pulls his gun and aims. At the last second, Rick hits Shane in the arm. The bullet misses Randall by a foot. This doesn't sit well with Shane. "You think you can keep them safe?" Shane asks Rick in reference to Lori and Carl. And then the tension boils over. The two former friends are now swinging at each other. While they trade blows, Randall notices Rick's knife lying on the pavement. He crawls toward it.

Rick, meanwhile, temporarily gets the best of Shane. "I won't let you do it!" Rick yells. "You don't get to make these calls anymore. I won't let you!" Shane grabs a giant wrench and throws it at the sheriff. The projectile barely misses Rick and crashes into a window. Moments later, walker after walker pours out. So we're right back where we started. Back at the farm, Maggie has learned of his sister's near suicide attempt. Maggie is angry, asking Beth if she really has given up. Downstairs in the kitchen, Andrea and Lori listen to the two sisters scream at each other upstairs. "You shouldn't have taken the knife away," Andrea says. "Like Dale taking my gun away. It wasn't your decision." Soon, Andrea and Lori are fighting, too. Lori complains that Andrea doesn't contribute to the group, that the men are more than capable of taking care of walker watch without her.

Andrea calls Lori self-centered, pointing out that her husband and son survived the zombie apocalypse and she has no idea what the rest have suffered. How dare she tell Beth what to do? "She should just look on the bright side," Andrea says hatefully before leaving the kitchen. Randall, in the meantime, has reached the knife and cuts his hand free just as a walker approaches. Randall stabs the walker in the head twice, three times, four times, and five. Rick, in the meantime, is about to be overtaken by walkers. He manages to get his gun into one of the walker's mouths -- and fires through it into another's head. A third shot finishes off the group. Back at the farm, Maggie and Beth continue to argue. Beth suggests that the two sisters commit suicide together.

She doesn't believe they can ever be safe. "I don't want to be gutted," Beth says. "I want to go. In this bed. Tonight. With you beside me." Rick, meanwhile, finds Randall amidst the chaos of walkers and spots a way out through a nearby fence. He then spots Shane, who has barricaded himself inside an old school bus. Walkers surround the bus. Rick then makes a decision: he is leaving with Randall and without Shane. From inside the bus, Shane watches as Rick and Randall escape through the fence. Later, Andrea comes to Beth's bedroom and relieves Maggie. "Get something to eat," Andrea tells the worried sister. "I got it." So Andrea is now alone with Beth. "Is this what you want?" Andrea asks. "The pain doesn't go away. You just make room for it." With that "advice," Andrea walks out of the room, leaving Beth alone. Sometime later, Maggie returns to her sister's room to find it empty.

Beth is locked in the bathroom and won't open the door. Lori enters, grabs a fireplace poker and pries open the door. Inside, Beth has cut one of her wrists with a shard of glass. "I'm sorry," Beth weeps. She regrets it. On the way out of the depot, Rick stops near the bodies of the two walkers who don't appear to have bite marks. He studies them, thinking. Shane, meanwhile, is seemingly done for. The walkers are almost through the doors. Suddenly, he hears a car. Randall is driving and Rick is hanging out of the passenger side window shooting, picking off zombies. Shane smiles in relief and races for the back of bus, kicking open the door and leaping onto the top of the moving car. They all escape together. Back at the farm, Maggie confronts Andrea, who is overjoyed to hear that Beth stopped herself and had decided to live.

"She wants to live," Andrea says. "She made her decision!" Maggie's face grows dark. "Stay away from us -- both of us," Maggie growls. "Don't you dare step inside this house again." Hurt, Andrea turns and walks away. Lori's face falls. She doesn't think Andrea was completely wrong ... but she also doesn't speak up to defend her. Finally, Shane and Rick have another heart-to-heart with Randall bound and gagged in the back of the car. Rick tells Shane once again that Lori and Carl don't belong to him -- and that, if he can accept this, then they can live peacefully. Rick hands Shane a gun. "It's time for you come back," Rick says. They drive back to the farm. Shane remains silent. He looks out the window and sees a distant walker stumbling through a field -- alone. The episode ends.