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The Walking Dead: Better Angels

Tensions are at an all time high as everything comes to a head at the farm. When someone goes missing, Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn search the woods. Shane lashes out at as a brash attempt to get what he think is rightfully his.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x12
Airdate: Sunday March 11th, 2012

Alternate Airdates:

AU (FX) Jun 03, 2014


Starring Roles
Melissa Suzanne McBrideMelissa Suzanne McBride
As Carol Peletier (Survivor, Mother of Sophia Peletier)

Guest Stars
Emily KinneyEmily Kinney
As Beth Greene (Hershel Greene's Daughter)
Irone SingletonIrone Singleton
As T-Dog (Survivor)
James Allen McCuneJames Allen McCune
As Jimmy (Survivor at the Farm, Beth's Boyfriend)
Jane McNeillJane McNeill
As Patricia (Otis' Wife, Survivor at the Farm)
Lauren CohanLauren Cohan
As Maggie Greene (Hershel Greene's Daughter)
Michael ZegenMichael Zegen
As Randall (Kid From The Shooting)
Scott WilsonScott Wilson
As Hershel Greene (Owner of the Farm, Veterinarian)

Michael KoskeMichael Koske
As Walker
Main Cast
Andrew LincolnAndrew Lincoln
As Rick Grimes
Norman ReedusNorman Reedus
As Daryl Dixon
Steven YeunSteven Yeun
As Glenn Rhee
Chandler RiggsChandler Riggs
As Carl Grimes
Sarah Wayne CalliesSarah Wayne Callies
As Lori Grimes
Jon BernthalJon Bernthal
As Shane Walsh


The scene opens with many sad faces, as Dale is laid to rest. Rick gives the eulogy. "In the end he was talking about losing our humanity," he says. "He said this group is broken. The best way to honor him is to unbreak it ... We're going to prove him wrong." Rick wants to honor Dale by restoring humanity the survivors. Inter-cut with the funeral in Hershel's field is a scene of Shane, Andrea, Daryl and T-Dog hunting down and brutally killing a pack of zombies. There is much stabbing with pitch forks and kicking in of skulls. The two scenes don't exactly jibe. Later, Hershel invites all the survivors into the house and barn. He even says that he should've done it earlier. But that hospitality isn't about to turn Shane around. ..

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 6.89 Million Viewers

Trivia: The combination to the lock on the shed door that Randall was in is "6005".

Special Effects: Michael Zegen (Randall) couldn't wear the "walker contacts" because they burned his eyes too badly. The walker eye effects for his character had to be added afterwards using CGI.

Spoilers: This episode marks the death of Shane.

Casting: Jeffrey DeMunn remains listed in the credits even though he doesn't appear and his character was killed off in the previous episode.

Episode Quotes
Rick: Dale could...could get under your skin. He sure got under mine, because he wasn't afraid to say what he thought, how he felt. That kind of honesty is rare, and brave. Whenever I'd make a decision, I'd look at Dale. He'd be looking back at me with that look he had. We've all seen it one time or another. I couldn't always read him, but he could read us. He saw people for who they were. He knew things about us, the truth of who we really are. In the end, he was talking about losing our humanity. He said this group was broken. The best way to honour him is to un-break it. Set aside our differences and pull together, stop feeling sorry for ourselves and take control of our lives...our safety...our future. We're not broken. We're gonna prove him wrong. From now on...we're gonna do it his way. That is how we honour Dale.

Rick: What happened to Dale had nothing to do with you.
Carl: He died, Dad.
Rick: Yeah, feels like there's a lot of that going around. That's why I need you.

Hershel: I see why you're not taking Shane with you, just know I've got no more patience where he's concerned.
Rick: Well, he's turning over a new leaf.

Carl: If I tell you something will you promise not to tell my parents?
Shane: That's probably a bad idea for both of us, bud. (Carl walks away) Hey, Carl? Come on back. Go on.
Carl: (Hands Shane Daryl's gun) I took it from Daryl's motorcycle. If he found out I took it, he'd kill me.
Shane: What were you doing with this?
Carl: Dale. It's my fault that he died.
Shane: Why would you say that, man? He got bit by a walker.
Carl: I saw that walker. I was going to shoot it. It was stuck in the mud, I was throwing rocks at it and stuff...but I was going to do it. Shoot it right in the head. But it got free, came after me, and I ran away. If I had killed it Dale would still be here.
Shane: You stop that, okay. This ain't your fault.

Hershel: You can put that in my room, you'll be more comfortable there.
Lori: We can't do that.
Hershel: Pregnant woman, child, sleeping on the floor while I've got a bed to myself?
Lori: This is still your house.
Hershel: It's our home. I'll take the couch downstairs. On nights when I came home reeking of bourbon, my wife would lock the bedroom door. I'm sad to say that couch and I became old friends.
T-Dog: If you two can't decide, I'll take it.
Lori: Thank you.
Hershel: The couch is mine!
T-Dog: It's going to get real cosy, real fast, in here.

Rick: So this is where you plan to do it?
Shane: As good a place as any.
Rick: At least have the balls to call it what it is. Murder.

Episode Goofs
Factual Error:

During the episode Glenn can be seen fixing the points on the Winnebago from the front of the RV. The points in an RV are only accessible from the inside as they are located in the back of the engine.

Cultural References
Episode Title: Better Angels

The title of this episode, 'Better Angels,' comes from Abraham Lincoln's first inaugural speech on March 4th, 1861.

"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature."

Episode References
Season 2, Episode 11: Dale was killed by a walker at the end of 2x11 "Judge, Jury, Executioner".

Season 2, Episode 9: Randall has been a prisoner at the farm since he attacked Rick, Glenn and Hershel in town during 2x09 "Triggerfinger".

Other Episode Crew

ProducerDenise Huth
Co-ProducerPaul Gadd
Unit Production ManagerTom Luse
First Assistant DirectorJeffrey F. January
Second Assistant DirectorVincent G. Gonzales
Music EditorMichael Baber
Music SupervisorThomas Golubic
Costume DesignerEulyn Womble
Set DecoratorLynne Mitchell
Location ManagerMike Riley
Transportation CoordinatorKeith Collis
Property MasterJohn Sanders
Construction CoordinatorJohn Fore
Production Sound MixerBartek Swiatek
Assistant EditorEvan Fisher
Post Production SupervisorKenneth Requa
Supervising Sound EditorJerry Ross
Re-Recording MixerDan Hiland  |  Gary D. Rogers
Story EditorAngela Kang
Production SupervisorJolly Dale
Key Makeup ArtistDonna M. Premick
Chief Lighting TechnicianRick Crank
Casting AssociateRussell Scott (2)
Key HairstylistTaylor Knight
Makeup ArtistKevin Wasner  |  Jake Garber  |  Andy Schoneberg
Special Effects Make-upGregory Nicotero  |  Howard Berger  |  Jeremy Aiello
Production ConsultantJess Clark  |  Ben Roberts
Location CastingLisa Mae Fincannon  |  Craig Fincannon
Key Assistant Location ManagerRyan Taylor (1)
VFX SupervisorVictor Scalise
ClearancesLaura Sevier
Charge ScenicFranklin T. Bennett
Production Co-supervisorCaleb Womble
Writers' Room Production AssistantVanessa Trego
Assistants To Gale Anne HurdPhillip Kobylanski
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