Better Angels - Recap

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The scene opens with many sad faces, as Dale is laid to rest. Rick gives the eulogy. "In the end he was talking about losing our humanity," he says. "He said this group is broken. The best way to honor him is to unbreak it ... We're going to prove him wrong." Rick wants to honor Dale by restoring humanity the survivors. Inter-cut with the funeral in Hershel's field is a scene of Shane, Andrea, Daryl and T-Dog hunting down and brutally killing a pack of zombies. There is much stabbing with pitch forks and kicking in of skulls. The two scenes don't exactly jibe. Later, Hershel invites all the survivors into the house and barn. He even says that he should've done it earlier. But that hospitality isn't about to turn Shane around.

Shane becomes even angrier when Rick announces that he and Daryl will take Randall off the farm and let him go. "We're back to that, are we?" Shane grunts. Rick is firm in his decision. Later, Hershel explains to Rick that he has no more patience for Shane. Rick then asks Andrea to stick with Hershel and guard the camp when he leaves with Randall. Andrea immediately catches his meaning. "You want me to babysit Shane?" Andrea asks. She agrees to watch the camp, but Andrea doesn't babysit. Carl then approaches Shane and admits to taking a gun from Daryl's motorcycle. Carl returns the gun then tells how he failed to shoot the walker that killed Dale. Carl blames himself. Shane's response is to urge the boy to keep the gun so as to protect himself. "I'm never touching another gun again," the boys says before walking away.

Maggie, meanwhile, invites Glenn to move into her room. Glenn hesitates, and then refuses. He still doesn't want to get close. Shane is creating a bird's nest in Hershel's windmill when Lori approaches. "I made a mess of things," she says. "I put you and Rick at odds. I don't even know whose baby this is. I can't imagine how hard that is on you." Lori then thanks Shane for getting her and Carl out of town on the night the world ended. "Whatever happened between us ... I'm sorry, Shane," she says. "Please believe me, I am so sorry." Lori then walks away from a teary eyed Shane. Later, Shane approaches Rick and tells him about Carl's confession. "I think he wants to talk to his father," Shane says. Rick says that Lori will have to handle it as he and Daryl are about to take a drive with Randall. Shane disapproves, wondering aloud if the Randall business is more important than Carl.

Shane then volunteers to go with Daryl so Rick can stay behind. Rick refuses, obviously not believing that Shane can be trusted to let Randall go. But Rick does decide to delay his mission and talk to the boy. He finds Carl sitting in the barn loft. "What happened to Dale had nothing to do with you," Rick says. Dad then hands the boy a gun -- the same gun Carl took from Daryl's motorcycle. Rick then tells his son the hard truth: there is no normal childhood for Carl. The boy has to grow up fast and be ready to defend himself. Later, Shane lets himself into the barn and pulls up a chair across from Randall. The former deputy seems to be unraveling. He points a gun at Randall, and then lowers it. Shane then notices that Randall's wrists are bloody.

The captive has been trying desperately to escape. Shane has an idea. Shane then pushes a bound Randall through the woods. "You're group?" Shane asks. "Where are they at? You're going to take me to them." Shane then explains that he is sick of Rick and the rest. He wants to join up with Randall's people. The boy is enthusiastic, explaining that the group is wild sometimes, but they're a "good bunch of guys." Of course, Shane has no intention of leaving his own survivors. The pair walk behind a tree and we hear a sickening crunch. Goodbye Randall. Shane then reappears ... and runs head first into the tree. Back at the farm, T-Dog discovers that Randall is gone. He tells Rick just as Shane emerges from the tree line and bleeding profusely. Shane yells that Randall snuck up on him and "clocked me in the face!" Rick quickly organizes a hunting party of Shane, Daryl and Glenn before ordering everyone else indoors.

The group then splits up -- Rick and Shane, Daryl and Glenn. Night falls as the twosomes walk through the woods. Daryl then doubles back to the starting point and finds two sets of tracks. "It's like they're walking in tandem," Daryl tells Glenn. The expert tracker doesn't believe Shane's story. Suddenly -- a noise. A walker! It's Randall. After a brief scuffle, Glenn buries a large knife in its brain. Daryl then examines the body. "Got his neck broke," Daryl says. "He got no bites." Asks Glenn: "How is that possible?" Rick and Shane, meanwhile, walk into an open field when the latter suddenly stops. Shane pulls his gun. "So this is where you plan to do it?" asks Rick, who realizes now that he has walked into a trap.

Shane explains that he will tell the group that Randall shot Rick. "It ain't going to be easy, but Lori and Carl will get over you," Shane says. "They've done it before." Says Rick: "You going to kill me in cold blood? I know you. You won't be able to live with this." Shane then lowers his gun and dares Rick to shoot him. Rick refuses. Shane tells his former best friend that this is exactly why Lori and Carl are better off with him. "You ain't gonna fight for them?!" Shane shouts. "I'm a better father than you, Rick! You got a broken woman. You got a weak boy. And you ain't got the first clue how to fix it!" Rick then slowly reaches for his weapon, explaining that he is simply going to give it to Shane. "You're going to have to kill an unarmed man," Rick says. Rick slowly approaches Shane, holding out the butt of his gun.

Shane reaches for the gun and as he takes it, Rick takes a knife from his the back of his belt and lunges forward. The knife is buried in Shane's gut. Rick falls on top of Shane. "Damn you for making me do this, Shane!" Rick screams. "This was you! Not me! Not me! Not me!" Rick holds his friend as he bleeds out. Shane then stops moving entirely. Dead. Rick screams and cries, then falls silent. He stands over Shane when Carl suddenly appears. "Dad!?" Carl is weeping. He saw his father kill Shane. Carl draws his gun, pointing it at his father. "Just put the gun down," Rick says gently. "It's not what it seems. Please!" Suddenly, Shane sits up -- a newly minted walker despite not having been bitten.

Shane then stands up and begins to shamble quickly toward Rick. Undead Shane is mere yards from Rick when Carl fires his new weapon. Undead Shane goes down in a heap. Elsewhere, a horde of walkers hears the shot. It appears that they are close to the farm. Too close. The episode ends on this worrying note.