Seed - Recap

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The episode begins with a walker wandering through the kitchen of a once-cozy home. Seconds later, Rick, Daryl, and Carl burst into the house with guns blazing. They execute the undead as they sweep through the residence. They've all apparently done this before, as they go about the whole thing like professionals, taking down each walker with precision. Daryl even manages to shoot an owl for supper, while he is at it. Later, the gang looking more run down than ever, find cans of dog food, but not much else, much to their chagrin. T-Dog then glances out the window, spotting dozens of approaching walkers, and is visibly shocked.

The gang in a hurry makes it back to their caravan of trucks and escapes, before the walkers can make it to the house. A meeting reveals that the group of survivors has explored almost every part of the region, and there are hardly anymore parts left to explore. "We can't keep going house to house," says Rick, looking at his pregnant wife, with visible worry. "We need to find a place to hole up for a few weeks" he adds. Moments later, Rick and Daryl head out to hunt for such a place and come across a large prison, during their search. Have their prayers been answered they wonder. They are doubtful, but Rick and co. cut through the high, chain-link fence anyway, racing past walkers who occupy the yard, so they can try out their luck.

They find a safe spot and Rick volunteers to run for the prison's main entrance entryway. No one argues, as they can’t think of a better plan. So while Glenn, Maggie and T-Dog try to distract the undead, the rest of the gang provides cover from nearby guard towers and Rick makes it into the prison's main exterior gated area. The survivors then proceed to shoot every single zombie shuffling through the yard. The whole scene ends up in an undead massacre. Everyone is apparently happy in the end, with the way things have turned out. "We haven't had this much space since we left the farm" yells Carol, who has apparently become a sure shot with the rifle over a long winter and seems to be enjoying herself.

Beth too says "This will be a good place to have the baby". Lori on her part though, doesn't look so sure about the place. Daryl later gives Carol a backrub to sooth the pain caused by the kickback of the rifle. The two have become quite chummy, from the look of things. Rick gives the group a brief pep talk. The prison could be a "goldmine" of medicine, weapons, and food, but exploring it will be dangerous, he tells everyone, so they have to be really careful he warns everyone. The next day, a shadowy figure moves past walkers inside a general store. Suddenly, the walkers begin to fall victim to a swinging sword.

Wielding the blade is Michonne, who finishes off the walkers by beheading a pair with one swing. All business, she grabs some packs of Aspirin and then quickly leaves. Rick and co., on the other hand, move farther into the prison complex, using hand-held weapons in order to conserve much-needed ammo. Rick hacks with a machete and Daryl knifes walkers in their eyes with a hunting knife, so as to save as much ammo as they can. The well-practiced group, moving and killing together in a tight circle, then encounter walkers in full riot gear, much to their shock and horror. These walkers for obvious reasons are much harder to kill. Rick, Daryl, Maggie, and T-Dog go for the necks with gory, but satisfying results, as they discover that it’s the best way to get the better of these set of walkers.

The survivors then run inside the prison. Rick finds a dead guard and takes the key ring on his belt. They move deeper into the prison, finding a few cells still occupied by the undead, but nothing along the lines of a major threat. After more searching, Rick declares the cell block safe. As for the rest of the mammoth prison, Rick can't say for sure, as there is a still lot of area to cover, before they can be absolutely sure. But, for now, the group has a sheltered place to sleep for the night, much to their apparent relief. They seem sure that, there isn’t any imminent danger lurking around the corner. "Thank you," Lori whispers. But Rick remains cool to his wife.

Glenn and Maggie then find a cell and get cozy, as they seem relieved at the fact that for no they are safe. Lori and Carol room together. Daryl sets up camp on the second floor perch. Rick immediately begins patrolling, so as to ensure there is no impending danger. He apparently looks absolutely exhausted. Michonne then returns to her hideout, where Andrea is shown sleeping. Andrea apparently is still in great pain and Michonne gives her the Aspirin, which she managed to acquire a while back. "We should go," Michonne says.

Andrea urges her protector to leave her behind, as she feels she would end up being a liability, in her present state. "I won't have you dying for me" she yells, trying her best to make her point. Michonne, however, will not hear it, and has resolved to not leave Andrea behind. Moments later, she leads Andrea outside and into the nearby woods. She also leads a pair of armless zombies on leashes made of long chains. Back at the prison, Lori has a heart to heart with Hershel. "If we're all infected, so is the baby," she says. Lori also worries about dying in childbirth and turning into a walker. "You put me down immediately don't hesitate" she insists. Hershel tries to calm her down. Rick finds a closet of riot gear for himself, T-Dog, Daryl, and Hershel.

They head into the next cellblock to explore, so they can secure some more of the area. Dead bodies litter the ground. The group turns a corner to find dozens of walkers waiting, much to their shock and horror. "Go back" Rick yells, with panic in his voice. In the chaos, Hershel is bit on the lower part of his leg by a walker. Maggie screams in horror. Rick shoots the munching zombie in the head and the group retreats to a storage room and locks the door behind them. Hershel is bleeding badly. Things apparently look really bad for him, as he in visible agony. But Rick refuses to give up, and still feels her can help out Hershel in some way.

"There's only one way to keep him alive," he says. Rick then grabs an axe and begins to hack at Hershel's leg just below the knee, as he feels that’s the only way to save him. It takes a few swings, but Hershel is finally separated from his infected body part. Maggie ties off the wound, in order to stop the blood flow. The survivors then turn around and notice other human begins, not walkers, watching from the opposite side of a metal grate, much to their surprise. The episode ends at this point.