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Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog try to broker a deal with the prisoners and help clear their own place. The others watch over and tend to Hershel as they prepare for the worst.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x2
Airdate: Sunday October 21st, 2012

Alternate Airdates:

UK (FOX) Oct 26, 2012

Starring Roles
Melissa McBrideMelissa McBride
As Carol Peletier
Scott WilsonScott Wilson
As Hershel Greene

Guest Stars
Irone SingletonIrone Singleton
As T-Dog
Emily KinneyEmily Kinney
As Beth Greene
Lew TempleLew Temple
As Axel

Co-Guest Stars
Theodus CraneTheodus Crane
As Big Tiny
Nicholas Sean GomezNicholas Sean Gomez
As Tomas (credited as Nick Gomez)
Markice MooreMarkice Moore
As Andrew
Vincent WardVincent Ward
As Oscar

Clair Danielle CanterburyClair Danielle Canterbury
As C-Section Walker
Don TeemsDon Teems
As Walker
Gregory FrenchGregory French
As Walker
John JaretJohn Jaret
As Walker
Juan BautistaJuan Bautista
As Prison Walker
Main Cast
Andrew LincolnAndrew Lincoln
As Rick Grimes
Norman ReedusNorman Reedus
As Daryl Dixon
Steven YeunSteven Yeun
As Glenn Rhee
Lauren CohanLauren Cohan
As Maggie Greene
Chandler RiggsChandler Riggs
As Carl Grimes
Sarah Wayne CalliesSarah Wayne Callies
As Lori Grimes


The episode begins with unfamiliar survivors watching from the opposite side of a metal grate inside the prison; the familiar survivors on the other hand attempt to secure Hershel, whose leg was recently hacked off after being bitten. Zombies burst into the room only to be stabbed in the neck by T-Dog. Daryl then trains his crossbow on the human strangers and the gang backs out of the room and into the dark prison hallways, in a hurry. They make it back to their cellblock and put Hershel on a bed. He is bleeding badly, and seems in a really bad shape. ..

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 9.55 Million Viewers

Casting: Although credited as main cast, Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) do not appear in this episode.

Trivia: Scott Wilson (Hershel) says that he often fell asleep during the shooting of the scenes where Hershel is supposed to be unconscious.

Episode Quotes
Carol: You've gotta be worried sick about delivering the baby.
Lori: Look at me. Do I look worried?
Carol: You look disgusting.
Lori: (laughs) So do you.

Tomas: Cell block C. Cell 4, that's mine gringo. Let me in.
Daryl: Today's your lucky day, fellas. You've been pardoned by the state of Georgia, you're free to go.
Tomas: What you got going on in there?
Daryl: Ain't none of your concern.
Tomas: Don't be telling me what's my concern.
Big Tiny: Chill man, dude's leg is messed up. Besides, we're free now. Why we still in here?
Daryl: Man's got a point.
Oscar: And I've got to check on my old lady.
Tomas: Group of civilians, breaking into a prison you got no business being in? Got me thinking there ain't no place for us to go.
Daryl: Why don't you go find out?

Tomas: You guys rob a bank or something? Why don't you take him to a hospital?
Rick: How long you been locked in that cafeteria?
Tomas: I don't know, like ten months.
Big Tiny: Riot broke out, never seen anything like it.
Axel: Attica on speed, man.
Andrew: We heard about dudes going cannibal, dying and coming back to life...crazy.
Tomas: One guard looked out for us, locked us in the cafeteria, told us to sit tight. Threw me this piece, said he'd be right back.
Oscar: And that was 292 days ago.
Axel: 94 according to my --
Tomas: Shut up.

Big Tiny: So what is this, like, a disease?
Rick: Yeah, and we're all infected.
Axel: What you mean infected? Like, AIDS or something?
Daryl: If I was to kill you, shoot an arrow in your chest, you'd come back as one of these things. It's going to happen to all of us.

Lori: Look, I know that I'm a shitty wife and I'm not winning any mother of the year awards, but I need you to know that not for one second do I think there is malice in your heart. You're not a killer and I know that. I know that, whatever you gotta do to keep this group safe and do it with a clear conscience.

Carl: Check it out!
Lori: Where did you get this?
Carl: From the infirmary. Wasn't much left, but I cleared it out.
Lori: You went by yourself?
Carl: Yeah.
Lori: Are you crazy?
Carl: No big deal. I killed two walkers.
Lori: Do you see this? This was with the whole group.
Carl: We needed supplies so I got them.
Lori: I appreciate that but...
Carl: Then get off my back!
Beth: Carl! She's your mother, you can't talk to her like that.

Episode Goofs

When Lori and Carol are taking care of Hershel, Lori puts her hand on Hershel's head to feel his temperature. Her hand is covered in blood from Hershel's leg, but she somehow leaves no bloody hand prints on his forehead.

Cultural References
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Oscar says that the doors are so strong that "He-Man couldn't get through them."

'He-Man' is a character from the 1980s cartoon series 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.'

Robin Hood: When outside looking at all the dead walkers, Tomas says "Ain't no way this Robin Hood cat's responsible for killing all these freaks."

'Robin Hood' is a heroic outlaw from English literature and folklore.

Episode References
Season 3, Episode 1: The group took over the prison in 3x01 "Seed" and at the very end found some surviving inmates.

Season 3, Episode 1: Hershel had his leg amputated in 3x01 "Seed" after he was bit by a walker.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperFrank Darabont
Executive ProducerGail Anne Hurd  |  Robert Kirkman  |  David Alpert  |  Glen Mazzara
Co-Executive ProducerDenise Huth  |  Greg Nicotero  |  Evan Reilly
Supervising ProducerScott M. Gimple
ProducerAngela Kang  |  Paul Gadd  |  Nichole Beattie  |  Sang Kyu Kim
Co-ProducerJolly Dale
Associate ProducerKenneth Requa
Production DesignerGrace Walker
EditorNathan Gunn
CastingSherry Thomas  |  Sharon Bialy
Unit Production ManagerTom Luse
First Assistant DirectorJerram Swartz
Second Assistant DirectorVincent G. Gonzales
MusicBear McCreary
Music EditorMichael Baber
Costume DesignerEulyn Womble
Set DesignerJohn Moredock  |  Omar Foster
Set DecoratorKristen Walker
Location ManagerMike Riley
Property MasterDamian Dunn
Production Sound MixerDavid M. Kelson
Script SupervisorAmy Blanc Lacy
Script CoordinatorSteve Sharlet
Assistant EditorJohn Mullin
Supervising Sound EditorJerry Ross
Re-Recording MixerDan Hiland  |  Gary D. Rogers
LeadmanDan Post
Director of PhotographyRohn Schmidt
Production SupervisorCaleb Womble
Art DirectorDoug Fick
Post Production CoordinatorMichelle Trujillo McKibben
Based On The Works OfRobert Kirkman  |  Charlie Adlard  |  Tony Moore (2)
Key Makeup ArtistDonna M. Premick
Casting AssociateGohar Gazazyan
Key HairstylistTaylor Knight
Production Office CoordinatorMandy McCowan
Rigging GafferMike Tyson (1)
Makeup ArtistAndy Schoneberg  |  Garrett Immel  |  Kevin Wasner  |  Gino Crognale
Special Effects Make-upHoward Berger  |  Greg Nicotero
Second 2nd Assistant DirectorAustin Davoren
Location CastingCraig Fincannon  |  Lisa Mae Fincannon
Writers' AssistantAlex White
1st Assistant AccountantMerci Navarro
Key Rigging GripMike Pilcher
Produced ByTom Luse
VFX SupervisorVictor Scalise
Key GreenspersonDenette West
ClearancesLaura Sevier
Adr/dialogue SupervisorLou Thomas
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