Hounded - Recap

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The episode begins with Merle leading a band of armed men through the woods. They are in pursuit of Michonne. They come across mutilated body parts that spell out "Go back", with the "back" being an actual walker back. Merle laughs, calling it a "biter-gram". He also identifies it as the work of Michonne, warning them to stop following her. Just then, she leaps from a tree and decapitates or stabs all three of Merle's companions. Rick on the other hand picks up an old phone in the prison and hears a voice, much to his surprise. "I can't believe someone picked up" the female voice says, on the other end. "We've been calling since it started" the woman adds.

The woman won't tell Rick where she is calling from and that's why it has remained safe, she explains. Rick begs for his group to be taken in. "They're dying," he cries with desperation in his voice. "We're dying" he adds, further explaining the situation. Later, Rick returns to the survivors' cell block. He quickly checks in to make sure everybody is ok and then heads back into the prison to await a callback from the mystery woman. He doesn't attempt to talk to Carl, or even look at the boy. In the woods, Merle discovers that one of his companions, a young man called Neal, has been spared by Michonne. The pair takes off after Michonne. Inside Woodbury, Andrea volunteers to "work the wall" with her rifle. She wants to stay and wants to be useful, as a result. The Governor agrees.

Rick picks up the ringing phone once again. This time, a male voice asks Rick if he has killed anyone. "Yes, people who threatened me or my group," confesses Rick, running down the list, including Shane. The voice then demands to know how Rick lost his wife. "I don't want to talk about that," he says. The line goes dead. Later, Andrea sits atop the wall with a young woman who carries a professional bow. They swap stories about being forced to kill family members, because of them turning into walkers. Just then a walker approaches, and the young woman misses with two arrows. So Andrea leaps off the wall and stabs the walker in the head. "You're not supposed to leave the wall" the young woman shouts, on seeing what Andrea just did. "What's wrong with you? This isn't a game" the woman adds.

Andrea on her part seems to realize she might have been looking forward to killing again just a tad too much. Hershel attempts to talk to Rick. "She was sorry for the things that happened she told us that," says Hershel, referring to Lori. Rick explains that he got a call on the phone and that a group might exist out there in "a safe place". Hershel picks up the phone, listens for a moment, and then hangs up. Merle and Neal are walking through the woods when they are attacked by Michonne. Merle manages to knock aside Michonne when a group of walkers appears. Merle and Neal messily kill the walkers and then realize that Michonne is gone. Daryl, Oscar and Carl sweep the prison's lower levels looking for threats/survivors.

Daryl tells the story of how, when he was a kid, his mom died when their house burned down. "I shot my mom," Carl says. "She was out ... hadn't turned yet. I ended it" he adds. Daryl stares at the boy and then nods. Later, Andrea is brought into the Governor's office, where she is told that she will no longer be needed on the wall. Andrea then admits that she liked the staged fights between men and zombies that the Governor staged for the townsfolk despite initially claiming that they disgusted her. She also admits that she is growing fonder of the Governor himself. He seems to feel the same, as it turns out. In the woods, Merle tells Neal that Michonne was injured and is as good as dead. In fact, Merle wants to tell the Governor that the woman is dead, although they haven’t managed to get her. "I'm not going to lie to the Governor," Neal says.

So Merle shoots the boy in the head. Elsewhere, Michonne wanders through the woods drenched in walker blood and guts from the last battle. She is shocked when, a pair of walkers shambles right past her. She realizes it's because she is covered in their own smell that, they mistook her for one of their own. At the prison, the phone rings and Rick picks up. The woman on the other end says his name. "How do you know my name?" Rick demands, visibly surprised. The line goes dead, once again. Michonne on the other hand limps into a deserted town and ducks behind a car when she hears someone approaching. It's Maggie and Glenn, who are looking for ammo and baby formula. Michonne watches them from afar. Suddenly, Merle appears and confronts Maggie and Glenn. "Merle?" Glenn asks. "Jesus. You made it" Glenn says, visibly surprised.

Merle asks about Daryl and wants to be taken to his brother. But Glenn doesn't lower his gun. He doesn't trust Merle, from the looks of it. Merle in the meantime pulls his gun and fires. Glenn ducks behind a car and Merle manages to grab Maggie, while they are at it. Holding a gun to Maggie's head, Merle demands that Glenn drive them. Glenn seeing no other option agrees and Michonne watches as the trio drives away. Back at Woodbury, the Governor and Andrea sip whiskey in his private garden. Soon, they are making out. Inside the prison, Daryl shoots a walker dead, only to discover Carol's knife stuck in the man's cheek. Could Carol still be alive, he wonders on seeing the knife. Elsewhere in the prison the phone rings and Rick picks up. This time, the voice on the other line belongs to Lori.

Rick begins to weep on hearing her voice. "I loved you," he cries. "I couldn't put it back together” he adds. Lori tells Rick he needs to care for Carl and the baby "our baby". Then very slowly, Rick hangs up the phone. Andrea and the Governor are naked in bed together when there is a knock on the door. The Governor excuses himself, puts on a robe, and meets Merle in the hallway. Merle explains that Michonne is dead. Although he adds that he has no proof, in other words her head or her sword.

Merle then tells the Governor about his new captives; Glenn and Maggie. "From the looks of them, they must be set up pretty good," Merle says. "I'll find out where" he adds. The Governor then returns to bed with Andrea. Rick in the meantime returns to the cellblock to find Hershel holding the newborn. Rick takes the baby and gently hugs her. Later, Daryl kicks open a door and finds Carol. She is still alive, much to his surprise. Daryl picks her up and gently hugs her. Later, Rick walks to the gate surrounding the prison. Among all the walkers is Michonne, who stares at him with her very human eyes. The episode ends at this point.