I Ain’t A Judas - Recap

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The episode begins with Rick and team contemplating what their next move should be. Merle feels that they should all have made a run for it during the night, because he is sure the Governor shall return with reinforcements to get them. Rick on his part doesn’t think it’s a good idea and he instead feels they should stay put. Merle is baffled by this decision of Rick’s. He makes his displeasure known, because he feels staying put would be nothing short of suicide. He also says that all their lives depend on Rick and the decision that he makes, he therefore tells Rick to get his act together. Rick though, isn’t really interested in what Merle has to say, because his mind still isn’t in its right place.

He instead ventures out with his binoculars into the yard and begins searching for Lori’s ghost. Carl feels Rick needs a break from being the leader of the group and suggests Rick take a break. He also suggests that Hershel and Daryl take over the reins for a while. Carl feels that some rest would do Rick a world of good. At Woodbury, the Governor is forcibly recruiting everyone in his army, including women and children. Andrea isn’t at all happy on seeing what the Governor is doing. She feels a battle isn’t the solution, because it would lead to unnecessary bloodshed. She instead suggests that she shall pay the prison a visit and hold peace talks. The Governor on his part isn’t at all happy to hear this suggestion and says that if she goes to the prison, she better not come back.

Later, Andrea meets Milton and tells him about her plan to visit the prison and hold peace talks. She says she is going ahead with her plan, but doesn’t want the Governor to know. Milton though, doesn’t agree with what Andrea is planning to do and feels that going behind the Governor’s back like this, is nothing short of treason. He as a result tells the Governor what Andrea is planning to do. But, much to Milton’s surprise, the Governor orders Milton to assist Andrea with her plan instead of resisting her attempt. It seems the Governor has a plan up his sleeve. At the prison, Glenn has come up with a plan of his own. He suggests they hand over Merle to the Governor as a bargaining chip. He feels this could end the whole conflict.

Merle and Hershel are shown reciting Bible verses. Milton on the other hand is assisting Andrea in her plan, just like the Governor has ordered. Andrea on her part is completely oblivious to this. They are making their way through the woods towards the prison. On the way they encounter a walker. Milton is absolutely terrified on seeing the walker and freezes in his tracks. Andrea takes care of the situation by annihilating the walker in a rather gruesome fashion. While they are busy taking care of the walker, Tyreese and gang shows up. Tyreese asks them where they are from. He is told they are from Woddbury and are also told what a great place Woodbury is. Milton even offers to take them there.

Milton heads back to Woodbury with Tyreese and gang, Andrea on the other hand heads for the prison all by herself. At the prison, Michonne is busy doing exercises to keep herself battle ready. Merle is observing her doing the exercises. He then tries to lighten things between him and her by jokingly giving her a few pointers on how to exercise. He tells her to forget all that happened in the past and says he only tried to kill her because those were the orders he was given. Michonne though doesn’t seem to be in a very forgiving mood and simply gives Merle a really cold stare. Rick and the others see that Andrea is approaching the prison. The gang isn’t very happy to see her and is in fact suspicious of her intentions.

They as a result arm themselves ready for any sort of eventuality. Andrea on her part does her best to convince them that she is there to talk peace. The gang doesn’t seem completely convinced, but reluctant hugs are exchanged. Later, she catches up on all that happened with the group while she was away. She is shocked to find out that Lori, Shane and T-Dog, are all gone. Then they discuss the reason why she is there. Andrea also finds out that the Governor has fed her a lot of lies. In fact, he even told her that it was Rick and gang who attacked him, which she has now discovered is a complete lie. Andrea wants to work out things between them and the Governor, but Rick isn’t in any mood to do so. He in fact wants to take down the Governor. Andrea later comes face to face with Michonne and neither seems happy to see the other.

Andrea as a matter of fact feels it's Michonne who has poisoned everyone’s mind in the prison against the Governor. Michonne says, "No, I just told them the truth". Michonne reveals to Andrea that the Governor sent Merle to kill her and he would have tried to kill Andrea too, had Andrea tagged along with her. Andrea though, isn’t ready to believe a word of what Michonne is saying and still is under the impression that beneath it all the Governor is a good guy. Milton in the meantime arrives in Woodbury with Tyreese and gang. The Governor isn’t too excited with their arrival, but is interested when he finds out that Tyreese and gang were a part of Rick’s group, but has now broken away because they had a falling out with Rick.

The Governor concludes that he might be able to convince the group to join his army. At the prison, Carol too has a plan to take down the Governor. She tells Andrea to go back to the Governor, sleep with him, show him a good time and then do away with him. Later, Andrea heads back to Woodbury in a vehicle provided to her by Rick. She arrives in Woodbury and tells the Governor that Rick and gang are in a bad shape and are living in really horrible conditions. "Did they send you back here?" he wonders rather skeptical about her return. "No, that was my call" she says and then hugs and kisses him. In the night, Andrea and the Governor are in bed together.

The Governor is fast asleep. Andrea it turns out is still awake. She quietly sneaks out of the bed and grabs herself a knife. She then heads towards where the Governor is sleeping. Then, a shadow on a nearby wall suggests that Andrea is about to stab the Governor, just as Carol had suggested. The episode ends at this point.