Arrow on the Doorpost - Recap

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The episode begins and Rick along with Hershel and Daryl, arrives for the talks at what looks to be an abandoned barn. They are tense and on their guard for a possible ambush. Rick enters the barn looking for the Governor, and just then he walks out of the shadows. The Governor says they have a lot to discuss. During the meeting, Rick mentions how his men attacked him and his group, but he counters that he could have killed them all and he didn’t. He then removes his gun and Rick is immediately on the alert, but the Governor says he is only removing his weapon as a sign of good faith. It’s then revealed that he has another gun taped right under the table.

Hershel and Daryl who are keeping a watch outside are quite nervous and when they see a vehicle approaching they are immediately ready with their gun. They then discover that it’s Andrea who has arrived with Milton and Martinez, who is another of Governor’s men. She goes in and tells both Rick and the Governor that if they settle their differences they can prevent a lot of blood from being spilled. Rick suggests the Governor and his people can have the area to the west of the river and says he and his people will take the east side, but the Governor has other ideas. He says he is there for only one reason and that’s for his surrender. The Governor then asks Andrea to step outside and she is embarrassed and disappointed. Then before leaving she tries to calm down Rick, who is really pissed about what the Governor has just suggested.

After she leaves, Rick lashes out at the Governor and tells him he has no respect for him and doesn’t think he is good leader. The Governor in turn plays mind games with him by telling him that he knows about the baby and how it could be Shane’s instead of his. He suggests Rick has been a bad judge of character in the past and says he has even misjudged him, although Rick doesn’t think so. Outside, both Rick’s gang and the Governor’s aren’t seeing eye-to-eye and just then they see a bunch of walkers headed their way. Daryl and Martinez both spring into action and try to one-up each other by pouring in all their skills into killing the walkers. After all the walkers have been dealt with, both the groups form a new-found respect for each other and indulge in some small talk.

Milton and Hershel seem to be warming up to each other and he asks Hershel about his leg. Hershel jokes that he will show him his leg only after he has bought him a drink and then they share a few laughs. Inside, the talks haven’t progressed and the Governor is instead telling Rick about his past, while sharing some whiskey with him. He mentions about the day he got a call informing him that his wife had died in a car accident and Rick says he can understand what the Governor must have gone through at that point. At the prison, Merle is getting really restless and wants to crash the peace talks because he is worried about Daryl. He wants to kill the Governor, but Glenn doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Merle then instigates him by calling him chicken and the two get into a fight.

Michonne looks on but does nothing and just then Beth shoots in the air to stop the fight. Maggie later spends some time alone with Glenn and they apologize to each other for the distance that developed between them since what happened at Woodbury. They then profess their love for each other and passionately make love. Andrea and Hershel have a chat and he tells her what the Governor did with Maggie and she shocked to hear it. At the their meeting, the Governor tells Rick that he knows he has more guns, but tells him that he has more men and so the battle will be bloody and long drawn. The Governor removes his eye patch and reveals his wound to Rick.

He then tells him that he actually wants Michonne and if she is handed over this conflict would end because he too wants to avoid bloodshed. Rick is surprised with this demand of his and says he thought the Governor wanted to leave behind a legacy in the form of Woodbury. He asks the Governor why he wants to risk everything that he has worked for, just for a vendetta and even says that killing someone like Michonne would be beneath him. The Governor doesn’t buy into the argument and makes it clear that he wants revenge and he gives Rick two days to think about the offer. They then walk out and leave in their respective vehicles and after a bit of contemplation Andrea leaves with Governor and gang, despite Hershel telling her that she is family and one of them.

After returning to Woodbury, the Governor reveals his actual plan to Martinez. He wants his men to kill the whole prison gang including Rick, but wants Michonne kept alive, probably so he can torture her. Milton overhears the whole thing and is shocked because he was hoping, something positive would have come out of Rick’s meeting with the Governor. Andrea later asks the Governor what the conditions are that that he has put forth, but he refuses to tell her anything. Rick returns to the prison and lies to everyone that the Governor doesn’t want peace, but instead wants them all dead and wants to occupy the prison. He says because of this very reason, they have no other option but to go to war.

None of them are happy to hear this news and later Rick tells Hershel what the Governor actually told him. They both discuss the issue and Hershel says Michonne has saved the lives of Maggie, Carl and others and so she has earned her place in the group and can’t be handed over to the Governor. Rick apparently doesn’t agree with him and instead asks him, if he would be ready to risk the life of his daughters for Michonne.

Hershel asks Rick why he didn’t tell the group what really happened and he says he wants them to be scared. He tells Hershel that he is giving the Governor’s offer some serious consideration. Hershel then asks Rick, why he told him the truth and he replies that he wants Hershel to talk him out of the whole thing. The episode ends at this point.