30 Days Without an Accident - Recap

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Some time has passed. A small farm has been set up in the prison yard. Rick is doing work with soil near a stable and a small pig sty. Carl joins Rick by the pig sty where they talk about a sick pig. They don't know why she's sick, and Rick doesn't want Carl naming the animals because they are not pets.

Newcomers to the prison, people rescued from The Governor, all say good morning and greet Daryl as he walks up to Carol. There is a little one-sided flirting between them while he and Carol talk about the strangers and how he needs to accept their love. As they leave, Carol calls over a young boy named Patrick to take over the cooking duties. Daryl continues being awkward while Patrick thanks him for bringing in a deer and asking for a handshake.

Carol brings Daryl over to a fence where there are a group of the strangers killing the Walkers through the fence. They talk about there being too many Walkers pushing against the fence and how it is becoming an on going problem.

Glenn and Maggie wake up in their bed with Glenn telling Maggie to stay home. She reassures him that everything will be okay, then agrees.

Chase meets one of the strangers by the fence and he lets her know that he doesn't like killing the Walkers that way. He decides to go out on the supply run because it's different to kill them out there. Chase says that he only volunteered to do the fence work because of her, so she kissed him.

Beth talks to her new boyfriend about him going out on the supply run. Even though he reminds her that it is dangerous, she seems unworried. She refuses to say goodbye, and Daryl makes a little fun of the romance.

A newcomer, Bob, comes out to the caravan while they get ready to leave. He asks to go with them on the run, but Sasha doesn't trust him to work with the team yet. The rest of the group is okay with it, they even inform her that he was a medic in the army.

Hershel teaches Rick how to pull a piece of a plant off and replant it, talking about how things break but they'll regrow. They get interrupted by a whistle. The whistle is an alarm because Michonne is riding toward hands Carl a small stack of comics and Rick an electric shaver. Daryl and the others ride up to the gates on their way out and stop to have a word. She tells Daryl that she couldn't find the Governor and that she's thinking about looking around Macon. Daryl questions whether or not it'd be worth the risk, but doesn't press it. They split ways with Rick going to check snares, and Michonne joining the run.

Back in the farming area, before Rick goes to check the snares, he tells Carl to stay in the prison and gives him a list of things to do. Rick is focused on Carl being a kid: he wants him to do his chores, read his comics, and hang out with the other kids.

After the father-son moment, Hershel makes a little fun of Rick for how well the farm is working out. He tells him to get some overalls and a piece of wheat to stick out of the side of his mouth to look like a farmer. He stops joking to tell Rick that "The Council" wants him to start carrying his gun when he goes out. Rick doesn't like it, but starts carrying the gun.

In the woods while checking the snares, Rick sees a woman walk up to a dead boar. At first glance she looks like a Walker, so he tries to leave. However, she hears him and calls him. He's very distrustful at first but stops and tries to help. After he gives her some food, the hungry woman asks him to take her and her husband back to his camp. Rick is very cautious in trying to help. He warns her that it is not his decision and that when they get back to his camp, they'll have to answer three questions before being accepted inside. He checks the hungry woman for weapons but only finds a knife. He tells her straight out that if she tries anything, she'll lose. Before they go to get her husband, Rick gives the woman her knife back.

A small group of kids are taunting a group of Walkers at the fence when Carl and Patrick come up to them. They've noticed that one of the Walkers has a name tag on him and that his name is Nick. Carl, remembering how his father didn't want him naming the pig, warns the children not to name them. He and a little girl get have a brief disagreement over whether or not the Walkers are alive. The conversation gets darker when Carl asks the girl if she'd ever seen someone die that way. She says yes, then changes the focus to story time where the kids are supposed to be. Another little girl asks Patrick if he is going to go, and when he says yes Carl gives him a look. Patrick defends it but agrees that it's for little kids before heading in.

Standing outside some fences, Daryl explains the setup that they've found. It is a failed safety spot that the Army had set up for people to go. Prior to coming for this run, they'd set a boom box up off on the other side in order to lure the Walkers over. Once inside there is a department store that they want to check for supplies. Daryl knocks on the window to see if any Walkers come over. While they wait, Beth's boyfriend tries to guess what Daryl did before the Walkers. It's been six weeks and his newest guess is that Daryl was a homicide detective. Michonne laughs, and Daryl sarcastically giving the kid the win. As they finish up with the game, a couple of Walkers attack the glass. After a quick group meeting they go in.

Rick and the hungry woman keep walking and she keeps talking. The hungry woman tells the story about where they were when things got bad. And she credits her husband, Eddy, for keeping her alive. She says that he taught her the things that they had to do in order to survive. Rick catches this and asks what those things were. With some tears, the hungry woman tells Rick that they had to eat rotten animals and fruit. She talks about leaving people who needed them and lightly praises Rick for not doing that.

In the supermarket the guys on the supply run look at a bunch of different things, cautious of Walkers. Michonne destroys a cardboard cutout of a monster. Glenn looks at baby stuff. The newcomer, Bob, debates silently with himself about grabbing a bottle of wine, and even starts to hide one in his jacket, but he puts it back. When he puts the bottle of wine back on the shelf, it breaks and the whole thing comes crashing down on top of him.

On the roof the Walkers surround a helicopter that had crash-landed, doing a lot of damage to the structure. Walkers, being attracted by sound, all gather over where they heard the noise. The survivors, also attracted by the noise, are helping Bob, who's stuck under the shelf, and without knowing it, the Walkers. They figure it out quickly when one of the Walkers falls through the roof and hangs by its guts from the ceiling. Walkers start raining from the rooftop directly down onto the survivors, who still need to save Bob.

Rick talks to the hungry woman about some statues, a light-hearted conversation, but she is stuck on the things that she's done to survive. After asking if he'd had to do any of that, the hungry woman says that she hopes someone can come back.

In the store, the fight continues. The survivors kill lots of Walkers while trying to save Bob. They're using guns, knives, anything. They seem to be winning when they pull Bob out. Right before the helicopter falls through the roof, Beth's boyfriend gets overcome and is the only casualty of the run.

Rick and the hungry woman get back to her camp but there isn't anyone there, even though, she talks to a bag happy that he was. While Rick looks around to figure it out, realizing that she may be a bit crazy, she attacks him. He easily sidesteps her clumsy attack and pulls his gun on her. The hungry woman cries and tries to explain that "he" was dying and she needed to feed "him." She wanted to bring the boar but she knew Rick would be faster. She continues rambling and it becomes clear that she's broken. She stabs herself in the gut wanting to be with her husband while Rick screams "No!" While dying she wants to know the three questions. The questions were "How many Walkers have you killed?" She answered that her husband, Eddy, killed them all. "How many people have you killed?" Gasping and crying, she answered "Just me." The last question, "Why?" She answered "You don't get to come back"

Story time has Carol reading to the kids from earlier and Carl sneaking in. When the only man in the room leaves, Carol closes the book like she'd been waiting for it. One of the kids, Luke, asks if he should stand watch. She sends him and pulls out a display of knives. Patrick who was sitting on a chair a little away from the other kids asks to leave because he's not feeling well. She continues getting into her lesson about how to use the knives when Carl shows himself. She stops immediately and asks him to please not tell his father.

Outside, in the farm area, Rick finds that the pig that was sick has died. Inside the prison, Chase meets up with the unnamed woman and tells her that he doesn't like going out there either. He sits next to her and they share a moment.

Glenn and Maggie talk about Beth and her dead boyfriend. Before going to see her, Maggie stops and tells Glenn that she isn't pregnant. He sits up from their cot and is happy. She tells him that she didn't want a baby, but they could have had it and it would have been okay. Maggie feels like they could have a life there. Glenn feels like they have to be afraid and that they can't really have a life, because they are too busy staying alive. She explains the difference and says she doesn't want to be afraid anymore.

Daryl finds Beth laying in her cot writing in a notebook. He tells her about her boyfriend, Zach, and she is emotionless. She gets up and pulls the three off of a counter she's keeping. The counter went from saying thirty days without an accident to zero. Daryl lingers at the door without saying anything, so Beth tells him that she doesn't cry anymore. She asks if he's okay. He just claims to be tired of losing people. They agree to be happy to have gotten to know him, and she hugs him.

Michonne sits alone in her cell looking at a map. She puts her finger on Macon and considers it.

Hershel and Rick talk about how close Rick was to losing his mind like the hungry woman. Rick holds Judith while Hershel tells him that you do get to come back.

Bob lays back in his cot listening to Patrick, who keeps coughing. Patrick walks into a bathroom leaving a clear path of sweaty footprints. Once in the bathroom he takes a shower without taking his clothes off, until he collapses. When Patrick's eyes open again, he's already turned.