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The Walking Dead

Frank Darabont     Developer67 Eps
Frank Darabont     Executive Producer19 Eps
Gail Anne Hurd     Executive Producer21 Eps
Robert Kirkman     Executive Producer21 Eps
Charles H. Eglee     Executive Producer6 Eps
David Alpert     Executive Producer21 Eps
Glen Mazzara     Executive Producer13 Eps
Tom Luse     Executive Producer2 Eps
Scott M. Gimple     Executive Producer2 Eps
Gregory Nicotero     Executive Producer (Greg Nicotero)2 Eps
Angela Kang     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Gregory Nicotero     Co-Executive Producer13 Eps
Evan Reilly     Co-Executive Producer13 Eps
Denise Huth     Co-Executive Producer2 Eps
Seth Hoffman     Co-Executive Producer2 Eps
Jack LoGiudice     Co-Executive Producer6 Eps
Corey Reed     Supervising Producer1 Eps
Nichole Beattie     Supervising Producer1 Eps
Curtis Gwinn     Supervising Producer1 Eps
Channing Powell     Producer1 Eps
Matthew Negrete     Producer1 Eps
Scott M. Gimple     Producer13 Eps
Angela Kang     Producer1 Eps
Jolly Dale     Producer2 Eps
Paul Gadd     Producer2 Eps
Denise Huth     Producer19 Eps
Tom Luse     Producer 
Heather Bellson     Co-Producer7 Eps
Jolly Dale     Co-Producer16 Eps
Paul Gadd     Co-Producer13 Eps
Caleb Womble     Co-Producer21 Eps
Channing Powell     Co-Producer14 Eps
Matthew Negrete     Co-Producer14 Eps
Adam E. Fierro     Consulting Producer6 Eps
Gregory Nicotero     Consulting Producer6 Eps
Kenneth Requa     Associate Producer38 Eps
Skip Schoolnik     Associate Producer6 Eps
Gregory Melton     Production Designer16 Eps
Grace Walker     Production Designer3 Eps
Alex Hajdu     Production Designer3 Eps
Sidney Wolinsky     Editor1 Eps
Julius Ramsay     Editor9 Eps
Kelley Dixon     Editor1 Eps
Nathan Gunn     Editor4 Eps
Hunter M. Via     Editor8 Eps
Sharon Bialy     Casting20 Eps
Sherry Thomas     Casting20 Eps
Tom Luse     Unit Production Manager50 Eps
Stephanie Accetta     Unit Production Manager6 Eps
Spencer Jarvis     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Jerram Swartz     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Veronica A. Hampton     First Assistant Director7 Eps
Polly Ann Mattson     First Assistant Director7 Eps
Marty Jedlicka     First Assistant Director3 Eps
Chip Signore     First Assistant Director4 Eps
Jeffrey F. January     First Assistant Director27 Eps
K.C. Colwell     First Assistant Director8 Eps
Craig Harris     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Austin Davoren     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Shanalyna C. Palmer     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Veronica A. Hampton     Second Assistant Director11 Eps
Matthew Goodwin     Second Assistant Director21 Eps
Karen Davis (2)     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Vincent G. Gonzales     Second Assistant Director22 Eps
Bear McCreary     Music21 Eps
Michael Baber     Music Editor56 Eps
Thomas Golubic     Music Supervisor51 Eps
Peggy Stamper     Costume Designer6 Eps
Eulyn Womble     Costume Designer49 Eps
T.A. Henderson     Hairstylist1 Eps
Vincent Gideon     Hairstylist5 Eps
Patricia Fields     Grip1 Eps
Richard Mall     Key Grip1 Eps
Robert Kempf     Key Grip1 Eps
Eddie Evans     Key Grip6 Eps
Omar Foster     Set Designer2 Eps
John Moredock     Set Designer1 Eps
Lisa Jeanne Alkofer     Set Decorator6 Eps
Kristen Walker     Set Decorator34 Eps
Lynne Mitchell     Set Decorator13 Eps
Mike Riley     Location Manager56 Eps
Keith Collis     Transportation Coordinator13 Eps
Michael Sabo     Property Master6 Eps
John Sanders     Property Master46 Eps
Damian Dunn     Property Master1 Eps
Roger Scruggs     Construction Coordinator1 Eps
John Fore     Construction Coordinator17 Eps
Shirley Libby     Production Sound Mixer6 Eps
Bartek Swiatek     Production Sound Mixer13 Eps
David M. Kelson     Production Sound Mixer6 Eps
Michael P. Clark     Production Sound Mixer 
Rebecca Poulos     Script Supervisor6 Eps
Amy Lacy     Script Supervisor22 Eps
Mandy McCowan     Production Coordinator3 Eps
Steve Sharlet     Script Coordinator16 Eps
Jeff McKibben     Script Coordinator5 Eps
Tiffany Melvin     Assistant Editor 
Joel Griffen     Assistant Editor3 Eps
Arman Tahmizyan     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Steve M. Ngo     Assistant Editor 
John Mullin     Assistant Editor5 Eps
Liza Cardinale     Assistant Editor4 Eps
Evan Fisher     Assistant Editor10 Eps
Tina Trego     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Chris McCaleb     Assistant Editor4 Eps
Evan Schrodek     Assistant Editor5 Eps
Dan Liu     Assistant Editor6 Eps
Nathan Gunn     Assistant Editor5 Eps
Sara Mineo     Assistant Editor3 Eps
Kenneth Requa     Post Production Supervisor19 Eps
Walter Newman     Supervising Sound Editor2 Eps
Jerry Ross     Supervising Sound Editor54 Eps
Dan Hiland     Re-Recording Mixer56 Eps
Gary D. Rogers     Re-Recording Mixer56 Eps
Richard Blake Wester     Leadman2 Eps
Dan Post     Leadman10 Eps
Rick Crank     Gaffer12 Eps
Gary Holmes     Gaffer2 Eps
Laura Sevier     Other 
Rohn Schmidt     Director of Photography9 Eps
David Boyd     Director of Photography9 Eps
Michael Satrazemis     Director of Photography3 Eps
David Tattersall     Director of Photography1 Eps
Angela Kang     Story Editor13 Eps
Monty L. Simons     Stunt Coordinator6 Eps
Lonnie Smith     Stunt Coordinator4 Eps
Andy Martin     Stunt Coordinator4 Eps
Russell Towery     Stunt Coordinator14 Eps
Steve Ritzi     Stunt Coordinator2 Eps
Caleb Womble     Production Supervisor22 Eps
Jolly Dale     Production Supervisor13 Eps
Andrea Flader     Production Secretary 
Kaitlin Buck     Production Secretary 
Doug Fick     Art Director25 Eps
Alex Hajdu     Art Director1 Eps
Alex Carey     Assistant Production Coordinator2 Eps
Bernadette Gonzales     Assistant Production Coordinator 
Andrea Flader     Assistant Production Coordinator1 Eps
Nels Carlson     Post Production Coordinator10 Eps
Jessica Newman     Post Production Coordinator5 Eps
Kris Saintsing     Post Production Coordinator2 Eps
Michelle Trujillo McKibben     Post Production Coordinator29 Eps
Robert Kirkman     Based On The Works Of (Series of Graphic Novels)21 Eps
Tony Moore (2)     Based On The Works Of (Series of Graphic Novels)21 Eps
Charlie Adlard     Based On The Works Of (Series of Graphic Novels)21 Eps
Iliana Sanchez Taylor     Costume Supervisor1 Eps
Layne Brightwell     Costume Supervisor3 Eps
Dona Adrian Gibson     Costume Supervisor1 Eps
Elisa R. Richards     Costume Supervisor4 Eps
Robert Maxfield     Boom Operator2 Eps
Donna M. Premick     Key Makeup Artist49 Eps
Essie Cha     Key Makeup Artist7 Eps
Jake Garber     Key Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)20 Eps
Andi Crumbley     Art Department Coordinator2 Eps
Sam Nicholson     Visual Effects Supervisor 
Merci Navarro     Production Accountant12 Eps
Herb Johnson     Production Accountant15 Eps
Patrick Ingram     Extras Casting3 Eps
Stephen Thompson (2)     Chief Lighting Technician1 Eps
Rick Crank     Chief Lighting Technician7 Eps
Dennis Carter     Transportation Captain1 Eps
Jody Winslette     Transportation Captain7 Eps
Greg Smith (8)     "A" Camera Operator1 Eps
Michael Satrazemis     "A" Camera Operator13 Eps
Stephen Campbell (1)     "A" Camera Operator3 Eps
Phillip Kobylanski     Assistant (to Gale Anne Hurd)2 Eps
Scott Einbinder     Assistant (to Gale Anne Hurd)1 Eps
Ryan C. Coleman     Assistant (to Glenn Mazzara)2 Eps
Russell Scott (2)     Casting Associate (L.A.)25 Eps
Gohar Gazazyan     Casting Associate (L.A.)25 Eps
Taylor Knight     Key Hairstylist56 Eps
Darrell Pritchett     Special Effects Supervisor4 Eps
Nels Carlson     Post Production Assistant6 Eps
Breannah Gibson     Post Production Assistant4 Eps
Desa Larkin Boutte     Post Production Assistant6 Eps
Adria Murray     Post Production Assistant 
Lauren Haroutunian     Post Production Assistant 
Alex Brown (2)     Post Production Assistant5 Eps
Connor O'malley     Lighting Technician 
Greg Smith (8)     Steadicam Operator1 Eps
Glenn Brown     Steadicam Operator14 Eps
Chris Jones (7)     Steadicam Operator2 Eps
Alex Brown (2)     Production Associate5 Eps
Amy Beth Barnes     Production Associate3 Eps
Jerry Parker     Electrician 
Nelson Hagood     On-set Dresser 
Konrad Lewis     On-set Dresser2 Eps
Mandy McCowan     Production Office Coordinator7 Eps
Adam Miller     Assistant Property Master4 Eps
Elisa R. Richards     Assistant Costume Designer1 Eps
Adam Miller     Props Assistant1 Eps
Nathan Alexander     Props Assistant2 Eps
Ann Ruffin Minark     Props Assistant1 Eps
Mike Tyson (1)     Rigging Gaffer4 Eps
Gary Holmes     Rigging Gaffer6 Eps
Gregory Nicotero     Second Unit Director3 Eps
Darrell Pritchett     Special Effects Coordinator22 Eps
Greg Crawford     ADR Mixer1 Eps
Jessica Drake (1)     Dialect Coach4 Eps
Stephen Austin     Picture Car Coordinator8 Eps
Lea Enslin     Payroll Accountant1 Eps
Joan Devilla     Payroll Accountant1 Eps
Chris Wade     Payroll Accountant1 Eps
Iliana Sanchez Taylor     Key Set Costumer1 Eps
Allyson Traub     Key Set Costumer3 Eps
Tiffany Verch     Key Costumer 
Tim Farrell     Sound Effects Editor3 Eps
Malika James     Makeup Artist 
Addison Foreman     Makeup Artist 
Chris Nelson (3)     Makeup Artist1 Eps
Norman Cabrera     Makeup Artist1 Eps
Jaremy Aiello     Makeup Artist1 Eps
Alex Diaz     Makeup Artist1 Eps
David Wogh     Makeup Artist 
Richard Mayberry     Makeup Artist1 Eps
Caley Brooks     Makeup Artist3 Eps
Dirk Rogers     Makeup Artist 
Yolanda Sheridan     Makeup Artist3 Eps
Clare Mulroy     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up) 
Kerrin Jackson     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up) 
Carey Jones (2)     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)7 Eps
Mark Ross     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)5 Eps
Derek Krout     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)1 Eps
Mario Torres     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)1 Eps
Andre Freitas     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)12 Eps
Jake Garber     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)29 Eps
Toby Sells     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)10 Eps
Kevin Wasner     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)53 Eps
Gino Crognale     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)26 Eps
Bill Johnson (2)     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)4 Eps
Garrett Immel     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)41 Eps
Andy Schoneberg     Makeup Artist (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)55 Eps
Tom Barrett     Best Boy Grip9 Eps
Scott Einbinder     Assistant To Producer5 Eps
Michelle Pinkney     Assistant To Producer1 Eps
Jess Clark     Assistant (to Mr. Darabont)6 Eps
Chris Jones (7)     "B" Camera Operator2 Eps
Robert Carlson     "B" Camera Operator2 Eps
Glenn Brown     "B" Camera Operator4 Eps
Richard Cantu     "B" Camera Operator5 Eps
Andre Freitas     Special Effects Make-up2 Eps
Mario Torres     Special Effects Make-up 
Derek Krout     Special Effects Make-up1 Eps
Jeremy Aiello     Special Effects Make-up 
Alex Diaz     Special Effects Make-up 
Grady Holder     Special Effects Make-up 
Beth Hathaway     Special Effects Make-up 
Howard Berger     Special Effects Make-up56 Eps
Gregory Nicotero     Special Effects Make-up56 Eps
Daniel Green (2)     Assistant Location Manager 
Sara Kay Sheets     Assistant Location Manager 
Ben Roberts     Production Consultant13 Eps
Jess Clark     Production Consultant13 Eps
Jonathan Hall     Second Unit Director Of Photography1 Eps
Michael Satrazemis     Second Unit Director Of Photography2 Eps
Greg Tresan     Animal Trainer1 Eps
Carol Tresan     Animal Trainer1 Eps
Dale Jeantet     Construction Foreman 
Craig Davenport     Construction Foreman5 Eps
Spencer Jarvis     Second 2nd Assistant Director10 Eps
Austin Davoren     Second 2nd Assistant Director4 Eps
Lisa Mae Fincannon     Location Casting56 Eps
Craig Fincannon     Location Casting56 Eps
Matt Byrnes     "B" Camera Dolly Grip 
Mike Besaw     "B" Camera Dolly Grip1 Eps
Damian Dunn     Assistant Props Master2 Eps
James Brothers (2)     Assistant Props Master1 Eps
Robert Martin (2)     Charge Scenic Artist9 Eps
Dennis Sanborn     Sound Utility1 Eps
Alex Brown (2)     Producers Assistant5 Eps
David Daniels     "C" Camera Operator3 Eps
Stephen Campbell (1)     "C" Camera Operator3 Eps
Stephen Andrich     "C" Camera Operator1 Eps
R. Derek Keener     "C" Camera Operator1 Eps
Daniel Green (2)     Key Assistant Location Manager3 Eps
Ryan Taylor (1)     Key Assistant Location Manager4 Eps
Seth Zimmerman     Key Assistant Location Manager6 Eps
James Hayward     Key Assistant Location Manager 
Tasha Wdowin     Set Medic4 Eps
Matthew Mcginn     "A" Camera Second Assistant3 Eps
Veronica A. Hampton     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Bruce Robinson (2)     "B" Camera First Assistant1 Eps
Desa Larkin Boutte     Writers' Production Assistant5 Eps
Alex Brown (2)     Writers' Production Assistant8 Eps
Alissa Koeppe     Writers' Production Assistant1 Eps
Alex White     Writers' Assistant4 Eps
Brittni Moore     Loader 
Lauren Gentry     Loader 
David Galbraith     1st Assistant Camera1 Eps
Townson Wells     Key Set Production Assistant 
Merci Navarro     1st Assistant Accountant5 Eps
Greg Tresan     Animal Wrangler3 Eps
Carol Tresan     Animal Wrangler1 Eps
Derrick Chambers     Greens Person 
Mike Pilcher     Key Rigging Grip11 Eps
Jason Zaluska     Key Rigging Grip 
David Galbraith     "A" Camera 1st Assistant10 Eps
Steve Sudge     Best Boy Electric5 Eps
Brandon Davis (2)     Best Boy Electric2 Eps
Leon Wilson     Best Boy Electric1 Eps
Nick Mara     Sculptor 
Jeremy Aiello     Sculptor (KNB EFX Group, Inc. Special Effects Make-up)3 Eps
William Riggs     Studio Teacher3 Eps
Tom Luse     Produced By19 Eps
Stephen Campbell (1)     2nd Unit Director Of Photography1 Eps
Marc Dobiecki     2nd Unit Director Of Photography2 Eps
David Daniels     2nd Unit Director Of Photography1 Eps
Victor Scalise     VFX Supervisor49 Eps
Sam Nicholson     VFX Supervisor1 Eps
Jason Sperling     VFX Supervisor6 Eps
Casey Pritchett     Special Effects Technician 
David Tiahrt     Chef1 Eps
Jeff Garner     Greensman2 Eps
Zach Kane     Key Craft Service 
John Mekhail     Key Craft Service 
Matt Horn (1)     "A" Camera 2nd Assistant1 Eps
Patrick Ingram     Extra Casting Coordinator5 Eps
Kimberly Wistedt     Location Casting Associate 
Jen Ingulli     Location Casting Associate16 Eps
Denette West     Key Greensperson7 Eps
Don Holloway     Key Greensperson1 Eps
Carey Jones (2)     Knb Supervisor1 Eps
Donny Jordan     Scenic Foreman 
Jeffrey Williamson     Scenic Foreman2 Eps
Nick Nelson     On Set Scenic Artist3 Eps
Laura Sevier     Clearances35 Eps
Matthew Mcginn     C Camera 1st Assistant5 Eps
Franc Boone     A Camera Dolly Grip4 Eps
Mike Sullivan (1)     Charge Scenic2 Eps
Franklin T. Bennett     Charge Scenic4 Eps
Taylor Bennett     Charge Scenic1 Eps
Caleb Womble     Production Co-supervisor4 Eps
Vanessa Trego     Writers' Room Production Assistant4 Eps
Tommy Huston     Caterer Chef1 Eps
Philippe Gallichet     Caterer Chef1 Eps
Lou Thomas     Adr/dialogue Supervisor3 Eps
Julia Festa     Assistant To The Producers 
Amy Beth Barnes     Assistant To The Producers3 Eps
Monty L. Simons     Stunt Utility1 Eps
Kenneth Nelson     Set Dressing Gang Boss1 Eps
Daniel Hahn     On Set Greensperson 
Wallace G. Emery     General Construction Foreman 
Bob Batemen     Welding Foreman 
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Drama | Horror/Supernatural | Thriller
Status: Returning Series
Network: amc ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 31, 2010
Episode Order: 16
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