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The Weekenders: Lucky Shoes

After a run-in with track star Lard, of Camp-O-Field Middle School (seen in "Sense and Sensitivity"), Carver bets that he can beat him in a race. If Carver loses, the Gang will have to sponge-bathe his 'granny'. The others are appalled, be Carver tells them of his lucky shoes, that are sure to make him win. When Carver discovers them missing, the Gang buy the same shoes, and paint them black, to make Carver believe that he's wearing the lucky shoes, knowing that they give him confidence, and without that, he's sure to lose.

Episode Info

Episode number: 3x2
Airdate: Sunday September 09th, 2001

Director: Steven Lyons
Writer: Larry Spencer

Guest Stars
Cree SummerCree Summer
voiced Carver's Mom / Penny
Episode Quotes
Tino: I wonder how Carver is missing this! Well, where ever he he is, when he gets here, his news will change the whole weekend. Its just a guess, but you know I'm right, don't ya?

Carver: I have got the best news!
Tino: Told ya.

Carver: I ran into Lard today.
Tish: That track star?
Carver: Yeah, and I made a bet that I could beat him in a race.
Tino: You didn't bet him money, did you?
Carver: Why would I do a thing like that?
Tino: Well that's good because--
Carver: I just bet him that if I lose, you guys will give his grandmother a sponge bath.
Tino, Lor, & Tish: YOU WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Carver: Relax, I've got lucky shoes. There's no way I can lose.
Lor: Excuse me for just a second. LUCKY SHOES?!?!?!?! (laughs)
Tish: Lor!
(the others huddle)
If Carver think the shoes are lucky, let 'em.
Tino: Yeah, if we tell him otherwise, he'll lose his confedence.
Lor: And before you know it, we're spongin' granny!

Carver: Mom, please don't tell me you didn't give away my lucky shoes to Helpers Helping The Helpless.
Carver's Mom: Okay, then, I won't tell you.
Carver: (looks up at the ceiling, with the camera looking down on him) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Mrs. Duong: Are you sure you're not making this 'Shoe Police' thing up?
Tino: Kinda sure.

Lor: (after breaking an antique vase) Its not my fault. Why do they make antiques so old, anyway?

Lard: I've got another addition to the chore you have to do when Carver loses!
Lor: What? Does your granny want to be hot waxed too?!
Lard: Uh...yeah, how'd you know?

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