The West Wing

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
7 1x07 10/Nov/1999 The State Dinner
11 1x11 05/Jan/2000 Lord John Marbury
10 1x10 15/Dec/1999 In Excelsis Deo
22 1x22 17/May/2000 What Kind of Day Has It Been?
4 1x04 13/Oct/1999 Five Votes Down
5 1x05 20/Oct/1999 The Crackpots and These Women
6 1x06 03/Nov/1999 Mr. Willis of Ohio
8 1x08 17/Nov/1999 Enemies
9 1x09 24/Nov/1999 The Short List
12 1x12 12/Jan/2000 He Shall, From Time to Time
1 1x01 22/Sep/1999 Pilot
13 1x13 26/Jan/2000 Take Out the Trash Day
19 1x19 26/Apr/2000 Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
2 1x02 29/Sep/1999 Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
16 1x16 23/Feb/2000 20 Hours in L.A.
18 1x18 05/Apr/2000 Six Meetings Before Lunch
21 1x21 10/May/2000 Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
3 1x03 06/Oct/1999 A Proportional Response
20 1x20 03/May/2000 Mandatory Minimums
14 1x14 09/Feb/2000 Take This Sabbath Day
15 1x15 16/Feb/2000 Celestial Navigation
17 1x17 22/Mar/2000 The White House Pro-Am

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
35 2x13 07/Feb/2001 Bartlet's Third State of the Union
36 2x14 14/Feb/2001 The War at Home
37 2x15 21/Feb/2001 Ellie
38 2x16 28/Feb/2001 Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail
41 2x19 25/Apr/2001 Bad Moon Rising
43 2x21 09/May/2001 18th and Potomac
32 2x10 20/Dec/2000 Noël
44 2x22 16/May/2001 Two Cathedrals
39 2x17 14/Mar/2001 The Stackhouse Filibuster
23 2x01 04/Oct/2000 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part 1
24 2x02 04/Oct/2000 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part 2
25 2x03 18/Oct/2000 The Midterms
26 2x04 25/Oct/2000 In This White House
27 2x05 01/Nov/2000 And It's Surely to Their Credit
28 2x06 08/Nov/2000 The Lame Duck Congress
29 2x07 15/Nov/2000 The Portland Trip
30 2x08 22/Nov/2000 Shibboleth
31 2x09 29/Nov/2000 Galileo
33 2x11 10/Jan/2001 The Leadership Breakfast
34 2x12 24/Jan/2001 The Drop-In
40 2x18 04/Apr/2001 17 People
42 2x20 02/May/2001 The Fall's Gonna Kill You

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
45 3x01 10/Oct/2001 Manchester: Part 1
46 3x02 17/Oct/2001 Manchester: Part 2
47 3x03 24/Oct/2001 Ways and Means
48 3x04 31/Oct/2001 On the Day Before
49 3x05 07/Nov/2001 War Crimes
50 3x06 14/Nov/2001 Gone Quiet
51 3x07 21/Nov/2001 The Indians in the Lobby
52 3x08 28/Nov/2001 The Women of Qumar
53 3x09 12/Dec/2001 Bartlet for America
54 3x10 09/Jan/2002 H. Con-172
55 3x11 16/Jan/2002 100,000 Airplanes
56 3x12 30/Jan/2002 The Two Bartlets
57 3x13 06/Feb/2002 Night Five
58 3x14 27/Feb/2002 Hartsfield's Landing
59 3x15 06/Mar/2002 Dead Irish Writers
60 3x16 27/Mar/2002 The U.S. Poet Laureate
61 3x17 03/Apr/2002 Stirred
63 3x19 08/May/2002 The Black Vera Wang
64 3x20 15/May/2002 We Killed Yamamoto
65 3x21 22/May/2002 Posse Comitatus
62 3x18 01/May/2002 Enemies Foreign and Domestic

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
68 4x03 02/Oct/2002 College Kids
69 4x04 09/Oct/2002 The Red Mass
70 4x05 16/Oct/2002 Debate Camp
71 4x06 30/Oct/2002 Game On
72 4x07 06/Nov/2002 Election Night
73 4x08 13/Nov/2002 Process Stories
74 4x09 20/Nov/2002 Swiss Diplomacy
75 4x10 27/Nov/2002 Arctic Radar
76 4x11 11/Dec/2002 Holy Night
77 4x12 08/Jan/2003 Guns Not Butter
78 4x13 15/Jan/2003 The Long Goodbye
79 4x14 05/Feb/2003 Inauguration: (Part 1)
80 4x15 12/Feb/2003 Inauguration: Over There (Part 2)
81 4x16 19/Feb/2003 The California 47th
82 4x17 26/Feb/2003 Red Haven's on Fire
83 4x18 26/Mar/2003 Privateers
84 4x19 02/Apr/2003 Angel Maintenance
85 4x20 23/Apr/2003 Evidence of Things Not Seen
86 4x21 30/Apr/2003 Life On Mars
87 4x22 07/May/2003 Commencement
88 4x23 14/May/2003 Twenty Five
67 4x02 25/Sep/2002 20 Hours in America (2)
66 4x01 25/Sep/2002 20 Hours in America (1)

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
90 5x02 01/Oct/2003 The Dogs of War
91 5x03 08/Oct/2003 Jefferson Lives
92 5x04 22/Oct/2003 Han
93 5x05 29/Oct/2003 Constituency of One
94 5x06 05/Nov/2003 Disaster Relief
95 5x07 12/Nov/2003 Separation of Powers
96 5x08 19/Nov/2003 Shutdown
97 5x09 03/Dec/2003 Abu el Banat
98 5x10 07/Jan/2004 The Stormy Present
99 5x11 14/Jan/2004 The Benign Prerogative
100 5x12 04/Feb/2004 Slow News Day
101 5x13 11/Feb/2004 The Warfare of Genghis Khan
102 5x14 18/Feb/2004 An Khe
103 5x15 25/Feb/2004 Full Disclosure
104 5x16 03/Mar/2004 Eppur Si Muove
105 5x17 24/Mar/2004 The Supremes
106 5x18 31/Mar/2004 Access
108 5x20 28/Apr/2004 No Exit
109 5x21 12/May/2004 Gaza
110 5x22 19/May/2004 Memorial Day
89 5x01 24/Sep/2003 7A WF 83429
107 5x19 21/Apr/2004 Talking Points

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
111 6x01 20/Oct/2004 NSF Thurmont
112 6x02 27/Oct/2004 The Birnam Wood
113 6x03 03/Nov/2004 Third-Day Story
114 6x04 10/Nov/2004 Liftoff
115 6x05 17/Nov/2004 The Hubbert Peak
116 6x06 24/Nov/2004 The Dover Test
119 6x09 15/Dec/2004 Impact Winter
122 6x12 19/Jan/2005 365 Days
124 6x14 09/Feb/2005 The Wake Up Call
126 6x16 23/Feb/2005 Drought Conditions
127 6x17 02/Mar/2005 A Good Day
129 6x19 16/Mar/2005 Ninety Miles Away
131 6x21 30/Mar/2005 Things Fall Apart
132 6x22 06/Apr/2005 2162 Votes
130 6x20 23/Mar/2005 In God We Trust
117 6x07 01/Dec/2004 A Change Is Gonna Come
118 6x08 08/Dec/2004 In the Room
120 6x10 05/Jan/2005 Faith Based Initiative
121 6x11 12/Jan/2005 Opposition Research
123 6x13 26/Jan/2005 King Corn
125 6x15 16/Feb/2005 Freedonia
128 6x18 09/Mar/2005 La Palabra

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
139 7x07 06/Nov/2005 The Debate
148 7x16 02/Apr/2006 Election Day, Part 1
149 7x17 09/Apr/2006 Election Day, Part 2
154 7x22 14/May/2006 Tomorrow
141 7x09 11/Dec/2005 The Wedding
142 7x10 08/Jan/2006 Running Mates
144 7x12 22/Jan/2006 Duck And Cover
146 7x14 19/Mar/2006 Two Weeks Out
147 7x15 26/Mar/2006 Welcome to Wherever You Are
152 7x20 30/Apr/2006 The Last Hurrah
153 7x21 07/May/2006 Institutional Memory
138 7x06 30/Oct/2005 The Al Smith Dinner
133 7x01 25/Sep/2005 The Ticket
134 7x02 02/Oct/2005 The Mommy Problem
140 7x08 04/Dec/2005 Undecideds
143 7x11 15/Jan/2006 Internal Displacement
145 7x13 12/Mar/2006 The Cold
150 7x18 16/Apr/2006 Requiem
151 7x19 23/Apr/2006 Transition
137 7x05 23/Oct/2005 Here Today
135 7x03 09/Oct/2005 Message Of The Week
136 7x04 16/Oct/2005 Mr. Frost

S03 - #124/Apr/2002Documentary Special10
S03 - #203/Oct/2001Isaac and Ishmael9.7

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Politics
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 1999
Ended: May 14, 2006
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