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The West Wing: Mr. Willis of Ohio

Toby and Mandy work together to get a commerce bill with a census counting provision approved. In order to do this, they have to convince Mr. Willis, a congressman who took over his wife’s office after her death. Sam helps C.J. understand what stance the administration is taking on the random census in 2000. Meanwhile, Zoey gets herself into a dangerous situation when she goes to a Georgetown bar and President Bartlet approaches Leo after learning that Leo’s wife left him.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x6
Production Number: 225905
Airdate: Wednesday November 03rd, 1999

Alternate Airdates:

FR (France 2) Jul 20, 2001

Guest Stars
Allison SmithAllison Smith
As Mallory O'Brien
Charley LangCharley Lang
As Matt Skinner
Elisabeth MossElisabeth Moss
As Zoey Bartlet
Janel MoloneyJanel Moloney
As Donna Moss
Michael OMichael O'Neill
As Ron Butterfield
Renee EstevezRenee Estevez
As Nancy
Suzy NakamuraSuzy Nakamura
As Kathy
Al FannAl Fann
As Joe Willis
Kenneth TigarKenneth Tigar
As Congressman Gladman

Co-Guest Stars
Bradley JamesBradley James
As Secret Service Agent #1 (Donnie)
Devika ParikhDevika Parikh
As Bonnie
Greg WranglerGreg Wrangler
As Secret Service Agent #2
Juan A. RiojasJuan A. Riojas
As Secret Service Agent #3
Kathryn JoostenKathryn Joosten
As Delores Landingham
Blake ShieldsBlake Shields
As Frat Boy #1
Gathering MarbetGathering Marbet
As Waitress
Justin UrichJustin Urich
As Frat Boy #2

Eric BalfourEric Balfour
As Frat Boy #3
Main Cast
Martin SheenMartin Sheen
As President Jed Bartlet
John SpencerJohn Spencer
As Leo McGarry
Allison JanneyAllison Janney
As Claudia Jean "C.J." Cregg
Bradley WhitfordBradley Whitford
As Josh Lyman
Rob LoweRob Lowe
As Sam Seaborn
Richard SchiffRichard Schiff
As Toby Ziegler
Dulé HillDulé Hill
As Charlie Young
Moira KellyMoira Kelly
As Mandy Hampton
Episode Notes
In this episode, Bartlet argues with Zoey about her safety and how she could possibly be kidnapped if she isn't careful. This argument foreshadows the events of season 4's "Twenty Five".

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Foo FightersLearn to Fly 

Episode Quotes
Josh: The president's daughter, the chief of staff's daughter, a Georgetown bar, and Sam. What could possibly go wrong?

Sam: You see how good it feels to know what you're talking about?
C.J.: And you see how I'm able to do it without being patronizing?
Sam: What happened to "You look good today."?
C.J.: I got over it.

Toby: I met an unusual man. He didn't walk in with a political agenda. He didn't walk in with his mind made up. He genuinely wanted to do what he thought was best. He didn't mind saying the words 'I don't know.'

Toby: Do you call or raise, sir?
Bartlet: There are three words in the English language and three words only that begin with the letters dw.
Josh: This is a pretty good illustration of why we get nothing done.

Josh: Donna? How much were the sandwiches?
Donna: $12.95
Josh: I gave you a twenty.
Donna: Yes, as it turns out, actually, you gave me more money than I needed to buy what you asked for. However, knowing you, as I do, I'm afraid I can't trust you to spend the change wisely. I've decided to invest it for you.
Josh: That was nice. That was a little parable.
Donna: I want my money back.

Frat Boy: You know, I ain't done with you, Sammy.
Charlie: My name is Charlie Young, jackass, and if that bulge in your pocket's an eight-ball of blow, you're spending spring break in a federal prison.

Zoey: The hooker!
Sam: Ok. She's not a hooker, she's a call-girl. And how do you know about this?
Zoey: Mallory told me.
C.J.: How does Mallory know about that?
Sam: I told her.
C.J.: You told our boss's daughter you slept with a call girl?
Sam: I didn't know she was Leo's daughter at the time; I thought she was a school teacher who came in with her class.
Josh: So you thought you were telling a complete stranger you slept with a call girl?

Josh: Sam, I'm taking Charlie for a beer tonight before the vote. Zoey and Mallory are coming.
Sam: Sounds good.
C.J.: I like beer.
Josh: If you want to come I guess that'd be okay.
C.J.: Why, Josh, you've swept me off my feet.

Episode Goofs
The sandwich that Sam is eating while he is talking to C.J. changes from being made from a bun to being made from sliced bread during the scene.

Cultural References
Congressman Willis: I think the problems that we’re going to face in the new century are far beyond the Wisdom of Solomon, let alone me.

In The Bible, Solomon was a king that was renowned in ancient times for his wisdom and ability to solve problems fairly and sensibly.

Character Name: Ron Butterfield

The character of Ron Butterfield is a reference to Alexander Butterfield, a deputy assistant to former President Richard Nixon.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAaron Sorkin
Executive ProducerJohn Wells  |  Thomas Schlamme  |  Aaron Sorkin
ProducerKristin Harms  |  Llewellyn Wells
Co-ProducerMichael Hissrich
Production DesignerJon Hutman
EditorChristopher Nelson (1)
CastingBarbara Miller (2)  |  John Levey  |  Kevin Scott (1)
Unit Production ManagerJean Higgins
First Assistant DirectorTony Alder
Second Assistant DirectorBrian Bettwy
MusicW.G. Snuffy Walden
Director of PhotographyThomas Del Ruth
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