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Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens with a family getting ready for the day. Glen Sellards gets arrested for the murder of Maria Covas. Meanwhile, Katie Peale, prosecution attorney, meets with a man who asks if she is going to his gig. She tells that she doesn’t know just yet. She gets a call and tells that she needs to go. In another part of the town, Jimmy Brogan, defense attorney, is in line for coffee and he gets a call as well. He meets Katie outside of a courthouse and they go to the arraignment of Glen. At the arraignment, Katie and Jimmy talk about the reasons why and why not Glen should be kept in jail. The judge tells that bail is set at $200,000. Outside of the courthouse, the media is all over everyone and a man in the crowd tells that Glen will pay for what he did. Glen’s son intervenes to protect his dad and is stopped by the police. Jimmy looks at Kathy and Kathy looks at Jimmy. Both prepare themselves for what is going to come.

The scene focuses on Katie as she enters the firm and Maria Covas’s parents are there. She tells that she will convict Glen Sellards over this in the most effective way that she can. They tell that Maria was a good Catholic girl and it is horrible. Katie talks to her team in the conference room and tell them the details of the case and what they are going to have to do for the Covas family. Terrence “Edge” comes in from his vacation and greets everyone. She has her team do different tasks and finds that her number two is going to be Chad Griffin, a junior ADA. In a restaurant Chad is talking to a blonde. His phone rings and it is Katie. He tells that he has to go and gives the girl his card. Chad meets with Katie and she tells that he needs to answer when she calls. He agrees and tells that he doesn’t want to go back to misdemeanors. Katie meets with Stan and he tells that he will testify for her that his witnesses placed Glen on the scene that the time of the murder and that he also joined all the clubs that Maria was in as well.

Katie gets with Edge and tells that the Hate Crime charge is a possibility because they have an ESL student that clearly heard Glen say a racial slur about Mexicans. She is having Chad to check on it besides her better judgment. Chad enters and confirms that the ESL student will testify in court. Katie calls Jimmy and tells that she will be adding a hate crime charge on top of it. She gets off the phone and says that it is good, but they are going to need more. Katie and Edge are at the firing range and he tells that Sellards was fired after allegations of having an affair with a 15-year-old student from a different school. He also tells that Glen got prostate surgery. Edge tells that the staff is terrorfied of Katie and she tells that she was the type of victim. Katie gets a call from Jimmy saying that he say a video that makes Maria not so religious. Katie tells Edge that they are screwed.

The show rewinds to where the fight in front of the courthouse after arraignment and the scene focuses on Jimmy. He walks into his firm and Alejo tells more about what they know and where they need to be. Jimmy tells that they are going to have to Lena comes in and tells that Glen is targeted because the DA are lazy. Jimmy discredits everything that Alejo and Lena throw at him about what the prosecution is saying and tells that they are going to have to do just that to get this case to win. Jimmy and Alejo visit Glen and he tells that he was never involved at all with Maria and that he is innocent because he was home with his family. Jimmy sees Chinese characters behind Glen and tells that he tought a little bit about Chinese cultures and points out that Maria drew one that means “Friend”. Jimmy has to go and leaves Alejo to finish the questions.

Jimmy meets with Larry Combs and tells that Maria’s mother called Child Protective Services when her husband threatened Maria. Katie calls and tells that she is adding a Hate Crime charge and he asks if she has enough evidence for it and she says that she does. Larry also tells that Glenn was fired for misconduct with a student once before. Jimmy goes to a basketball court and Lena comes up to him. She tells that the student that Glen supposably had the affair with is not right in the head. She mentions that she should be Jimmy’s second instead of Alejo. Jimmy tells that Alejo is always his number two and Lena tells that Jimmy knows that she is right. Alejo and Lena tell Jimmy all the bad news that is going to hurt their case. Jimmy tells that they need the EM report to be able to find things. Larry Combs called and tells that Maria had a “sex buddy”. They visit Todd Angler, who got arrested for pot, and he tells that he didn’t kill her and was only having sex. He shows a video of Maria having sex with another guy. Jimmy calls Katie and tells that he saw a video that makes Maria less then religious.

At the prosecution office, Katie is wondering how they can make the news go to their favor and Chad tells that they need to be looking at Todd Angler. In the defense office, Alejo asks if Todd is witness or suspect. Lena tells that he is a witness. Jimmy tells that they need to keep Katie nervous. Jimmy and Katie stand before the judge to get their evidence in or out. Katie and Edge talk and they need to prep witnesses and get the EM report. Jimmy meets with Alejo and Lena and Alejo tells that Katie has a right to be nervous. Jimmy tells that he wants Lena to be second but give him time to tell Alejo. Meanwhile, Katie is looking at the marks on Maria’s body and tells that they look like hieroglyphics. She wants to know how they are going to link it to Sellards. Jimmy meets with Alejho and tells that he is going to want Lena as his second. He tells that he is Latino like the victim. Jimmy tells that Lena will win over the women jurors. Meanwhile, Katie sees that Brianna is in the hall and she tells that she lied about having seen her dad all night. She found Viagra in the house and her parents have not have sex and the bottle is half empty. She tells that Glen told her to lie. She wants to testify against her father.

Jimmy meets with Glen and is upset with him about the pills. Glen tells that there were prostitutes and Jimmy tells that if he has to bring in every hooker, he will. Glen tells that it will break his wife’s heart and Jimmy tells that it doesn’t matter. They have to convince the jury that he is not guilty. Trial day comes and Katie and Jimmy meet in the hall and warn each other. Throughout the case, Jimmy discredits the witness of telling that only staff has keys to the entrance when the witness says that kids cut slits in the fence all the time. He also discredits the eye witness that placed Glen on the scene when he tells that kids are a handful and it is hard to determine someone’s identity in a dark alley and have the kid in one place. He finally discredits the ESL student when she tells that the “racial slur” she heard Glen say was a quote from Clint Eastwood’s “Magnum Force”. Katie tells that Chad screwed up and Edge and their own area is the post mortem injuries.

Katie calls the forensics examiner and he tells that the wounds were ritualistic and Jimmy objects to it. Katie brings forth the damaging witness, Brianna, and she tells that she found the Viagra and that she was told to lie to the police. Mrs. Sellards goes on the stand and tells that she knew about the prostitutes, but she tells that Glen would never touch a young girl. Todd Angler gets on the stand and Katie asks about the relationship and Todd tells that Glen followed them a couple of times and had Maria’s crucifix claiming that he found it. Jimmy shows the Chinese character meaning friend. A student gets on the stand and he tells that Glen let Maria borrow his scarf and he tucked the scarf into her shirt. It happened the day Maria was murdered. At the office, Lena claims that the student never said anything about a scarf. Alejo gets an idea about the scarf and back in the courtroom; Alejo asks that medical examiner if it is possible to transfer skin cells to a person by touch. She says that it is. A prostitute tells that she had sex with Glenn and Jimmy asks if he ever said that he had sex with any students. She says no, but he did asks for her younger girlfriends. Jimmy tells that they need to get to Glen’s house ASAP. They arrive and they find that Mrs. Sellards died.

Katie and Jimmy meet and Katie says that they shouldn’t tell the jury about the death of Mrs. Sellards in order not to get the sympathy plea. He tells her that she needs to realize that a family just lost a family member. Closing arguments come and Katie tells that the jury needs to look at the man that Glen is and to make the right decision. She reiterates that the marks found on Maria’s body were the same symbol that Maria drew for Glen. Jimmy tries to defend Glen one more time and tells that the jury needs to realize that Glen has already lost so much and for them not to take away anything else that belongs to him. He tells that no crucifix was found and that they should acquit this case.

Five days later and Katie gets a call. Alejo tells Jimmy that the verdict is in. It is Guilty. Jimmy meets Katie at a restaurant and congratulates her for a good win. Jimmy asks if she remembers the day that they were practicing for the bar and went to China Town instead. Jimmy asks her out but she tells that she has to go to a gig to see someone play. Brianna is cleaning out the things in her dad’s room and finds a phone book that belonged to him. In the day planner, the bloody crucifix that belonged to Maria falls out and falls to the floor.