Thicker Than Water - Recap

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The scene opens with a man in a wheelchair on a boat. The next scene shows it in the water and a woman frantically searching for the man who fell in the water. Coast Guard picks up the woman. The next day the woman from the boat, Monica Keller, enters Jimmy Brogan’s office. She tells that the D.A’s office called her and told that she wants to talk about her father’s death and then got weird. Jimmy knows who she is talking about. Katherine Peal enters her office and gets a call from Jimmy. He tells that he has Monica in her office and Katherine says that she has a warrant out for her arrest and to allow her employees come and arrest her. At a the Japanese restaurant, Jimmy goes up to Katherine and tells that she can’t simply arrest and charge anyone she wants. Katherine tells that she has reasonable case. She gives him a fortune cookie that tells him that “patience is a virtue”. At the Arraignment, the two lawyers battle back and forth to get their way and, in the end, Monika is held in custody without bail. Jimmy and Katherine talk and Katherine gives Jimmy another fortune cookie. This time it says “Guilty”

The scene focuses on Katherine and the prosecution. Edge tells that Katherine needs to help Chad out with learning the ropes and she is reluctant but agrees. They talk about what they have right now that include a witness on the ferry, a stripper that worked with Monica at the bar, and a neighbor that can testify of Monica’s behavior around her father prior to this. Katherine talks to the witness from the ferry and he tells that he saw her dive into the water after she knew that the man saw her. Meanwhile at the bikini bar, a dancer tells that Monika hated her dad and that she was always telling her that he was holding her down. At the same moment, Jimmy is there and he tells if Chad wants some singles, to let him know, as a joke. Back at the office, Katherine gives Edge more good news and says that the witness from the ferry is airtight and Chad tells that the dancer will testify that Monica was mean, but tells that Jimmy has a dancer that tells that Monica is a nice girl. Edge shows that there is a life insurance policy for $200,000 with Monica’s name as the beneficiary. Katherine tells that they have to get the witness that says that she beat her father. Edge tells that Monica’s ex-husband left because his wife was Cruel. Katherine visits Bob Keller and he tells that he was never important to her and that she is helping him. But, Bob tells that Monica is not the best caregiver. Jimmy walks up and says that they think that Bob is the killer.

The scene focuses on Jimmy and the defense. Lena tells that they’re going to have to make sure that everything works out right to their favor and Jimmy tells that they are going to have to talk to the witnesses that paint Monica into a good light. Alejo tells that Monica applied for a passport 2 days prior to the incident and Jimmy breaks it up as that she wanted to go to Canada. Jimmy tells that they need to look into the old man and look into his medical history to see if he has been taking any narcotics. Jimmy tells that his own father was strong enough to rip through a phone book and tells Lena that his father has been in Rehab for 30 years. Jimmy meets with Monica and tells that the brochures were given to her by her father. She tells that her father wanted to sit next to the ocean. She tells that she fell asleep on the bench. Jimmy tells that they are going to try to discredit her Alibi and she tells that her dad has an insurance policy and he said that he was going to cash it in. Jimmy goes to the bikini club and tells that she has a witness that will testify that Monica was a good daughter and care giver. Jimmy visits her sister, Sister Theresa Bendicta, and she tells that Monica is nice to her father and would never do that. But, at the mention of suicide, she tells that her father would never do that. Jimmy visits Joy Shoelack, Private Investigator, and she tells that the security cameras caught a long distant video of a mystery man next to Monica’s father. Jimmy tells that Bob had a lot to gain if the death of Monica’s father happened before the finalizing of the divorce, then he is entitled to it. Joy also tells that Bob was the abusive one.

Jimmy goes to the construction site where Bob is working and meets with the foreman. He tells that Bob has a temper and that his wife was working at the bikini bar. Jimmy sees that Bob is using bolt cutters. This give Jimmy the case that Jimmy is not a witness, but the killer. At the office they talk about the loopholes to Spousal Privilege and Alejho tells that it is possible if they were talking about committing a crime together. Katherine visits Bob again to make sure that he is telling the truth and he tells that he thought that he was a witness. She tells that he is, but they need to make sure that they have everything. Jimmy meets with Monica to make sure that she never stuck her dad or yelled and she tells that she did not. Jimmy and Katherine stand before the judge and Katherine tells that Bob is a credible witness and that he can testify. In the hall, Katherine asks if Jimmy is alright because of the stuff with his own dad, it must be hard. Jimmy tells that she is just trying to throw him off and it isn’t working. Jimmy goes back to the office and tells that they are going to discredit Bob as a witness. But, Alejo has bad news and tells that Bob’s alibi checks out and he tells that he was cruising with his friends beating up Gay people at bars and the police are looking for him. Bob was not there on the ferry.

The Trial begins and Bob is on the stand and Bob tells that Monica asked for pills. Alejo cross examines Bob and asks where he was. He tells that he was at a bar, but Alejo tells that the police say that he was going around beating up gay people. Chad tells Katherine at recess that they are failing on the witnesses but she remains confident. They witness the neighbor that saw Monica strike her father and Katherine shows the picture of a Monica’s father and there are bruises. She points at where Monica hit her father. Jimmy tells that it is possible that Monica’s father was having an episode and Monica was fighting him to take his pills. The witness tells that she never saw him have an episode. Later, at a bar, Edge tells she should have some wine. Suddenly a drunken Chad comes in and tells that he went to prep the Deck hand and he tells that the guy is a total drunk and he doesn’t know if he locked the gate. Barb, the dancer, talks about how Monica talked bad about her father. Jimmy tells that it is possible that Barb has some professional jealousy for not getting promoted. She tells that she is retiring because a regular, who is also a cop, proposed to her.

At a fish market, Jimmy tells that he is going to use something about the witness who say Monika jump in the water and at the trial, he shows an article about a ferry that sank and that his family was on it too. He asks if he paused and jumped in or did he just freeze. He tells that there were a lot of people screaming. Jimmy tells that it is only fair to say that Monica paused. Katherine calls Chad into her office and apologizes if she gives him a hard time and Jimmy gets called to the church by Mother Superior and she tells that Sister Theresa Bendicta is not going to testify because a soul is at risk. Back at the trial, Bryan, Monica’s neighbor, is on the stand. He tells that her father was depressed and that it was hard on him. They put Monica on the stand and she tells that she loved her father and that it was hard, but she made do with what she had. At a bar, Jimmy wants to know why Mother Superior told him that a soul was in jeopardy. He figures it out and goes to visit Sister Theresa Bendicta and tells that she needs to testify because someone is in need. The next day Jimmy and his team are waiting and Theresa shows up with her nun clothing.

Theresa takes the stand and gives a letter stating from her father that he wanted to end it all. She tells she didn’t come sooner because she was afraid that her father’s committed suicide and that would have sent his soul to hell. Closing arguments commence and Katherine tells that they were listening to witness all day and it is certain that Monica killed her father because of the rage. Jimmy closes and says that it is not fair to send someone to prison for years of service that was not paid to just end it all. He tells that it doesn’t make sense. Jimmy visits Katherine and tells that he is sorry that he accused Katherine for trying to throw off his game by mentioning his father. He tells that his father asks about Katherine a lot and she tells that he has good taste. The cell phones ring and the verdict is in. At the courtroom, they find Monika not guilty.

At the office of Katherine Peale, Edge and Katherine sit around and Edge tells that it wasn’t the D.A’s office that told Chad to mentor Katherine but Chad himself. He thinks that Katherine is the best prosecutor and wants to strive to be like her. Monica gets home and Bryan, the neighbor, is there. She tells that she is happy that it is over and tells that she wonders what really happened on the ferry and asks if Bryan thinks that her father killed himself. He tells that they don’t have to worry about that anymore and with the divorce final, they don’t have to hide their relationship anymore. Monica tells that she can’t wait to go to Cancun, Mexico. The camera shows a Chicago Cubs hat in the bookcase and Bryan walks over and puts it in the drawer.