Judicial Discretion - Recap

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The scene opens with Jimmy talking to his client and Kathryn objecting to what he is saying. Jude Wright tells that Kathryn is right and tells Jimmy to control his client from trying to tell lies. Judge Wright tells Jimmy to come into his chambers for a moment. He tells that in a moment, two Detectives are going to arrest him for murder and wants to know if he is going to defend him. Confused, Jimmy stands there. Suddenly the two Detectives that he told Jimmy about come in and arrest Judge Wright for murder. Jimmy tells them not to question his client without him present. Kathryn is confused. Later, Terrance tells Kathryn that the Mayor wants her on the case. She asks why and he says that the Mayor told that she is good with this type of case and doesn’t mind to be disliked. Chad tries to get the file, but he is having trouble. Kathryn finds out that Judge Wright is going to be arraigned in 10 minutes. Kathryn says that this is going to be the death of her career.

At the arraignment, the clerk gives Judge Wright some water and Kathryn tells the Judge presiding over the arraignment that Judge Wright should be held without bail. However, Jimmy tells that the prosecution doesn’t have any evidence to support that. The judge approves the bail and grants permission to allow Judge Wright to come up with the money in 24 hours. As Kathryn walks out of the courtroom, she drops a form and a bailiff, rather then picking it up, steps on it. She realizes that this is not going to a good time for her. The scene focuses on the prosecution and Kathryn meets Terrance and says that it is not normal to allow for anyone to walk on bail for murder. Kathryn asks who the one who kept the file on Judge Write was and Terrance says that Walter Williams is the lawyer who had the trial taken from him. Kathryn sees a Hamsa, a guardian against the evil eye and buys it.

Later, Kathryn and Terrance meet with Williams and he says that he is upset that Kathryn got the case. However, Terrance puts Williams in his place when he tells that he will call the Mayor and tell that they lost the arraignment because Williams didn’t send the case file over. Williams tells that a drug runner named Santiago was the one who hired the hitman to kill Rothstein. However, it was Judge Wright who made the order in the first place. At the office, Kathryn plays a recording of Judge Wright talking to Santiago and telling him to have Rothstein meet him at Park Central. Kathryn says that Judge Wright released Rothstein after a drug charge and then an hour later, Rothstein was murdered. The star witness that they have is Santiago. They visit him in prison and his lawyer, Dan Olin, says that they want a deal. Santiago tells that he still has to pay the fee to the Hitman. Kathryn says that the only deal is that he won’t go against a Federal court and get the death penalty. He shows that he has Rothstein’s log book and all the exchanges that he made against the law. They go outside to meet Jimmy there. He asks if they have anything that the Defense needs to know about and then says that he knows about the log book.

The scene focuses on the defense and Jimmy goes back to his office and talks to his ex-wife. He tells her not to look in the vent, but she doesn’t listen. Alejo and Lena asks what is going on and Jimmy says that Doug, his son’s hamster, might be under the dryer. He tells that Kathryn is on the hit list of lawyers and says that it is a good idea. Jimmy meets with Judge Wright and asks why him. Judge Wright tells him that he is a winner despite him having flaws. Alejo talks about fees and Judge Wright says that he doesn’t have much money. Jimmy says that they will handle that later. Judge Wright tells about what he knows about Rothstein and says that he is the one who is getting railroaded for this because Santiago is telling lies. Lena goes to make copies and sees Dan Olin in line. He allows her to cut ahead of him and tells that she can have dinner with him for exchange of information. She accepts and Olin tells her to have Jimmy asks Kathryn about a log book. Lena comes back to the office and tells Jimmy about the log book of Rothstein and the secretary comes in and says that Olin called and said that Santiago wants to talk to him as well. Jimmy goes to the prison and talks to Kathryn and Chad. He says that they could give up the log book or be forced to by the judge later.

Jimmy sits down with Santiago and Santiago tells him that he can’t allow for his deal to not go through or else. As he leaves, Santiago asks about Jimmy’s kids and ex-wife. Jimmy gets on the phone and tells his ex-wife to take the kids and go out of town and says that he will pay for it. Kathryn tells that the motion papers are lost and her neck is hurting her. Terrance and Kathryn walk up to find Chad in already. He has been there all night and found that the log book is in accordance to all cases in which Judge Wright had a hand in. She goes up to Chad and hugs him. Kathryn has a search team to search Judge Wright’s home and they don’t find the money that the log book says that Judge Wright was paid. Alejo shows the different cases that Judge Wright was involved in and he struggles to come up with an explanation. Jimmy says that they are going to win the case because the only best evidence that the prosecution has is the taped conversation and that is probably thrown out too. Meanwhile, Kathryn and Chad listen to the recording again and Kathryn says that they need to make sure that Park Central wasn’t just a meeting. Meanwhile, Jimmy is trying to tell his ex-wife to stay out of town and Lena tells that she is going on her date with Olin.

Lena meets Olin at Park Central and Kathryn is there too. She sees that many years ago, Arnold Rothstein was murdered at Park Central. She gets back to the office and tells Terrance that Park Central was Judge Wright’s code for killing another Rothstein. She tries to get back in the office, but forgot her ID. Back at Jimmy’s office, Alejo says that the bad news is that the wiretap was thrown out by Judge Wright. However, Jimmy says that it is a signature stamp. At the court, the Judge tells that Judge Wright should have read every paperwork and shouldn’t have had it stamped and allows the evidence. Judge Wright goes in an elevator with Kathryn and says that if he is guilty, Kathryn’s mistakes are going to be known public. Kathryn goes up to Jimmy and tells that Judge Wright is a crook. Jimmy talks to Judge Wright and discovers what he did. He says that was a bad move for him. At the trial, Terrance asks Mike Cataldo, the clerk, and asks if it is normal for judges to dismiss cases when the case is serious. He says that it isn’t. Santiago takes the stand and Kathryn asks if it was his idea and Santiago tells that the code of Park Central was to kill Rothstein and when Jimmy talks to him, he makes it seem that Judge Wright was only doing his job.

Later, Kathryn has a neck brace and Kathryn talks about her mistake about letting Hector Gomez go free and Terrance says that it happens. Back in court, Judge Wright takes the stand and says that he didn’t know that Rothstein was going to be murdered and says that when he made the ruling and says that anyone could be considered corrupt because she allowed an associate of Santiago to go free. Kathryn tries to object it, but the judge allows it when Jimmy tells the judge that he is showing a pattern. Afterward, Jimmy apologizes to Kathryn, but she is not interested. The next day, Kathryn makes up for it by pointing out Judge Wright’s mistakes and gets him frazzled. During closing arguments, Jimmy explains that his client is innocent. When Kathryn steps up, an alarm is tricked. Kathryn realizes that it is not real, but just a ploy to shut her up. Two days later, the jury finds Judge Wright, not guilty. He tells Kathryn that he looks forward to seeing her in his courtroom again. Terrance says that she did the best she could, but Kathryn still thinks that he is guilty.

Jimmy plays pool with his kids and they ask about the Hamster. Six Weeks later, Judge Wright gets a visit from the Hitman. He says that he is there for his payment and shows a credit card that he got off of Rothstein. However, Kathryn is listening in. The Hitman is really an FBI agent. Kathryn says that Judge Wright is getting charged for being part of Santiago’s drug ring and that he will get 20 years in prison. She puts the Hamsa in his shirt pocket and tells that he is going to need it. The episode ends.