True Confessions - Recap

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As Katherine is busy with paper work in her office, Edge (Terrence Edgecomb) comes around with his wine, and suggests that she ought to celebrate the recent verdict. However, she can hardly leave her desk with the work she has on hand. Moments later, when NYPD cops in uniform get to a house, a boy of 16, unusually calm, opens the door. When the cops say they have reports of a break-in, the boy tells them it was his parents. They are down bleeding in one of the rooms, and the cops call for an ambulance. Later, when they get the boy into interrogation, Katherine points out that their suspect is unusually calm. Her colleague, the NYPD detective, points out that he looks like a cold killer.

Meanwhile, the elder son of the dead couple comes in rushing for help from Jimmy Brogan – the attorney who could probably help get his brother out. Their parents have been murdered and he cannot get even to see his brother. They are holding him at the precinct, and he hopes Jimmy knows what is to be done. Of course he does, and gestures the panicky brother to get a hold on himself. Later, when the detective hopes to get a confession from the younger brother, he does not know why he is still there. Will they stop? The detective tells him they could stop immediately, but only if he wants to land up in jail. Moments later, Jimmy, caught in traffic, decides to get out of the cab and walk it. When he reaches the precinct, the suspect now revealed to be Anthony Esposito has just confessed. Jimmy cringes.

Later, when Katherine, Edge and Chad discuss the case, Katherine tells them there is no doubt Anthony did it. Plus, they have his confession. They are charging him with murder of his mother, and an attempted murder of his father. His mother is already dead from the injuries, and his dad is in a coma. Katherine points out that Anthony has recanted his confession, and they need the prosecution’s case to be bulletproof. When Katherine arrives at the crime scene, she questions why Anthony’s room has no Playboy center pages just like most 16 years olds, but only drawings. Later, when Edge and Katherine are grabbing lunch, Chad arrives with news from Anthony’s school that his mother wanted to send him to military school for the discipline he clearly needed. When Katherine finds Chad’s discovery useful and gets back to office, Jimmy arrives with a celebration cake which has a big hole in the middle. The so called confession has a similar hole, and so does the tape, just as things are about to get interesting.

Jimmy sits with Anthony for knowing his side of the story. When he points out that Anthony has put his signature on the confession, he explains that the detective told him he was the only possible suspect, and the only way he could find a way out was by lying. The detective also told him that his father has reported it was Anthony. Jimmy points out that is a lie because his father, Victor Esposito, is yet to come out of coma. Jimmy asks him what happened on the night, and he reveals that his father’s business partner, Paul, had come over for dinner with his wife. While the mothers were talking about shoes, the dads were arguing over business money – continuously. Anthony went up to his room, put on some loud music and got busy sketching until he smelled something like firecrackers. When he came down, he discovered what happened.

Later, when Jimmy questions the business partner and his wife, she reveals that Victor’s children are like their sons. He is also paying Jimmy’s fees on Anthony’s behalf. Mark, the elder brother is with them, and he tells Jimmy that Anthony might be tough on the outside, but actually he is scared. Paul, the business partner reveals that if there is a suspect at all, it could be Miguel, someone Victor had recently fired. He had robbed their store, and later threatened Victor if he were to testify about it. Later, Alejo brings in news that Miguel was booked for robbery charges, but not picked up until Anthony’s parents were murdered. Jimmy’s thrilled to hear that.

Later, as Jimmy’s team hopes that Anthony’s dad will be out of coma any minute, it appears that the NYPD has a strong case in their hands. However, as Jimmy and Alejo engage in brainstorming, Lena brings news that Victor
Esposito has died. Later, when Jimmy, tired, goes over the confession tape, he discovers something unusual. While he already knows that there is a ‘big hole’ in the confession, he notices that the soda bottle kept for Anthony goes suddenly empty, and the tape does not show Anthony having drank it, or even the soda bottle having moved. This is evidence that part of the proceeding is missing on the tape. Jimmy gets to the precinct and wants to know from Anthony what happened during this time. He tells him that the detective showed him an envelope, and said it carried his father’s statement – Anthony did it. When Jimmy points this out to Katherine, she lays into the detective. He claims the battery expired, and he had to change the tape. This boy has butchered his parents. He has done his job, and now it is time she does hers.

While Katherine and Edge argue the validity of the confession that ensued after the detective’s little trick, Jimmy and his team feel that God is smiling upon them. After Katherine and Jimmy give their opening statements at court, the judge figures that although the behavior of NYPD during confession is questionable, she cannot give in to Jimmy’s request for making the confession invalid. Meanwhile, Katherine has an offer for Jimmy. 12 years for Anthony Esposito, which he later refuses. Later, when Jimmy and his team discuss their plans, the office clerk reports that Mark wants to see Jimmy at Central Park. When Alejo and Jimmy get there, all Mark wants to say is that he hopes his brother is not landing up in jail – he is a good kid and the like. He looks desperate, but Jimmy wants to know what he had to say. That was it. Looking hopeless that the lawyers do not understand his pain, he leaves. Surprised, Jimmy points out that they still do not know where Mark was when the murder took place.

Later at the trial, the detective testifies that he used a trick that has been approved by the Supreme Court, and it is a common procedure.
Katherine learns that Chad has decided to put Anthony’s friend on the stand. At the trial, one such friend tells the court that Anthony had a tough time with his parents, and he said he would kill himself before they send him to military school. He also testifies that the couple being shot in a picture sketched by Anthony look a lot like Anthony’s parents. Jimmy cross-examines to reveal that even though Anthony had sketched a picture of the friend’s throat being slit, he is still unharmed. Later Jimmy tries to prove that the person who collected the blood residue with a hi-tech instrument, could be wrong, and he does.

Later, Paul takes the stand, and admits that he
had a discussion about money with Victor that night, but when Jimmy questions whether they had a heated argument about money laundering, he is livid seeing where the argument is headed. He also tells the court that Victor barely knew how to use a computer when asked about the financial statement downloads. It turns out that the girl with whom Mark had claimed he was out on the night of the murder, has gone missing. While Lena spots him talking to himself, Jimmy thinks this might turn very ugly. Mark takes to the stand, and when Jimmy shows reports about his mental treatment for having a violent past, Anthony is quick to stand up and shout Stop! The judge is surprised at the deliberate destruction of decorum in her court. Jimmy asks for a recess, but to no real advantage.

Later, as Katherine cross-examines Anthony on the stand, he claims that the sketches of his parents being murdered are just a fantasy. Moments later, Katherine asks the jury if any of them would actually confess to a murder they did not commit even if they had been tricked with questions after sleepless hours. Jimmy tries to establish the fact that such a confession could come out from a teenager whose mind had been meddled with by an experienced detective. In the end, the jury finds Anthony guilty. Later, when Jimmy meets Anthony in his cell, Jimmy tells him that he has discovered that the downloads about financial discrepancies Anthony claims his father made were only after he was murdered. Knowing that his lawyer knows the truth, Anthony reveals his true self – calls his mother and father bad names and the episode ends.