When Cougars Attack - Recap

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The scene opens with Jimmy and Katherine meeting for a workout session one morning. Not before long, they discover on the news that Jimmy’s old client Madelyn Landon is suspected of murder – yet again. She is suspected of murdering her young boyfriend, who apparently was an aspiring model in her company. Intrigued, Jimmy goes to see Madelyn. She seems heartbroken about the death, and is glad that Jimmy has arrived. He asks her what happened and she tells him her version. She threw a party at her house for the launch of the Spring lineup, and went off the sleep around 1 am. A couple of hours later, when she could not find him, she looked around, and there he was floating on the pool. She tries CPR, but could not save him. Jimmy gets a call, and announces to Madelyn that the DA has issued an arrest warrant for Madelyn.
On the way to NYPD, Jimmy tries explaining Madelyn the way he will use her profile to the prosecution. Katherine meanwhile tries establishing her profile as a serial killer.

When they meet outside the police department, surrounded by reporters, a young girl barges in to splash red paint on Madelyn, but it ends up covering Jimmy and Katherine. Later, when she gets in the office, Edgecomb announces that he will take up this case. When Chad points out he failed to send Madelyn to jail the last time she was prosecuted, Edge tells him that he did fail, and let a murderer go free, but this time it is not happening. Later, when Brenda, the victim’s ex-girlfriend Brenda arrives at NYPD, she talks to Edge, and tells him that she was at the Madelyn’s party last night. She went there to get the victim, Ryan Orton home with her. Like he said, she hoped he would leave with her, but when Madelyn saw them talking she got hysterical. A verbal fight ensued and Ryan asked her to leave.

Later, when Edge arrives at the crime scene, he is reminded of his failure that allowed Madelyn to go free the last time. A detective, who is unaware that the prosecutor was Edge the last time, tells him he will surely be better than the last guy. Meanwhile, Chad goes investigating by talking with some of the male models who work for Madelyn Landon. They admit that Madelyn had a thing for Ryan. He got the love, and rose to fame, while the rest of them just stood around with pretty faces. Later, when the defense and prosecution go joshing around on the streets around NYPD HQ, Lena promises to take Katherine out for shopping. She agrees although reluctantly. Back at the prosecution’s office, Katherine finds out that Edge has been ‘judge shopping’. She finds it too risky and is afraid that Jimmy might order an investigation into this. Edge wants him to bring it on, but Katherine insists that all this is not about him and Jimmy.

Just as they reach the elevator door, Jimmy comes out, and tells the prosecutors that he is confident about winning again. He tells them if they do not drop their case, they would never be looking any good for losing twice. Then Jimmy hands Edge some documents, which he already has, and could easily prove Madelyn innocent. Before coming to this point, a series of events took place, which seemed to put Jimmy at an advantageous position. After the protesting paint splasher made Jimmy a highlight on the television, he changes into a new set of clothes. While discussing the case, Alejo points out that certain specific injuries and marks on Ryan’s body could prove Madelyn guilty. Moreover, Jimmy needs to be more careful this time. Later, Jimmy goes to Madelyn’s place. She claims she only asked Ryan’s ex-girlfriend to leave after she called her a bitch, slut and whore. However, Jimmy keeps asking for more details about the fight – they need to get down to what it takes to win the case. Madelyn then tells him about the smoother drug models usually take to ease their nerves. She tells him that Ryan was dependent on it, and probably OD’d before dying.

Later, when Jimmy meets Katherine before she goes out for shopping, he gets a call from Alejo. Ryan’s ex-girlfriend is available and probably ready to talk. She is livid at the sight of Jimmy and blames him for saving Madelyn the last time. If she was in jail, Ryan would not have died. How does Jimmy live with himself? Saying this she walks away. Later, Jimmy collects the evidence of smoother drugs that could have killed Ryan. When he gets back with them, he hands out the papers to Edge and Katherine, saying they should be careful of looking bad losing twice.

Surprised at the drug OD scenario, Katherine and Edge talk to the medical examiner who reported that Ryan’s body was clean. He explains that he did not find the regular drugs or alcohol in the system, but if there is a report saying he took drugs, it could be something absent from his checklist. Moreover, whether or not he OD’d, he was the victim of a homicide. Later, when the defense and prosecution meet the judge in his office, the prosecution wants to be allowed to mention the death of the first young man – a homicide that Madelyn was previously charged with, but was proven innocent. The judge analyzes the matter and tells the team that there should be no mention of the first murder in this trial.

Later, Chad has news that Madelyn’s company would buy heavy consignments of the smoother drug. The refreshments bills ran as high as a couple of thousand dollars each month, and he has discovered that the smoother drug was always purchased in Madelyn Landon’s name under the refreshments category. After Jimmy discovers that from Edge, he lays into Madelyn. Why has she not mentioned about the huge quantities of smoother drugs she would buy so often? Doesn’t she think that could affect the trial or the judgment? Moreover, why has she not talked about the fight she had with Brenda in complete detail? Madelyn breaks down. She tells him that Brenda was a stalker. So much a stalker that Ryan had to file a case against her. That is good news for Jimmy. Soon after that, Madelyn insists that all she does is make nice clothes and dates young men. That is all she does. Moreover, Jimmy does not think she is guilty, does he?

The trial begins. The medical examiner testifies that the injury caused on Ryan’s skull looks like a heavy vase that was struck hard on his head. Alejo cross-examines. Could the same kind of injury be the result of a 200-pound man falling on his head? Unlikely, he testifies, but when Alejo asks if that is impossible, he says no. Next on the stand is Brenda. She testifies that she knew Ryan from the tenth grade, and was not the kind of person who would take advantage of Madelyn. She is the one to have taken advantage of him, and gotten him into drugs and the other dangers. She took advantage of a confused young boy. And about the stalking, Ryan withdrew the complaint the next day as it was a misunderstanding.

Next up on the stand is Madelyn’s son. He testifies that his mother told Ryan, ‘If you see that bitch again, I will kill you.’ After the hearing is over for the day, Jimmy asks what that was all about. Madelyn tries to explain that her son does not get a good role in her business, and is poised against her most of the time. Is there anything else she has not told Jimmy. She says No unconvincingly, and leaves Jimmy throwing up his arms in the air. Later, he finds out that Madelyn’s story regarding her previous case has become a front page news. When he gets to the judge complaining about the news flash, he manages to get him to issue a warning to Edge, that if there is any suspect material found in the news regarding Madelyn’s previous case, he will be held in contempt.

Before the next hearing, Jimmy fails to resist his temptation of making out with Madelyn – a mistake about which Alejo asked him to be careful this time. And what’s worse – Katherine catches him red handed. Later, when the defense puts a medical expert on the stand. He testifies that Ryan’s injury looks like he fell on his head after an overdose. However, Edge points out that this expert is charging the defense $5,000. When Madelyn is on the stand, she claims that her son exaggerated. She tells the court that her relationship with her son is strained, and he has problems. Edge cross-examines and points out that she is a sexual predator – someone who will sleep with young men, or in fact anyone for satisfaction, and if they do not at her behest, they face dangers in one way or another. After each side delivers its closing statement, Madelyn Landon is found guilty of murder in the second degree. Later Chad finds out that a witness who saw Madelyn strike Ryan on his head with a heavy vase kept shut – because Madelyn promised to make him a star if he did as she said. The episode ends.