Liars - Recap

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The scene opens with Katherine getting a call from her mom. She realizes how desperate her mom is about getting her married, or at least start seeing someone. However, the person her mom has found is the son of a couple whom they used to jokingly call ‘the armpits’, and anticipates the son will have glandular problems just like his parents. She says No and wants the parents to know she is seeing someone. She can’t say who right now. She is at work and would rather get back – ADA Edgecomb is reporting Dentist Concolino has been murdered. Meanwhile, Alejo shows Jimmy Brogan the newspaper report on the dentist’s death, and that his wife has been indicted. Jimmy tells him the police have been generous enough to surrender the suspect.

When Jimmy visits Mrs. Concolino, she cannot believe what just happened. When Jimmy says the cops are questioning her for killing her husband Charles over infidelity issues, she claims there were none. They both worked towards each other, and their relationship was transparent. Besides, the only difference was she was ready to start a family, whereas he wasn’t. Before the arraignment begins, Katherine tells Jimmy that the marriage was a complete mess. However, Jimmy points out there were no affairs – zero, zilch, nada! And immediately a woman comes charging at Mrs. Concolino calling her a monster and murderer – how dare did she kill Charles. She even claims he was her fiancé. Later Chad informs Katherine he’s found out from Concolino’s friends that the divorce between the couple was initially civil, but turned bitter just before the murder.

Chad also shows her a video surveillance tape, in which the alleged murderer Mrs. Concolino enters the dentist’s office elevator. Although she claims she was there at 3.15 pm, and in evening at the movies, the tape shows a woman of the same built and size enter the elevator around 8 pm – they can’t catch her face the second time because of the hat and raincoat. Later, Beatrice, the fiance from the arraignment talks with Katherine. She is not here to reveal things about her personal life, but is here to tell them why she thinks Mrs. Concolino murdered her husband. However, Katherine leaves when Beatrice, or ‘Bitsy’, oomphatically introduces herself to Edge. On the way home, Katherine and Chad discuss the necessity of proving that Concolino knew about her husband’s affairs, whether is its Bitsy, or anyone else.

The next day, Katherine goes to the dental clinic to visit a nurse, who at first says she doesn’t want anything to do with the case. Mrs. Concolino was a good woman. When Katherine threatens to subpoena her, she reveals that when the dentist’s wife came in that day, she heard an altercation. She could not make out what they said, but soon after that she heard a crash. Jimmy visits Stephanie Concolino’s friends. They tell him Stephanie never mentioned anybody who she thought might be having an affair with her husband. Besides, they always shared personal life details, and her husband’s affairs never came up. It appears as though if her husband had affairs, they would surely know. When they ask if they should do anything to help, Jimmy tells them to be spirited and be ready to testify in court.

Later Jimmy gets to Dr. Concolino’s clinic. After handing over the elevator entry card to the guard, he walks away. The guard follows him panicking, asking that if he issued several entry cards under one name for multiple friends of Dr. Concolino? Would he be in trouble? Jimmy tells him he shouldn’t be in trouble if he had a good lawyer backing up his statements in court. It turns out the guard issued all of Dr. Concolino’s girlfriends cards in one name – Stephanie Concolino. Jimmy gets back to office and announces they need to find all women who might have used the access cards to visit the doctor because he believes one of them could be the murderer. Meanwhile, Katherine and Chad drop by at all the women’s places to find out that none of them are possible suspects.

However, Jimmy is able to lay his hands on the DVD tape. At the arraignment, when Katherine tells the judge the DVD has been misplaced, the judge tells her to find it. Without it, the evidence will not hold any good. When the trial begins, Katherine tells the jury in her opening that this was a marriage gone horribly wrong, but the defendants will try to prove it was amicable parting. No one had a bigger motive to kill him than Stephanie Concolino. Jimmy insists there may have been affairs, but Stephanie was completely in the dark about them. Besides, whoever killed Dr. Concolino, it cannot be Stephanie. When Katherine puts the medical staff on the stand, she reveals she heard distinctive yelling and a smash against the wall, after which Stephanie Concolino left – she never saw her so angry before.

When Jimmy meets Pilar, she tells him she feels bad for Stephanie having to sit there at the defense bench and face all the lies. However, she is ready to testify. Back at the trial, Beatrice tells the court that Charles Concolino told her to stay away from his wife because she had a violent temper. He had also proposed to her on one knee at Central Park. It was her birthday. This is when Lena thanks Jimmy for putting her on the second chair. She cross-examines Beatrice, and makes her reveal that Charles did not propose to her on her birthday, because he was in Omaha with another girlfriend. Lena tells her she went to the doctor not for sex but root canals, isn’t it? Beatrice cracks, and reveals they were getting to know each other, and he was yet to realize she was the one for him!

When Jimmy and team get back to office, Alejo reveals that his husband being in the airlines has allowed him to find access to the flight manifests. They the same flights Charles took to San Francisco, Honolulu and other places. One of the passenger names is Pilar’s. Later at the trial, when Lena puts the janitor of the theater on stand, he tells the court he knew Stephanie Concolino – she was a regular at the theater. She placed her order, but it wasn’t the regular one. Katherine cross-examines, and it turns out he distinctly remembers Stephanie placed that order on that very night. He remembers because there was some extra cleaning to do that night. He reveals Stephanie’s mood seemed off unlike the other days. No thank you was one sign, and she kept loitering near the men’s room for a while. Later, when Jimmy puts Pilar on the stand, she is not revealing anything about the affair she had with Dr. Concolino, but as the proofs from the flight manifest start turning up, she has no option but to look sorry faced at Stephanie.

However, she did not kill the doctor because she stayed home that night. Besides, she claims she never spoke to anyone. When Katherine and Chad visit the concerned theater, they discover that a public telephone is where Katherine might have been, as she was loitering near the men’s room. Besides, she must have been calling her best friend – Pilar from it because the place has no cell phone coverage. Chad has the telephone reports. Pilar did receive a call an hour before the murder. Katherine puts Pilar on the stand and makes her say she forgot about the call that night when she testified last. Katherine also has proof the call was made from the theater lobby where Stephanie claimed to be hanging out. Did Pilar hear Stephanie say she was getting ready to kill her husband? The jury finds Stephanie Concolino guilty of murder in the first degree. When Pilar comes to visit her at the precinct, Stephanie reveals she would deny the charges to save them both. But if she is going down, Pilar can hardly expect to go scot-free! The episode ends.