The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth

There are two sides to every case. By the time the prosecution rests, you'll swear the defendant is guilty. Then the defense begins and you'll be just as convinced of the defendant's innocence. "The Whole Truth" invites you to experience firsthand the nerve-wracking job of deciphering where the truth lies. Every trial leaves lives hanging in the balance. While victims and defendants wait breathlessly to learn their fate, lawyers are working behind the scenes and in the courtroom, making frantic moves and countermoves of complex legal wrangling to tilt justice in their favor. For District Attorney Kathryn Peale, it's a challenge she relishes. Serious, meticulous, and brilliant, she scares her employees with both her demeanor and her considerable skill. Her legal counterpart and law school friend Jimmy Nolan is just the opposite he's a hotshot, fun-loving defense attorney who wears vintage Reebok sneakers to court. As they rally their teams around their arguments and prepare to go head-to-head, the viewer sees their cases from the perspective of both the prosecution and the defense. While the guilt or innocence of the accused will keep you guessing until the final scene, the sparring and maneuvering, both in and out of the courtroom, will keep you enthralled. Somehow, when the verdict is read, no matter what happens, Kathryn and Jimmy always manage to stay friends outside of the courtroom, that is. From executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer and writer Tom Donaghy (Without A Trace) comes "The Whole Truth", an innovative law drama that presents both sides equally, putting the viewer in the jury hot seat. (Source: ABC)

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Prev: 1x06 -- Liars (Dec/01/2010)

Nothing is as it seems when a dentist is murdered in his own chair - and his "Stepford wife" is accused of the crime. After Jimmy and Kathryn learn that the dentist was doing more than just fixing teeth, they become entangled in lies of their own with Kathryn's mother and Jimmy's ex-wife.

Anthony RuivivarAnthony Ruivivar
As Alejo Salazar
Rob MorrowRob Morrow
As Jimmy Brogan
Rob MorrowRob Morrow
As Jimmy Brogan
Sean WingSean Wing
As Chad Griffin
Maura TierneyMaura Tierney
As Kathryn Pearle
Eamonn WalkerEamonn Walker
As Terrence 'Edge' Edgecomb
Eamonn WalkerEamonn Walker
As Terrence 'Edge' Edgecomb

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1x6: Liars recap: The scene opens with Katherine getting a call from her mom. She realizes how desperate her mom is about getting her married, or at least start seeing someone. However, the person her mom has found is the son of a couple whom they used to jokingly call ‘the armpits’, and anticipates the son will have glandular problems just like his parents. She says No and wants the parents to know she is seeing someone. She can’t say who right now. She is at work and would rather get back – ADA Edgecomb is reporting Dentist Concolino has been murdered. Meanwhile, Alejo shows Jimmy Brogan the newspaper report on the dentist’s death, and that his wife has been indicted. Jimmy tells him the police have been generous enough to surrender the suspect... read more.

1x5: When Cougars Attack recap: The scene opens with Jimmy and Katherine meeting for a workout session one morning. Not before long, they discover on the news that Jimmy’s old client Madelyn Landon is suspected of murder – yet again. She is suspected of murdering her young boyfriend, who apparently was an aspiring model in her company. Intrigued, Jimmy goes to see Madelyn. She seems heartbroken about the death, and is glad that Jimmy has arrived. He asks her what happened and she tells him her version. She threw a party at her house for the launch of the Spring lineup, and went off the sleep around 1 am. A couple of hours later, when she could not find him, she looked around, and there he was floating on the pool. She tries CPR, but could not save him. Jimmy gets a call, and announces to Madelyn that the DA has issued an arrest warrant for Madelyn.
On the way to NYPD, Jimmy tries explaining Madelyn the way he will use her profile to the prosecution. Katherine meanwhile tries establishing her profile as a serial killer... read more.

1x4: True Confessions recap: As Katherine is busy with paper work in her office, Edge (Terrence Edgecomb) comes around with his wine, and suggests that she ought to celebrate the recent verdict. However, she can hardly leave her desk with the work she has on hand. Moments later, when NYPD cops in uniform get to a house, a boy of 16, unusually calm, opens the door. When the cops say they have reports of a break-in, the boy tells them it was his parents. They are down bleeding in one of the rooms, and the cops call for an ambulance. Later, when they get the boy into interrogation, Katherine points out that their suspect is unusually calm. Her colleague, the NYPD detective, points out that he looks like a cold killer... read more.

1x2: Thicker Than Water recap: The scene opens with a man in a wheelchair on a boat. The next scene shows it in the water and a woman frantically searching for the man who fell in the water. Coast Guard picks up the woman. The next day the woman from the boat, Monica Keller, enters Jimmy Brogan’s office. She tells that the D.A’s office called her and told that she wants to talk about her father’s death and then got weird. Jimmy knows who she is talking about. Katherine Peal enters her office and gets a call from Jimmy. He tells that he has Monica in her office and Katherine says that she has a warrant out for her arrest and to allow her employees come and arrest her. At a the Japanese restaurant, Jimmy goes up to Katherine and tells that she can’t simply arrest and charge anyone she wants. Katherine tells that she has reasonable case. She gives him a fortune cookie that tells him that “patience is a virtue”. At the Arraignment, the two lawyers battle back and forth to get their way and, in the end, Monika is held in custody without bail. Jimmy and Katherine talk and Katherine gives Jimmy another fortune cookie. This time it says “Guilty”.. read more.

1x1: Pilot recap: The scene opens with a family getting ready for the day. Glen Sellards gets arrested for the murder of Maria Covas. Meanwhile, Katie Peale, prosecution attorney, meets with a man who asks if she is going to his gig. She tells that she doesn’t know just yet. She gets a call and tells that she needs to go. In another part of the town, Jimmy Brogan, defense attorney, is in line for coffee and he gets a call as well. He meets Katie outside of a courthouse and they go to the arraignment of Glen. At the arraignment, Katie and Jimmy talk about the reasons why and why not Glen should be kept in jail. The judge tells that bail is set at $200,000. Outside of the courthouse, the media is all over everyone and a man in the crowd tells that Glen will pay for what he did. Glen’s son intervenes to protect his dad and is stopped by the police. Jimmy looks at Kathy and Kathy looks at Jimmy. Both prepare themselves for what is going to come... read more.
Recurring Guests

Ellen Gerstein as Tina (9 eps)
Stephanie Nicole Lemelin as Rhonda (6 eps)
John Aylward as Judge Jeremiah Studley (3 eps)
Dee Dee Rescher as Joy Shulack (3 eps)
Wade Williams as Detective Razik (2 eps)
Navid Negahban as Paul Bagdazarian (2 eps)
Tzi Ma as Judge (2 eps)
Jake Thomas as Mark Esposito (2 eps)
Christine Healy (1) as Judge Anna Mae Harmon (2 eps)
Lupe Ontiveros as Maria (2 eps)

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Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama, Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2010
Episodes Order: 13
• Os Dois Lados da Justiça (Used In Brazil)
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