Season 4

81 :04x01 - The Night of the Big Blackmail

The evil Baron Hinterestoisser plans to humiliate President Ulysses S. Grant by showing a fake kinetoscope film of Grant signing a shady deal with a foreign power. Hinterestoisser has the film hidden in the German embassy under heavy guard and only Jim and Artie can get to it.
Guest Stars: Harvey Korman as Baron Hinterstoisser | Ronald Rich as Dick January (as Ron Rich) | Martin Kosleck as Count Hackmar | Roy Engel as President Grant | Alice Nunn as Hilda | Wilhelm Von Homburg as Hess | Gilchrist Stuart as Gruber (as Gil Stuart) | Jerry Laveroni as Ziegler |
Uncredited: Whitey Hughes as Underground Tunnel Guard | Dick Cangey as Heavy
Director: Irving J. Moore

82 :04x02 - The Night of the Doomsday Formula

A scientist and his daughter are kidnapped by a cavalry officer turned arms dealer who wants the scientist's "doomsday formula": a massive explosive that he can sell to the highest foreign bidder.
Guest Stars: Kevin McCarthy as General Kroll (Major General Walter Kroll) | E.J. Andre as Dr. Crane | Melinda Plowman as Lorna Crane | Gail Billings as Verna Scott | Vince Howard as Bartender | Fred Stromsoe as 2nd Guard | Dick Cangey as 1st Guard | Red West as 3rd Guard | Tommy J. Huff as 4th Guard
Director: Irving J. Moore

83 :04x03 - The Night of the Juggernaut

Investigating crooks who are driving off homesteaders, Jim and Artie are confronted by a steam-driven juggernaut. Artie impersonates a businessman and buys the land, luring the crooks into making him their next target.
Guest Stars: Floyd Patterson as Lyle Dixon | Simon Scott as Theodore Bock | Gloria Calomee as Lonie Millard | Byron Foulger as County Clerk | Bart La Rue as Storekeeper (Maddox) | Peter Hale as Harwood (Tom Harwood) | Stuart Nisbet as Farmer #1 | Irving Mosley as Farmer #2 (Victor) | Wild Bill Reynolds as Geezer | Evelyn Dutton as Nurse #1 | Stardedt Kaava as Nurse #2 | Fred Stromsoe as Hardcase |
Uncredited: Whitey Hughes as Gatling Gun Man | Mary Frann as Dr. Virginia Mays
Director: Irving J. Moore

84 :04x04 - The Night of the Sedgewick Curse

A man Jim is assigned to meet mysteriously disappears at the Sedgewick Hotel. Jim and Artie determine he was suffering from a rare disease, and track him to the Sedgewick Manor, where a mysterious Dr. Maitland is working on a cure for a genetic disease that plagues the Sedgewick family.
Special Guest Stars: Sharon Acker as Lavinia (Lavinia Sedgewick) |
Guest Stars: Jay Robinson as Dr. Maitland | Maria Lennard as Jessica | Richard Hale as Sedgewick (Phillip Sedgewick) | Frank Campanella as Fingers | Lee Weaver as Desk Clerk #2 | Arthur Space as Redmond (A.T. Redmond) | Arthur Adams as Desk Clerk #1 (Hiram Gilbert) | Kathryn Minner as Old Lady | Brian Nash as Boy | Gene LeBell as Felix | William Challee as Prisoner #1 | Anthony Jochim as Prisoner #2 | Robert L. McCord as Porter #1 | Red West as Man #1 | Dick Cangey as Man #2 | Tommy J. Huff as Man #3
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Paul Playdon

85 :04x05 - The Night of the Gruesome Games

A vial with a volatile germ is stolen and Jim and Artie track it to a party hosted by an eccentric millionaire, Rufus Kraus, with a penchant for lethal games. The germ will release at midnight and the agents have that long to find it and survive Kraus' "entertainment."
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Rufus Kraus | Sherry Jackson as Lola Cortez | Robert Ellenstein as Dr. Raker (Dr. Theobald Raker) | Helen Page Camp as Charity (Charity Witherly) | Ken Drake as General Crocker | Lee Kolima as No-Fun | Jacquelyn Hyde as Marquesa Bellini | Reggie Nalder as Count Zendar | I. Stanford Jolley as Town Doctor | Gregg Palmer as Bartender | Astrid Warner as Gilda Novak | Ludmila as The Ballerina (Ludmila) | Adolph Caesar as Vidoq (Innocent Vidoq) | Robert Patten as Dr. De Forest (Dr. Walter De Forest) |
Uncredited: Red West as Kraus' Servant
Director: Marvin Chomsky

86 :04x06 - The Night of the Kraken

Jim and Artie meet with a Navy lieutenant to discuss what is threatening fishing in the area, but the man is killed... by a giant squid. Admiral Farragut is arriving in the area and the agents must determine what the monster is and who is responsible.
Guest Stars: Jason Evers as Commander Beech | Ford Rainey as Admiral Hammond (Admiral Charles Hammond) | Anthony Caruso as Aguila (Jose Aguila) | Ted Knight as Daniel | Gregg Martell as Bartender #1 | Brent Davis as Lt. Dave Bartlett | Claudio Miranda as Bartender #2 | Larry Grant as Aide (Lt. Bradley) | Bill Baldwin as Workman | Marj Dusay as Dolores Hammond |
Uncredited: Whitey Hughes as Fake Sailor | Sonny Jones as Gunsel
Director: Michael Caffey

87 :04x07 - The Night of the Fugitives

Norbet Plank, the chief bookkeeper of a syndicate, is wanted for murder and flees to his boss' company town. Jim and Artie must get into the town, find the man, and get him out in one piece.
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Diamond Dave Desmond | Charles McGraw as Sheriff Baggs (Joe Baggs) | Douglas Henderson as Colonel James Richmond |
Co-Guest Stars: Susan Hart as Rhoda (Rhoda Ranson) | Mickey Hargitay as Monk | Bill Baldwin as Hallelujah Harry | Larry Duran as Mexican | Gabriel Walsh as Shopkeeper | Sid McCoy as Tod Warner | A.G. Vitanza as Grady | J.S. Johnson as Norbet Plank |
Uncredited: Red West as Deputy | Jerry Laveroni as Deputy
Writer: Ken Pettus

88 :04x08 - The Night of the Egyptian Queen

Thieves steal the gem-eye of the statue of the Pharaoh Ho Tem Ra, setting off an international incident, and Jim and Artie have to recover it. But the gem has much more value then simply its monetary worth: it's the key to something even greater.
Special Guest Stars: William Marshall as Amalek (Amalek Kassin) |
Guest Stars: Sorrell Booke as Heisel | Tom Troupe as Jason (Jason Starr) |
Co-Guest Stars: Penny Gaston as Rosie | Walter Brooke as Finley | Morgan Farley as Curator (Mr. Logan) | Gene Tyburn as Gambler | Cindy Hunter as Miasmin | Rush Williams as Guard | Kanan Awni as Waiter | Hal K. Dawson as Ferret |
Uncredited: Red West as Bar Thug
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Paul Playdon

89 :04x09 - The Night of Fire and Brimstone

Jim and Artie are summoned to the deserted mining town of Brimstone by a Professor Colecrest, who has some secret to tell them. But the town has been taken over by Zack Morton and his henchman Roach, who are after a secret Confederate shipment. When Colecrest is badly injured, Artie must go for help while Jim holds off Roach and his men.. and deal with an elderly Confederate soldier.
Guest Stars: Robert Phillips (1) as Roach (Frank Roach) | Leslie Charleson as Dooley (Dooley Sloane) | Dabbs Greer as Capt. Lyman Butler | Ken Mayer as Hannon | Bill Quinn (1) as Dr. Sloane (Dr. Emmet Sloane) | Dick Cangey as Rusty | Red West as Chuck | Tommy J. Huff as Pete (as Tom Huff) | John Crawford as Professor Colecrest (Prof. Philip Colecrest) | Charles Macaulay as Zack Morton

90 :04x10 - The Night of the Camera

Jim and Jeremy get a new partner, timid Bosley Cranston, during their investigation of an opium-smuggling ring led by businessman Gideon Stix. Cranston's photographic memory proves invaluable when they must break into Stix's house and duplicate the man's records.
Special Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Jeremy Pike | Pat Paulsen as Bosley Cranston |
Guest Stars: Barry Atwater as Gideon Stix | Lou Procopio as Beal | Walker Edmiston as Langham (Leroy Langham) | Marya Christen as Chinese Girl | Fuji as Mandarin | Rico Cattani as Butler | Victor Sen Yung as Baron Kyosai | Julio Medina as Don Carlos | Ken Mendoso as Hatchetman | Joe Castagna as Slicker |
Uncredited: Sonny Jones as Henchman
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Ken Pettus

91 :04x11 - The Night of the Avaricious Actuary

Someone is selling "insurance" to rich businessman... and using a giant tuning fork to destroy their businesses with sound waves when they refuse to pay.
Guest Stars: Harold Gould as John Taney (Dr. Tebor Kovacs) | Emily Banks as Arden Masterson | Ross Elliott as General Caswell | Jenny Maxwell as Billie | Steve Gravers as Durkin | Tol Avery as Asa Dempster | Sydney Smith as Tycoon | Lou Krugman as Maitre D'Hotel | Fritz Feld as Chef (Marcel) | Judi Sherven as Cora Lister | Sharon Cintron as Girl #1 | Linda Cooper (2) as Girl #2 (Dee) | Barbara Hemmingway as Fat Lady (Miss Litefoot) | Frank Simonetti as Fat Man #1 | Bennett King as Fat Man #2 | Jack Spratt as Fat Man #3 | Ray Dawe as Fat Man #4 |
Uncredited: Red West as Thug With Shotgun
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Henry Sharp

92 :04x12 - The Night of Miguelito's Revenge

Dr. Loveless plans revenge on the people he holds a special grudge against, and kidnaps them one by one with a series of crimes based on a poem. Jim and his new partner Jeremy Pike go up against the good Doctor... and his steam-driven mechanical man.
Special Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Jeremy Pike |
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Dr. Loveless | Douglas Henderson as Colonel James Richmond |
Co-Guest Stars: Susan Seaforth Hayes as Delilah (as Susan Seaforth) | Arthur Batanides as Pylo | Jim Shane as Tiny | Don Pedro Colley as Abbie Carter | Percy Helton as Proprietor | Byron Morrow as Judge Fairlie (Alonzo Fairlie) | Walter Coy as Cyrus Barlow | Linda Chandler as Lynn Carstairs | Peter Burni as Ivan Kalinkovitch | Johnny S. Luer as Biff Trout | Roy Barcroft as Sheriff | Dort Clark (1) as Theatre Manager | Paul Barselou as Storekeeper (as Paul Barselow) | Mary Esther Denver as Lady Barber (as Maryesther Denver) | Wendy Douglas (2) as Saloon Girl | David Montresor as Butler (Wallace) | Margueritte Ray as Mrs. Carter (as Marguerite Ray) | Peter Hale as Chris |
Uncredited: Red West as Miguelito's Thug | Whitey Hughes as Cyrus' Driver
Director: James B. Clark
Writer: Jerry Thomas

93 :04x13 - The Night of the Pelican

West and Pike are on the trial of the villainous Chang and discover a plan to use Alcatraz Prison as the base of operations to take control of San Francisco.
Special Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Jeremy Pike |
Guest Stars: Khigh Dhiegh as Din Chang | Vincent Beck as Corporal Simon |
Co-Guest Stars: Lou Cutell as Major Frederick Frey | Francine York as Dr. Sara Gibson | Andre Philippe as Jean-Paul | Debbie Wong (1) as Kuei | Ella Raino as Amy (Amy Stafford, as Ella Edwards) | Linda Ho as Chinese Girl #2 | James Shen as Quen Yung | Buck Kartalian as Lieutenant Bengston (Lt. Tom Bengston) | Lorna Denels as Jeanne | Holly Mascott as Molly | John Creamer as Col. Kelton Morse | Ernest Harada as Chinese Man #1 | Jonathan Brooks (2) as Sergeant | John Quade as Man | Dick Harvey as Guard #1 | Tommy Lee (2) as Ancient Puppeteer |
Uncredited: Whitey Hughes as Alcatraz Guard
Director: Alex Nicol

94 :04x14 - The Night of the Spanish Curse

Townspeople in New Mexico are under attack by bandits... who appear to be the ghosts of Cortez and his Conquistadores.
Guest Stars: Thayer David as Cortez (William Landon) |
Co-Guest Stars: Toian Matchinga as Cosina (Cosina Ramirez) | Richard Angarola as Allesandro | Edward Colmans as Juan (Juan Ramirez) | Pepe Callahan as Officer Rojas | Ted de Corsia as 1st Elder | Jon Lormer as 2nd Elder | Gil Serna as Fernandez | Fred Villani as Morales | Joe Pepi as Guard #1 | Lou Peralta as Conquistador #1 | Fred Stromsoe as Conquistador #2 | Jorge Moreno as Proprietor |
Uncredited: Red West as Cortez Thug
Writer: Robert Kent

95 :04x15 - The Night of the Winged Terror (1)

Upstanding citizens are committing acts of sabotage, and in each case a mysterious raven seemed to trigger the outbreak. Jim and his new partner, Frank Harper, discover that a traveling eye doctor may be responsible.
Special Guest Stars: Michele Carey as Laurette | Jackie Coogan as Mayor Cecil Pudney |
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Frank Harper | Christopher Cary as Tycho |
Co-Guest Stars: John Harding (1) as Toombs (Professor Thaddeus Toombs) | Robert Ellenstein as Dr. Occularis II | Bernard Fox as Dr. Occularis-Jones (Dr. Horatio Occularis) | Valentin de Vargas as Chaveros | Harry Lauter as Sheriff (Elmo Stone) | Roy Engel as President Grant | Vic Perrin as Professor Simon Winkler | Norman Leavitt as Hiram Sneed | Ron Pinkard as Deputy (Bill) | James M. George as Judd Brass | Chuck Waters as Tom Brass | Chuck Courtney as Zack Brass | Lillian Lehman as Secretary (Miss Simms) | Dorothy Neumann as Zenobia Finch
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Ken Pettus

96 :04x16 - The Night of the Winged Terror (2)

Quick thinking on Frank Harper's part prevents a mind-controlled Jim from assassinating the Mexican ambassador and triggering a war. Now the two agents must infiltrate Raven and destroy it from within.
Special Guest Stars: Michele Carey as Laurette | Jackie Coogan as Mayor Cecil Pudney (credit only) |
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Frank Harper | Christopher Cary as Tycho |
Co-Guest Stars: John Harding (1) as Toombs (Thaddeus Tombs) | Robert Ellenstein as Dr. Occularis II | Roy Engel as President Grant (credit only) | Valentin de Vargas as Chaveros | Vic Perrin as Professor Simon Winkler (credit only) | Frank Sorello as Ambassador Ramirez | Rico Alaniz as Mexican Agent | Julio Medina as Townsman | James McEachin as Agent #2 | Jerado Decordovier as Peon | Lisa Todd as Bonnie | Zack McWiggins as Agent #1 | Lillian Lehman as Secretary (credit only) | Peter Hale as Agent #3 | Don Ross as Agent #4 | Annette Molen as Virginia
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Ken Pettus

97 :04x17 - The Night of the Sabatini Death

Dying crime lord Johnny Sabatini wants Jim to help his ward, the blind Sylvia, in exchange for him giving the agent information on another criminal, Boorman. Sylvia knows nothing about Sabatini's true background but has vague memories of the town of Calliope, MO. Jim and his new partner, chemist Ned Brown, investigate the matter and find that a $500,000 Army payroll was stolen and hid in Calliope, and someone knows more than they're telling.
Special Guest Stars: Alan Hale, Jr. as Ned Brown (as Alan Hale) | Jim Backus as Swanson (Fabian Swanson) |
Guest Stars: Jill Townsend as Sylvia (Sylvia Nolan) | Bethel Leslie as Melanie (Melanie Nolan / Laura Semples) | Douglas Henderson as Colonel James Richmond |
Co-Guest Stars: Don 'Red' Barry as Farnsworth (Harry Boorman) | Thomas A. Geas as Sheriff Chayne (as Tom Geas) | Ted de Corsia as Sabatini (Johnny Sabatini) | Ben Wright as Clarence | Red West as Heavy #1 (Joe) | Dick Cangey as Heavy #2 (Carson) | Eddie Quillan as Snidley
Director: Charles Rondeau

98 :04x18 - The Night of the Janus

Secret Service agent Fred Doorman is murdered after investigating reports of a traitor, and leaves behind a sheet of music as a clue. Jim and Jeremy try to decipher the possible code and Jim ends up at a Secret Service academy where a counterfeiting scheme is underway.
Special Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Jeremy Pike | Jackie DeShannon as Torrey (Torrey Elder, as Jackie de Shannon) |
Guest Stars: Jack Carter as Alan Thorpe | Anthony Eisley as Warren Blessing | Arthur Malet as Professor Montague | Nicky Blair as Thompson | Benny Rubin as Janus | Vince Barnett as Swanson | Mark Allen (1) as Instructor | Gail Billings as Myra Bates | Bill Monemaker as Thomas | Ron Heller as Wallace | James Ryan as Stevens | Bonnie Hughes as Linda | Walter Kelley as Mint Guard | Bob Dodson as Hardcase | Anthony Aiello as Messenger | Tony Gange as Williams |
Uncredited: Red West as Bureau Thug | Whitey Hughes as Bureau Thug | Dick Cangey as Bureau Thug
Director: Irving J. Moore
Story: Paul Playdon | Teleplay: Leonard Katzman

99 :04x19 - The Night of the Pistoleros

Jim and Artie get a message from an old friend that brings them to a fort at the Mexican border, where a group of men have infiltrated the outpost and plan to trigger a war with Mexico.
Guest Stars: Edward Binns as Colonel Roper | Robert Pine as Lieutenant Murray (Alvin Murray) | Henry Wilcoxon as Armando Galiano |
Co-Guest Stars: Perry Lopez as Sanchos | Richard O'Brien (2) as Sergeant Charlie Tobin | Eugene Iglesias as Bernal | William O'Connell as Dr. Winterich | John Pickard (2) as Duty Sergeant | Daniel Ades as Lopez | Jay Jostyn as Major (Major Hudson) | Sarita Vara as Mariana | Joe Raciti as Barman |
Uncredited: Whitey Hughes as Cavalry Soldier | Dick Cangey as Cavalry Soldier | Red West as Hacienda Pistolero

100 :04x20 - The Night of the Diva

Jim meets with a newly-returned Artie in New Orleans, and Gordon has to accompany a temperamental Italian diva. Jim takes on Artie's duties but they're attacked at the opera and soon find that two other divas have disappeared within the opera house.
Special Guest Stars: Beverly Todd as Angelique |
Guest Stars: Patrice Munsel as Rosa Montebello | Patrick Horgan as Max Crenshaw | Martin Kosleck as Igor |
Co-Guest Stars: Patricia Dunne as Ellen Collingwood | Lester Fletcher as Karl Crenshaw | Douglas Henderson as Colonel Richmond (James Richmond) | Geraldine Baron as Caroline Mason | Margery Mackay as First Diva | Jorge Ben-Hur as Bartender (Armaud) | Khalil Bezaleel as Deluc (Pierre Deluc) | David Constantine as Messenger |
Uncredited: Tommy J. Huff as Supernumerary | Fred Stromsoe as Supernumerary | Dick Cangey as Thug | Red West as Thug | Whitey Hughes as Thug
Story: Alf Harris | Teleplay: Ken Pettus

101 :04x21 - The Night of the Bleak Island

Jim travels to Bleak Island to collect a bequest to the National Museum, and teams up with former associate Sir Nigel Scott of Scotland Yard to protect a priceless diamond and defeat a master criminal named Calendar and his ghostly hound.
Special Guest Stars: Beverly Garland as Celia Rydell |
Guest Stars: John Williams (1) as Sir Nigel Scott | Robert H. Harris as Steven Rydell |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Erdman as Mordecai Krone | James Westerfield as McAvity (Ranald McAvity) | Jana Taylor as Alicia Crane | Gene Tyburn as Mark Chambers | Lorna Lewis as Helen Merritt | Pat O'Hara as Jarvis | Jon Lormer as Boatman | Robert V. Barron as Servant #2 | Yvonne Shubert as Girl (Nancy Conrad)
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Robert Kent

102 :04x22 - The Night of the Cossacks

The royal family of Karovnia flees to the U.S. with a religious icon representing their family rulership. The person who forced them into exile and sent assassins after them, Count Balkovitch, needs the icon to assume power and only Jim and Artie stand in his way.
Special Guest Stars: Nina Foch as Duchess Sophia |
Guest Stars: Guy Stockwell as Prince Gregor (Gregor Khuloff) | John van Dreelen as Count Balkovitch | Donnelly Rhodes as Captain Zabroff | Mary Frann as Princess Lina (as Jennifer Douglas) | Norman Leavitt as Sheriff Corby |
Co-Guest Stars: Aliza Gur as Maria | Oscar Beregi as Petrovsky | Ivan Triesault as Bishop Kucharyk | Luis de Córdova as Priest (as Luis DeCordova) | Kay Vojkovic as Serving Girl | Sonny Klein as Sorkhev | Nikita Knatz as Grobe | Timothy Burns as Cossack #1 | Michael Kriss as Cossack #2 |
Uncredited: Dick Cangey as Heavy
Director: Mike Moder

103 :04x23 - The Night of the Plague

Governor Trent's daughter Averi is kidnapped by bandits, but while Jim goes to rescue her, Artie finds out that one of the men has the plague... and if Jim and anyone else exposed isn't treated in three days, they'll die.
Guest Stars: Lana Wood as Averi Trent | Cliff Norton as Drummer | John Hoyt as Guild | William Bryant as Duncan (Duncan Lansing) | James Lanphier as Malcolm (Malcolm Lansing) | Eddie Firestone as Stills | Pilar Del Rey as Mexican Matron | Wayne Cochran as Stacey | Douglas Henderson as Colonel Richmond (Colonel James Richmond) | Steve Raines as Ben | Bill Zuckert as Sheriff | Dan Cass as Stagehand (Olin) | Artt Frank as Drunk Actor | Edward LeVeque as Mexican Peasant | Tyler McVey as Doctor | Flora Plumb as Saloon Girl #1 | Jacqueline J. Sayls as Saloon GIrl #2 | Doug Pence as Stagehand |
Uncredited: Red West as Carl | Robert Conrad as Donald
Director: Irving J. Moore
Story: Ed Adamson | Teleplay: Frank L. Moss

104 :04x24 - The Night of the Tycoons

Jim comes to the aid of the Jupiter Corporation, which has already lost three members. When acting chair Amelia Bronston vetoes a request for Jim to help, the agent teams up with the headstrong Lionel, son of one of the dead men.
Special Guest Stars: Jo Van Fleet as Amelia Bronston |
Guest Stars: Steve Carlson as Lionel Bronston | Joanie Sommers as Kyra Vanders |
Co-Guest Stars: Tol Avery as Gorhan | Richard O'Brien (2) as Van Cleve | Lee Duncan (1) as Bartender | E.A. Sirianni as O'Brien | Milton Parsons as Kessel | Nelson Welch as Board Member #5 | Virginia Peters as Matron | Mary Garcia as Honey | Mike Mahoney (1) as Head Guard | Buff Brady as Butler | Jerry Mann as Board Member #6 | Cal Currens as Businessman | Michelle Breeze as Melanie | Kelly Shannon as Girl |
Uncredited: Dick Cangey as Clown Thug | Red West as Clown Thug | Tommy J. Huff as Clown Thug
Director: Mike Moder
Story: Barney Slater | Teleplay: Louis Vittes

The Wild Wild West Revisited

Jim West and Artemus Gordon are called out of retirement to stop Michelito Loveless Jr., the son of their old enemy Dr. Loveless. Michelito has created cyborgs, a nuclear bomb, and imposters to replace the leaders of the world, all as part of his grand scheme to conquer the world and avenge the death of his father.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Shields as Alan | Lorene Yarnell as Sonya |
Guest Stars: Paul Williams (1) as Michelito (Michelito Loveless) | Harry Morgan as Robert T. Malone | Rene Auberjonois as Capt. Sir David Edney | Jo Ann Harris as Carmelita (Carmelita Loveless) | Trisha Noble as Penelope (Penelope Devaraux) | Jeff MacKay as Hugo Kaufman | Susan Blu as Gabrielle (Gabrielle Jackson) | Pavla Ustinov as Nadia (Nadia Vinogradova) |
Co-Guest Stars: Wilford Brimley as President Grover Cleveland (as Wilford A. Brimley) | Ted Hartley as Tsar Nicholas of Russia | Skip Homeier as Joseph | Jacquelyn Hyde as Queen Victoria | Joyce Jameson as Lola | Alberto Morin as King Alphonso of Spain | Mike Wagner as Deadwood | John Wheeler as Henry | Jeff Redford as The Kid |
Uncredited: Red West as Barfly
Director: Burt Kennedy

More Wild Wild West (1)

The Secret Service calls Jim and Artie out of retirement to deal with Albert Paradine II, a criminal genius who plans to unleash a world war upon the planet and conquer those who survive with the help of his nuclear arsenal and invisibility device.
Special Guest Stars: Victor Buono as Dr. Messenger (Dr. Henry Messenger) |
Guest Stars: Jonathan Winters as Albert Paradine II | Harry Morgan as Robert T. Malone | Rene Auberjonois as Colonel Sir David Edney | Randi Brough as Yvonne | Candi Brough as Daphne |
Co-Guest Stars: Liz Torres as Juanita | Emma Samms as Mirabelle Merriwether | Joyce Brothers as The Bystander | Jack LaLanne as Physical Fitness Trainer (as Jack La Lanne) | James Bacon as The Wheelman | Sandy Helberg as Aide #1 (Joseph) | Richard Hawk as Aide #2 (Edward Jensen) | Rick Drasnin as The Hulk #1 | Rex Pearson as The Hulk #2 | David S. Cass, Sr. as Juanita's Brother | Tony Epper as Juanita's Brother | Casey Tibbs as Juanita's Brother
Director: Burt Kennedy

More Wild Wild West (2)

Paradine heads for Washington to plant a bomb and blow up the peace conference, sparking World War I. Jim and Artie race to stop him but discover that Paradine's invisibility device makes capturing the villain impossible.
Special Guest Stars: Victor Buono as Dr. Messenger (Dr. H) |
Guest Stars: Jonathan Winters as Albert Paradine II | Harry Morgan as Robert T. Malone | Rene Auberjonois as Colonel Sir David Edney | Randi Brough as Yvonne | Candi Brough as Daphne |
Co-Guest Stars: Liz Torres as Juanita | Joe Alfasa as Italian Ambassador | Gino Conforti as French Ambassador | Hector Elias as Spanish Ambassador | Dave Madden as German Ambassador | Avery Schreiber as Russian Ambassador (Alexei) | John Furlong as Bavarian Delegate | Rick Drasnin as The Hulk #1 | Rex Pearson as The Hulk #2 | David S. Cass, Sr. as Juanita's Brother | Tony Epper as Juanita's Brother | Casey Tibbs as Juanita's Brother
Director: Burt Kennedy
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Spy/Espionage | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1965
Ended: April 04, 1969
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