The Night of the Big Blast - Recap

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Dr. Faustina and her assistant, Miklos, go to the laboratory. She examines a man on a lab table and then tells Miklos to attach the electrodes. As a storm rages outside, Faustina tells Miklos to hurry. Once they’re ready, the doctor has Miklos raise the lightning rod and they go into the next room to watch the experiment safely. The man on the table comes to life, convulsing, and sits up to reveal that he is... James West.

Faustina and Miklos reenter the laboratory as Jim casually frees himself. The doctor asks who Jim is, and he says he doesn’t know. Faustina tells him that he’s James West, and that she is Dr. Faustina. She tells him that he’s her patient and he must follow his instructions. Jim agrees and Faustina has him stand up. He hesitantly does so and walks across the laboratory. Jim says that he feels nothing, and has no idea how he came there. Faustina says that he was ill, and that she and Miklos took care of him. Now she wants him to do a favor, and asks him to go to New Orleans to attend a top-secret government meeting and represent her. Faustina then says that Jim is much stronger thanks to her treatments, and has him casually lift Miklos as the assistant sits on a table. She then instructs Jim to ignore the Mardi Gras celebrations and arrive at the cabinet meeting at exactly 10 p.m. to give them her message.

Artie is making his way through a restaurant when he bumps into an old friend, Lily Fortune. They haven’t met since senior prom. Lily’s mother Prudence is there, and isn’t fond of Artie. He explains that he’s a special agent for the U.S. government, but is on vacation. Artie offers to show them his train, and Lily insists on going while her mother stays behind to eat dessert.

At the Wanderer, Artie explains that he shares the train with his partner, Jim. Lily explains that she’s an actress and going to New Orleans to star in a play. He invites her to do a scene with him from Romeo & Juliet, and they kiss

Jim makes his way through the streets of New Orleans, ignoring the celebrations. A Gypsy woman, Carmen, invites him to dance with her but Jim insists that he can’t be detained and shoves her aside. Carmen approaches some customers and tells them that Jim insulted her and that he’s out of costume. They attack him, but Jim easily defeats them using his enhanced strength, barely noticing their attacks. He then enters the building where the meeting is being held. The soldier orders him to halt, but Jim presents his credentials and insists on delivering a message from the President to the Attorney General. Across the street, Francisca and Miklos watch as Jim is questioned with three minutes left. The soldiers finally let Jim in and the Attorney General greets him. He knows Jim personally and takes him to the meeting, while explaining that Dr. Faustina has demanded a million dollars from the government to conduct medical experiments using electricity. The Attorney General introduces Jim to the Cabinet members. The clock chimes 10 and a ticking explosive inside of Jim’s jacket goes off.

Artie invites Lily and Prudence to take the train with him to New Orleans. Lily asks about Jim, and Artie explains that he’s also on vacation. He tells Lily that he plans to go to New Orleans to see her in the play and they kiss again. However, they’re interrupted when a bell rings. Artie explains that it’s Henrietta, his carrier pigeon, with a message. He casually dismisses it, saying it’s from the President, and an awe-struck Lilly opens it. She tells Artie that it is from the President, causing him to hastily read it. He’s ordered to go to New Orleans.

In New Orleans, Jim, Artie, and Prudence stop at a restaurant. There’s no news about an explosion in the newspaper, and Artie explains that the government will keep it secret. Artie’s local contact, Lyle Peters, arrives and gives him a mask and tears up his shirt as a makeshift costume so he won’t attract attention. Artie makes his apologies to the ladies and goes with Lyle to the train. Once they get there, Lyle explains that they want Artie to investigate the case because Jim was the one who delivered the bomb. They haven’t identified Jim’s body, presumably because he was at the heart of the explosion. Lyle confirms that Jim was admitted, and that one guard lived long enough to confirm that Jim went in, and no one got out. Artie doesn’t believe that Jim was the killer, and insists that Jim was no traitor. He sets out to prove that Jim is innocent.

At Dr. Faustina’s home, Miklos wheels in the corpse of a murderer. She confirms that the corpse has been dead only four hours and says that they should start working immediately, and that his large chest will accommodate an even larger bomb than her last subject.

Artie and Lily attend a party dressed as a swashbuckler and a princess, following Jim’s reported trail through the city. Three men dressed as the musketeers grab Lily and sweep her out onto the patio, and try to throw Artie over the rail when he objects. He makes short work of the two men, grabs one of their swords, and fences with the third. Their fight takes them through the house, and Artie finally stunts the man and demands answer. The thug explains that he was ordered to dispose of anyone asking after Jim, and finally directs Artie to his contact, a carriage driver wearing a suit of armor. Artie takes Lily, who has redonned her mask, and goes to the carriage. He draws a derringer on the driver and tells him to take Artie to the place where he picked up Jim. Artie escorts Lily into the carriage, unaware that the driver is Miklos. Inside, “Lily” draws a gun of her own, removes her mask, and reveals that she’s Dr. Faustina.

Miklos and Faustina take Artie to the lab and strap him to a table. Artie figures that they drugged Jim and strapped a bomb to his chest. Faustina prepares to give him a low-strength sedative to keep him quiet while she uses soft clay to make a mask of his face. She claims that she does it to have a memento of her “guests.” Artie insists that he can hold his breath for the two minutes necessary rather than be drugged, and Faustina agrees. She applies the clay and makes a mold, but is interrupted when Miklos arrives with a letter. It’s from President Grant, but he refuses to pay her the million dollars and suggests that she’s a lunatic. Miklos mimes that she should blow Grant up, and Faustina agrees. She then remembers that Artie still has the clay on his face, and pulls it off. Faustina then tells Artie that he’s going to help her kill the President.

When Artie doesn’t show up, Lily insists on going to the train. Prudence trails along and insists that Artie is no good, but Lily ignores her. Lyle comes in and introduces himself, and asks why they are there. He explains didn’t return there for a rendezvous, and Prudence demands his credentials. Once he presents them, she fawns over him. Lily describes what happened, and that someone chloroformed her and abducted Artie.

Faustina locks Artie in a cell and goes to the lab as another storm comes up. Meanwhile, one of her henchmen goes to feed a second prisoner, who ambushes the guard and frees Artie. Artie is surprised to see that his rescuer is... Jim. When Artie wonders how he can be alive, Jim explains that he was enjoying Mardi Gras two days ago, someone slipped him a Mickey, and he woke up in a cell in Faustina’s house.

The two men make their way to the laboratory. They watch as Faustina and Miklos prepare a new “patient” for a jolt of electricity: Artie, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Faustina informs “Artie” that he owes her his life and must do what she says. She then tells him to see Grant, who has arrived in New Orleans to receive a report on the Cabinet members’ death, and must be there at ten o’clock. Jim and Artie break in. The robot Artie quickly disposes of its living counterpart, and Jim is unable to defeat it. Miklos knocks an electrical support onto Jim, knocking him out, and Faustina, Miklos and the robot Artie make their escape.

Lily and Prudence are at a café once Mardi Gras is over. When her mother asks how the rehearsal went, Lily says she was distracted because Artie was missing. The robot Artie walks by and Lily runs to him, but it insists that it doesn’t know him. Offended, she slaps it without effect. Lily takes offenses and smashes a bottle over its head, but it knocks her aside and goes on its way.

Upon recovering consciousness, Jim and Artie ride to the President’s building. Artie wonders what they can do against it, and Jim says he’s working on it.

Lyle meets with the robot Artie and escorts it to the building. The guard refuses to let Artie go in, and Lyle goes in to get clearance. Jim and Artie pull up and shoot a net gun at the robot. They haul it away from the building where it explodes safely at 10 p.m.

Later, Artie and Jim visit Lily after her performance. Artie has a note for her from Prudence, who has eloped with Lyle. Artie proposes to her, but Lily says she could never live with a man who had such an explosive life style. Jim opens a bottle of champagne with a loud pop, proving her point,