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The Wild Wild West: The Night of the Bogus Bandits

Dr. Loveless' newest scheme involved staging bank heists and then burning the money. Jim and Artie get on his trail an discover that the bank robberies are simply training exercises, and the good doctor has much greater plans to create his own country within the U.S.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x28
Production Number: 3224-0325
Airdate: Friday April 07th, 1967

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Henry Sharp

Guest Stars
Michael DunnMichael Dunn
As Dr. Miguelito Loveless
Patsy KellyPatsy Kelly
As Mrs. Bancroft
Grace GaynorGrace Gaynor
As Pearline Hastings
Marianna HillMarianna Hill
As Belladonna

Co-Guest Stars
Don Don 'Red' Barry
As Rainey (as Donald Barry)
Walter SandeWalter Sande
As Col. Crockett
Roland La StarzaRoland La Starza
As Joe Kirby (as Roland LaStarza)
Charles WagenheimCharles Wagenheim
As Vance Rawlinson
William ChalleeWilliam Challee
As Fargo
Troy MeltonTroy Melton
As Whaley
Jack RigneyJack Rigney
As Mr. Krane
William MasseyWilliam Massey
As Teller
Murray AlperMurray Alper
As Bartender
Jack OrrisonJack Orrison
As Mr. Butcher
Frank SullyFrank Sully
As Telegrapher
Main Cast
Robert ConradRobert Conrad
As James T. West
Ross Martin (1)Ross Martin (1)
As Artemus Gordon


A group of masked robbers enter a bank and rob it. One of the customers is James West, who immediately attacks them. After a brief fight, the agent is shot and killed. Dr. Miguelito Loveless, seated in a director’s chair, calls an end to the rehearsal and berates them for failing to compensate for the one random element that he introduced. Loveless tells the lookalike West, Slade, to get up, and realizes that one of the robbers, Whaley, forgot to use blanks. The villain takes Whaley’s gun and gives it to another of his men, who shoots and kills Whaley. Loveless then says they’ll proceed with the next day’s field exercise as planned, and assures his henchwoman Belladonna that they may have lost the fake West, but they’ll soon have the real one...

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Episode Notes
Corner slides:
Lower Left: Loveless asks Jim what he was fighting about with the deputy.
Lower Right: Loveless lowers a gun on a string to Jim.
Upper Left: Jim and Artie hear Loveless and Belladonna chuckle.
Upper Right: Loveless waves goodbye.

Episode Quotes
Dr. Miguelito Loveless: Too long have we tarried in this unquiet place where man imprisons man.

Fargo: Mind tellin' me why you're starin' at me like that?
Artemus: Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry, I was just thinking... would you consider lending me your mustache, Mr. Fargo?

Belladonna: That was real smart. How'd you figure out the gun shot in reverse?
James: I learned a long time ago to beware of Greeks bearing gifts.
Belladonna: What's that mean?
Dr. Miguelito Loveless: Spell it out for her, Mr. West.
James: Well, it's not too difficult to figure out the good doctor's sense of humor. If he gives you a gun just at the moment you need that gun, then you can rest assured it will fire backward and at you.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless: Oh, you weary me, West.
James: I'm sorry. Any particular reason?
Dr. Miguelito Loveless: Many reasons. You weary me with the sight of your strong, straight body. You weary me with your smug, neatly-ordered mind. Actually, not the worst I've ever encountered.
James: A poor thing, but my own.
Dr. Miguelito Loveless: You weary me with your selfless ant-like devotion to a society that no longer deserves it.
James: You're not going to run out of reasons now, are you, Doctor?
Dr. Miguelito Loveless: You weary me by being. By existing. By your uncanny talent for appearing at exactly the right place at the wrongest possible time. Belladonna, I'll trade you this gun for one that shoots forward. Forever and forever, farewell, Cassius. If we do meet again, well, we shall smile. If we do not, well, then...

Artemus: Ah, well, as my old Aunt Maude always used to say to me, "Artemus, if you can't win the game, the next best thing is to upset the chessboard."

Dr. Miguelito Loveless: But do you think the possibility of death holds such terror for me?
James: No. But I know what does. No more assaults against society. No more revenge against the world. No striking back, right?
Dr. Miguelito Loveless: There is a certain tortured logic in what you say.

Episode Goofs
When Jim prepares to run the gauntlet, he supposedly calls out, "They're armed, I suppose," but it's clearly not Robert Conrad's voice.

Giddings, the first student, fires three shots at Jim. However, after Jim takes his gun, Loveless says that he only put one bullet in Giddings' gun.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorMichael Garrison
ProducerBruce Lansbury
Associate ProducerLeonard Katzman
CastingEdward F. Rhine
Unit Production ManagerHarry R. Sherman
Music SupervisorMorton Stevens
Set DecoratorRaymond Molyneaux
Director of PhotographyTed Voigtlander
Art DirectorGibson Holley
Film EditorGrant Smith
Assistant DirectorMike Moder
Assistant To The ProducerJoe Kirby
Story ConsultantHenry Sharp
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