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The Night of the Arrow - Recap

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At a fort in Cheyenne territory, the soldiers have gathered to watch two boxers slug it out. Jim is there with General Titus Ord Baldwin, who offers the agent refreshments once the match is over. Baldwin congratulates the fighter, Hendricks, and Lt. Carter, who has been choosing the fighters. Baldwin introduces Jim to the two men as well as Colonel Rath. As the boxers go back to the ring, Baldwin informs the other men that the government is unhappy with Indian relations in the territory, and have sent Jim and Artie to find out why. The general says that his own sentiments are that the only good Indian is a dead Indian. However, Jim insist that Indians have made a major contribution to the country

Outside the fort, a woman calls to the sentry. He comes over and discovers that the “woman” is a dummy. Indians come up behind him and knock him out.

Inside, Baldwin calls over the half-breed Oconee, the Indian Department’s liaison with the local tribes. Jim reminds Baldwin that they have a peace treaty with the Indians, and all of the reports indicate that the tribes have no intention of attacking. Baldwin doesn’t believe it, but is interrupted when his daughter Aimee comes in. The general leaves Aimee with Jim, and she talks about how everyone worships her father since he killed so many Indians.

Carter calls the main event to order and Aimee asks Jim to accompany her outside for a breath of fresh air. He reluctantly goes with her, and Carter is disappointed that she’s missing the event he organized. Outside, Jim asks Aimee how many other men she has on a string, but she starts flirting with Jim. Carter comes out and warns Jim off, but is then killed by an arrow. Another arrow narrowly misses Jim, who fires a flare into the air. Three Indians are revealed in the glow and Jim draws his gun and orders them to surrender. He removes their weapons but another Indian ambushes him. As they fight, Jim notices a dolphin tattoo on one of their arms. Aimee draws Carter’s gun and fires. She runs inside and calls out the soldiers, and the Indians run away. While they go after the intruders, Artie arrives and finds the Indian that Aimee apparently shot. However, Artie informs his partner that Indian has been dead for over an hour.

Baldwin calls Oconee out and tells him to tell Chief Strong Bear that he’ll wipe out the tribes if they launch any other raids. When Oconee questions him, Baldwin starts to slap him and Oconee draws a knife. Jim stops Baldwin and Oconee tells the agent that he doesn’t need his help.

Later at the Wanderer, the agents see someone inside and draw their guns. They discover that it’s President Grant, who has eluded his aides and has come to find out how Baldwin is. Grant refers to him by his nickname as The Mighty Titan and says that they were classmates at West Point. He tells the agents that Baldwin is looking at a Presidential run, and is bound and determined to succeed by slaughtering Indians. Grant doesn’t dare relieve him of his command for fear of turning him into a martyr and creating a controversy that would ensure his election. After that, Baldwin would be able to slaughter the Indians. The agents tell Grant what happened earlier, pointing out that Indians don’t wear dolphin tattoos. Artie figures the Indian was murdered off the grounds and dumped at the fort, and Grant figures that someone is framing Strong Bear. Grant insists that Strong Bear must keep the peace despite the provocation, but figures that Baldwin will provide plenty of provocation. He asks the agents to deliver another message to Strong Bear asking him to keep the treaty. However, Grant admits that he’s sent three other messages and never received a response because the couriers never returned.

Later, Jim is preparing to ride out from the fort when Aimee comes over and invites him to a picnic with her. Artie arrives, disguised as a transferred lieutenant with the Fifth Cavalry. He orders Aimee off, distracting her while Jim slips away. Meanwhile, Aimee threatens to report Artie to her father until he misleads her into briefly thinking that he’s the son of Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Herald. By the time Aimee realizes she’s been fooled, Jim has made his escape.

In the woods, Jim spots several Indians following him as he rides toward Strong Bear’s camp. Oconee, in full Indian garb, finally challenges him and demands to know what he wants. Jim warns that there is a final war in the offering if he doesn’t meet with Strong Bear, but Oconee is eager to see a war. They hear a scream and Jim rides toward the sound. He finds six armed Indians surrounding Aimee. Jim tells her to stay still as the Indians try to provoke her into moving, cutting at her clothing. Oconee runs up and watches as Jim walks calmly to Aimee and leads her to his horse. The half-breed finally orders the Indians to leave and agrees to arrange the meeting with Jim. He admits that he admires Jim’s courage and that he still owes Jim for stopping Baldwin the previous night. Oconee tells Jim to be at the Sulphur Spring caves at 8 that night.

As they ride back to the fort, Aimee apologizes for coming after Jim. He admits that thanks to her involvement, he got what he wanted from Oconee. Aimee is happy to hear that he likes her.

The disguised Artie comes to see Rath and complains to the sergeant about the dirt. As Artie signs the duty roster, he sees a dolphin tattoo on the sergeant’s arm. The agent tries to go into Rath’s office, winking and insisting that he’s not Rath’s nephew. The sergeant goes to get Rath and Artie breaks into the colonel’s office. He goes through the office and finally finds an Indian costume and wig in a trunk. When Rath comes in, Artie quickly goes out into the reception area. The colonel demands to know why Artie claimed he was his nephew, and Artie twitches his eye. Assuming that Artie has a nervous tic, the sergeant assumes that he made a mistake.

As they continue riding back to the fort, Jim asks Aimee not to mention her encounter with the Indians. He explains that Baldwin could seize on the attack as an excuse to launch a war. Aimee asks Jim to stop for a minute and insists on making sure that Jim gets decorated for bravery. He tells her that if Baldwin finds out that he met with Oconee then the general will send Jim away. She agrees to keep it a secret but only if Jim lets her address him by his first name. As they approach the fort, Baldwin and Rath ride out with a squad of men. Baldwin assumes that Jim was taking liberties with his daughter and prepares to shoot him, but Rath intervenes and the general tells him to arrest Jim instead.

Artie sees Jim taken to the stockade, fakes being drunk, and bumps into Major Lock. He accuses Lock of tripping him and takes offense when the major suggests that he’s drunk. Artie persists and Lock places him under arrest for insubordination, just as Artie planned. Once he’s locked up across from Jim and left alone, he explains that soldiers posed as Indians and went in and out through Rath’s office. Rath graduated near the bottom of his West Point class and has spent the last ten years as Baldwin’s aide. They wonder if Baldwin is calling the shots while Jim burns through the bars with some thermite. Artie assures him that he’ll escape eventually through guile and trickery.

Aimee comes to see Jim and discovers that he's gone. She tells Artie that she almost had her father talked into letting Jim out, and asks where the agent has gone. When Aimee says that she’s going to go out and find Jim, and Artie suggests that she not mention anything to her father. When he points out that Jim will be shot on sight, Aimee agrees to keep the secret from her father and leaves. Once he’s alone, Artie starts to remove his disguise.

Jim goes into the Sulphur Spring cave, unaware that Indians have gathered outside.

Artie disguises himself as a frontiersman and hides his uniform, and then starts banging a cup to get the guard’s attention. The soldier wonders where his prisoner went and assumes that they took him somewhere else. He drags Artie out over his objections, assuming that he wants a handout.

Deep within the caves, Jim finds Strong Bear seated on the floor. Jim asks if he plans to break the treaty and Strong Bear says that it’s a lie. The chief claims that the Indians that raided the fort were not of his people. Realizing that he’s been tricked, Jim runs forward and discovers that the “chief” is a dummy. Oconee, who has been impersonating Strong Bear’s voice, laughs maniacally, while Jim finds the real Strong Bear’s corpse. Real Indians come in and Oconee shouts that Jim murdered their leader. The agent fights back and is knocked into a deep fumarole. The Indians look down and to see that Jim has fallen on a ledge below. They leave him, collect Strong Bear’s body, and leave.

Jim wakes up and discovers that the ledge he’s resting on is starting to crumble. As he pulls himself up, Aimee comes up and steps on Jim’s fingers one by one. Jim falls back on the ledge and Aimee walks away. The ledge crumbles partially away and Jim fires a dart with a rope into a rafter above just as the rest of the ledge gives away. Artie arrives to help him up and Jim explains that Aimee and Oconee are involved and Strong Bear are dead. Jim’s partner warns him that Oconee has called a tribal convocation at the traditional burial grounds across the lake.

Jim makes his way to the burial grounds and watches as Oconee tries to rouse the tribal chieftains into fighting back. Rath arrives with his men and capture Jim, and explains that he’ll kill Jim and make it look like the Indians did it. Jim reveals that he knows about Aimee and Rath admits that Baldwin has no idea what his daughter has done. The colonel figures that once Baldwin becomes general, he won’t care how he came to office.

As Oconee berates the chieftains, a burst of smoke surrounds Strong Bear’s pyre. Under cover of the smoke, Artie slips in disguised as Strong Bear and tells the chieftains that Oconee is lying to them. He orders them to return to their teepees, and Oconee draws a gun and shoots Artie. The bullets have no effect and the chieftains, frightened by the display of supernatural power, run off. Taking advantage of the distraction, Jim attacks the soldiers and disposes of them after a fierce battle.

Oconee is ready for Jim, but the agent points out that he’s out of bullets. Oconee falls for the trick and Jim attacks him, while Aimee arrives to stop Artie from interfering. He manages to disarm her and goes to help his partner, who knocks down Oconee. The half-breed falls on his knife and Artie realizes that Aimee has fled. Jim says that they’ll find her eventually and they head back to the fort.

Later, Jim and Artie are in Washington entertaining their dates Lucy and Jeanne at the Wanderer and telling them how they saved the day. The agents explain that so Baldwin was distracted by the Indians that he didn’t realize how he was being used. The whistle goes off as an alarm and the agents ask their dates to step into the back and then draw their guns. President Grant comes in with his aides and thanks Jim and Artie for their help. He notices that there are four champagne glasses and calls the meeting short to read a letter from Baldwin requesting a release from his duties to spend more time with his family, after the discovery of the traitorous Rath. Grant is glad to honor his request, bids them good night, and calls out a good night to the ladies. Lucy and Jeanne come out, impressed that their dates warrant a visit from the President, and the agents tell them that Grant left the matter of their reward up to the ladies.