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The Wonder Years: The Powers That Be

Jack gets mad at Grandpa Arnold when he comes to visit and gives Kevin a dog.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x12
Production Number: B89512
Airdate: Tuesday January 23rd, 1990

Director: Daniel Stern
Writer: David M. Stern

Guest Stars
David HuddlestonDavid Huddleston
As Grandpa Arnold
Jodie RaeJodie Rae
As Young Karen
Gary GrossmanGary Grossman
As Mr. Cory
Main Cast
Fred SavageFred Savage
As Kevin Arnold
Dan LauriaDan Lauria
As Jack Arnold
Alley MillsAlley Mills
As Norma Arnold
Olivia dOlivia d'Abo
As Karen Arnold
Jason HerveyJason Hervey
As Wayne Arnold
Daniel SternDaniel Stern
voiced Adult Kevin Arnold
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The ByrdsTurn! Turn! Turn! 
Rufus ThomasWalkin' the Dog 

Episode Quotes
Narrator: I wanted them to tell me why they were fighting. Why they kept hurting each other like this. Why it was that the two men who meant the whole world to me...had to act like - children. But most of all, I just wanted them to stop.

Narrator: From the pawn...through the established ranks ... to the lord and master of all things great and small. But one week out of the year, a force would blow into town that even my father could not control ... Grampa Arnold.

("Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" is on TV)
Rowan: Well, I guess you're looking forward to a...good season.
Martin: Yeah, you bet your sweet bippy I am.
Grandpa Arnold: "Bippy"? What is that - "bippy"?
Narrator/Adult: That night, I was noticing a connection. Every time Gramps opened his mouth, my father would glare a little harder at the puppy.
Grandpa Arnold: That's what people laugh at these days - "bippy"?
Karen: Well, it's not funny, like - "hah-hah" funny - it's like *loose, wild* funny.
Grandpa Arnold: You want to see funny, you ought to watch some "Honeymooner's" reruns.
Narrator/Adult: But wait a minute. What was this?
Norma: Oh...! That's Jack's favorite show.
Grandpa Arnold: Hmm? Really?
Jack: One of the best.
Grandpa Arnold: You ever see the one...where Norton and Ralph bought the hotel?
Narrator/Adult: This was great! By some fantastic coincidence, Gramps had stumbled onto the one thing that made my father really come alive.
Grandpa Arnold: Or the one where Ralph forgets Alice's birthday?
Norma: I love that one!
Jack: Yeah, I saw that one.
Narrator/Adult: Heh-heh. Little did Gramps know that Dad's Ralph Kramden impersonation was legendary. Around our house, anyway.
Norma: Jack?
Jack: Hmm?
Norma: Do your "Ralph Kramden."
Kevin: Yeah, come on, Dad.
Grandpa Arnold: I didn't know you did imitations, John.
Jack: Neither did I.
Norma: Oh, just once - please.
Kevin: Come on, let's see it.
Jack: (doing his Ralph Kramden immitation) "One of these days, of these days - Bang!-Zoom! - to the moon."
Norma: can do it a little better than that...
Jack: Well, to do it right, you a little more elbow-room.
Norma: Well...
Narrator/Adult: OK, so much for the warm-up. Time for Dad to let out all the stops. The patented "Ed Norton double-take."
Jack: "Do it! Will you already?!"
Narrator/Adult: And just when it seemed like the sun was never gonna shine again...The clouds began to break.
Grandpa Arnold: That's Gleason? That doesn't sound like Gleason.

Episode Goofs
A continuity error finds the adult Kevin (narrator) talking about his dad later on being the Grandfather of his kids, yet in the final episode we learn that Jack dies just two years later, meaning he would never have seen his grandchildren.

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