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The Wonder Years: Back to the Lake

Kevin takes Paul on a joy ride up to the lake where he met Cara.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x23
Production Number: S0059123
Airdate: Wednesday May 06th, 1992

Guest Stars
Lisa GerberLisa Gerber
As Cara
Michael Paul ChanMichael Paul Chan
As Mr. Chong
George SacksGeorge Sacks
As Driver
Kirk TrutnerKirk Trutner
As Customer
Main Cast
Fred SavageFred Savage
As Kevin Arnold
Dan LauriaDan Lauria
As Jack Arnold
Alley MillsAlley Mills
As Norma Arnold
Jason HerveyJason Hervey
As Wayne Arnold
Danica McKellarDanica McKellar
As Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper
Josh SavianoJosh Saviano
As Paul Joseph Pfeiffer
Daniel SternDaniel Stern
voiced Adult Kevin Arnold
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Frankie AvalonVenus 
Jimmy CliffPressure Drop 
Karla BonnoffHome 

Episode Quotes
Cara: Hey! Send me a Christmas card?
Kevin: I will.
Narrator: But, I didn't. After all, when you're sixteen, eight months is a lifetime. And time had moved on. For both of us.

(Kevin and Paul playing basketball)
Paul: My game.
Kevin: Want to play again tomorrow.
Paul: I can't tomorrow. I'm working. I got a job.
Kevin: (entering the livingroom) Paul, this is totally unacceptable.
Narrator/Adult: The rotten, no good traitor.
Paul: Look, Kev. I didn't have a choice. My father knows the owner of this restaurant, Mr. Chong.
Kevin: Wait. You're working at a Chineses restaurant? What are you going to be doing, chopping onions?
Paul: Well actually I'll be functioning as Assistant Manager. You know... organizing the kitchen,...supervising the busboys.
Kevin: Well that's great. I don't believe this!
Paul: What?
Kevin: Come on. We're going to be working the rest of our lives. This could be our last great summer together, right?
Narrator/Adult: There. What could he possible say to that?
Paul: Well...If you want, maybe I can get you a job with me at Mr. Chong's!
Kevin: Thanks, but no thanks, Paul.
Paul: Kev...
Kevin: No., really, it's fine.
Narrator/Adult: After all, ...if Paul wanted to squander his youth, what did I care.

Norma: Just sort out the junk and throw it in the trash. When you finish with the closet, I want you to start on the garage.
Narrator/Adult: Evidently, there was no end to this.
Kevin: Mom!
Norma: Kevin, ..if you're not going to have a job it's only fair that you help out with responsibilities around the house, right?
Kevin: Right.
Narrator/Adult: And there you had it. The verdict was in. The courts had ruled. I'd been sentenced to June in hell - two months of hard labor, ...heavy lifting, chores. It didn't seem fair. It's not that I minded work. I just couldn't shake the feeling that out there...the world was full of adventure...romance. Memories!
Kevin: Cara!
Norma: I want you take Wayne's sheets to the laundry room.
Kevin: Wayne's sheets?!
Narrator/Adult: OK. Enough was enough.

(Kevin's first day at Mr. Chong's)
Paul: Kev? How's it going?
Kevin: How's it look like it's going?
Paul: Is something wrong?
Kevin: I thought you told me I'd be doing what you're doing.
Paul: Not exactly.I said I'll see what I can do on such a short notice.
Kevin: Well, thanks...for nothing.
Mr. Chong: (yelling in a Chinese) $%^&]$*&^&^&&&* %$%^! (Looks at the onions) @##$%^^^&^#. $**^$%?
Kevin: What did he say?
Paul: I think he said the onions need to be chopped a little finer.
Kevin: Just great!
Paul: Look, Kev... don't get discouraged. Tell you what - in a few days, I'll see if you can get moved up to noodles.
Mr. Chong: $^!*&!@#%&(. ^$%%^%&!
Paul: Yessir!
Mr. Chong: %^#$&&** . %&&^%%$%@!!!
Paul: Yes, sir!
Mr. Chong: (to Kevin) $#% %^ #%&!
Kevin: Yessir.
Mr. Chong: ^$#$#. (Subtitle: Butthead!)

Kevin: We're calling in sick today.
Paul: What?
Kevin: You heard me.
Paul: But we can't do that. (they take off in Kevin's car) Wait a minute. Where are we headed?
Kevin: North. To the lake.
Narrator/Adult: It took about three hours to travel the distance from drudgery to paradise. From hard labor, to summer memories. Sure, it was irresponsible. But deep down, I knew it was the smartest thing I'd ever done.
Paul: This is the dumbest thing you've ever done! You realize no one in the world has any idea where we are?
Kevin: So? It's part of the adventure.
Paul: I don't want an adventure! I'm an Assistant Manager. I want to go home.
Narrator/Adult: Face it, the guy had all the derring-do of a newt!
Kevin: Look, we came all this way so you might as well enjoy it. Besides, we're not leaving until we find her.
Paul: Who?
Kevin: Cara!
Paul: And how are we going to do that?
Kevin: Don't worry. I know where to find her.
Paul: Yeah, and where's that?
Kevin: Easy. The drive-in.
(they arrive at an empty drive in)
Paul: Well, at least we got good seats!
Kevin: So we got here a little early. Have a little faith will you. She'll show up.
Paul: Yeah, when?
Kevin: I dunno... When it gets dark.
Paul: Great.
Narrator/Adult: Yep! Nothing to do but sit back and wait for take its course. Destiny...or one 6-ton bulldozer.

Cara: What are you doing here?
Kevin: Well, you know I was just ... I was...Actually, I came to see you.
Cara: Oh.
Kevin: I missed you.
Cara: Yeah. I missed you too.
Narrator/Adult: Bingo
Kevin: So, uh...You think.. .maybe you could get off in a little while?
Narrator/Adult: It seemed whole world was riding on what she said next.
Cara: I'll see what I can do.
Kevin: Great.
Narrator/Adult: That evening, driving through the dark, surrounded by the sounds of summer night, I was certain I'd found what I had been looking for. Sure...Cara and I hadn't seen each other for eight months,...but somehow,...I sensed everything was right. It was - perfect. The night, the stars.
Kevin: Look how clear the sky is.
Cara: Yeah.
Kevin: Summer is great, isn't it?
Cara: I guess.
Narrator/Adult: It was like nothing...had changed. Well, almost nothing.
Cara: Did you get my Christmas card?
Kevin: Oh. Sure, yeah!
Cara: You didn't write me back.
Kevin: Well.. you know ...I'm not much of a writer... but I thought about you alot!
Cara: Kevin... Why are you here?
Kevin: I told you! I drove all the way up here to be with you.
Narrator/Adult: My God. Didn't she understand?
Kevin: You wanted to see me, didn't you?
Cara: Yeah. It was just kind of a surprise. I mean, it's been a long time.
Narrator/Adult: And the way she said that, the sound of her voice,...the look in her eyes. I guess I knew what had to happen next.
(Kevin leans in to kiss Cara)
Cara: Wait.
Kevin: What's wrong?
Cara: I better go home.
Kevin: What? Why?
Cara: I don't know... I have to work tomorrow.
Kevin: Well, alright. Then I'll drive you home.
Cara: No. I'd rather walk.
Kevin: Cara, wait. Cara!

Narrator/Adult: The next morning I had made up my mind about two things. One...I was never going to spend another night in an Oldmobile...and two. Somehow, I was going to have to make this right.
Kevin: Hey.
Cara: Hi.
Kevin: Listen. I'm sorry about last night. About not writing. And about... coming up here and...
Cara: Yeah, well, about that...
Kevin: Let me finish.
Narrator/Adult: It was time to tell her. I had a life, I had a job..I had a girlfriend...
Kevin: See, Cara -
Cara: Kevin,...I have a boyfriend.
Kevin: What?!
Cara: We've been going out since February. I should have told you last night. I'm sorry.
Kevin: Well, that's great!
Cara: You think?
Kevin: Yeah. I really do.
Narrator/Adult: I mean, who was I to stand in the way of true love?
Cara: Hey! Send me a Christmas card?
Kevin: I will.
Narrator/Adult: But I didn't. After all, when you're sixteen, eight months is a lifetime. And time had moved on. For both of us.

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