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The Wonder Years: Homecoming

Wayne's friend Wart returns home from Vietnam a changed man, as found out during the homecoming football game.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 6x1
Airdate: Wednesday September 23rd, 1992

Director: Michael Dinner
Writer: Bob Brush

Guest Stars
Scott MenvilleScott Menville
As Wart
Giovanni RibisiGiovanni Ribisi
As Jeff Billings
Scott NemesScott Nemes
As Ricky Halsenbach
Don PerryDon Perry
As Mr. Deeks
Main Cast
Fred SavageFred Savage
As Kevin Arnold
Dan LauriaDan Lauria
As Jack Arnold
Alley MillsAlley Mills
As Norma Arnold
Jason HerveyJason Hervey
As Wayne Arnold
Danica McKellarDanica McKellar
As Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper
Josh SavianoJosh Saviano
As Paul Joseph Pfeiffer
Daniel SternDaniel Stern
voiced Adult Kevin Arnold
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The AssociationCherish 
SnuffyFind Their Way Home 

Episode Quotes
Narrator/Adult: They say men are children, but sometimes children are men; maybe that's where the confusion lies... All I knew was that night the world seemed suddenly very big and I felt very small, so I did what I could...... 1972 was a crazy time. Kids played football, drove cars, went to school, celebrated life; while soldiers, heroes, their brothers struggled to find their way home from war; and young boys watched and grew wiser in their dreams.

Narrator/Adult: Like most of my generation, I was dealing with bigger concepts than school-work. Concepts like... inter-conference war.
Kevin: What's this about?
Paul: Are you kidding? The homecoming game against the Owls this weekend. It's only the biggest event of the whole year...
Kevin: Oh...
Narrator/Adult: Paul Pfeiffer. Class president...civic booster...
Paul: Up a little bit on the left.
Narrator/Adult: Naturally, I was proud of him.
Kevin: Come on, Paul - loosen up. I mean, it's just a game. What's the big deal?
Paul: "What's the big deal?" I'll tell you what the big deal is...It's those stupid Owls. They stole our knight!

Narrator/Adult: Things were happening. Things that mattered.
Wart: Hey, Wayne!
Narrator/Adult: Things that made men out of boys.
Wayne: What's up?
Wart: Hey, hey, man!
Norma: David! Look at you!
Jack: Wart! Heh-heh. It's good to see you!
Wart: It's good to be back.
Norma: Look at all those medals. Were you wounded?'
Wart: Ah, it's nothin' really.
Wayne: Yeah, Mom - he's fine.
Wart: Yeah!
Narrator/Adult: It was awesome. Wayne's pal, Dave Wirtshafter had left for Viet Nam a goofy kid...And he came back...a hero.
Jack: So...Was it bad?
Wart: Well, you know...(to Kevin) Hey, man! You haven't changed a bit!
Kevin: Yeah! well, uh....I got my driver's license! On the first try.
Wart: That's great!
Kevin: Yeah...
Jack: Well...we're all very proud of you, son. Very proud.
Wayne: Yeah! And hey! I got a new room in the basement. It's really cool - you wanna see it?
Wart: Yeah, sure!
Wayne: Alright!
Narrator/Adult: But this much was clearer...While the rest of us were playing with Tinkertoys and riding bikes, this guy had been there, earning his stripes, taking risks.

Guy 1: So, what was it like?
Guy 2: Was it scary?
Wart: Well, you wasn't really much.
Wayne: Are you kiddin'? This guy was everywhere! Tell em, Wart.
Wart: Well, I spent a little time in *Ple Ku*, and *Kwan Tri*...And I spent a little time down in the delta. Hey, but I did my R and R in Hong Kong. Hah, that was somethin'!'
Wayne: Yeah, that was somethin'. There was this place...
Narrator/Adult: Look at that. You'd think he'd been driving a tank...instead of pushing a mail-cart.
Guy 3: So did you kill anybody?
Wart: What? Uh, no. Nothin' like that.
Wayne: Yeah? What are you talkin' about? It was nothin' like that. OK, everybody - show's over. Heh. ye, bye now. Have fun. Don't forget your homework. Don't stay up too late. Tell your sister I say hi.
Wart: Hey, you know, I was thinkin'...Maybe I ought to change out of my clothes. Get in to my civvies. Right?
Wayne: Yeah, alright. And I'll pick you up tonight - we'll go to the game.

Kevin: God.
Wayne: Wart?
(Wart is sitting on a bench alone in his underwear)
Wayne: Wart?! Wart, whatchya doin', man?
Wart: Nothin'.
Wayne: Hey, looks like you lost your clothes...
(Wart is crying)
Wart: I know. Nothin' seems to fit anymore.
(Wayne removes his shirt and hands it to Wart)
Wayne: Here ya go...Wear mine.
(Wart stands and hugs Wayne, crying)
Wayne: It's OK. It's OK...

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