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The annual father-son fishing trip is weighted down by all of the problems that arise which threaten the fate of future trips.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 6x2
Airdate: Wednesday September 30th, 1992

Director: Greg Beeman
Writer: Phil Doran

Guest Stars
Melanie MacQueenMelanie MacQueen
As Young Woman
Main Cast
Fred SavageFred Savage
As Kevin Arnold
Dan LauriaDan Lauria
As Jack Arnold
Jason HerveyJason Hervey
As Wayne Arnold
Daniel SternDaniel Stern
voiced Adult Kevin Arnold
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Canned HeatGoin' Up The Country 
Taj MahalFishin' Blues 

Episode Quotes
Narrator: The hardest part of growing up is having the ones you've always turned to, turn to you.

Narrator/Adult: Berlinger Falls. Fresh air, trees...A suburban outdoorsman's Valhalla. Where men could kick back in the company of men. Such as they were. It was a Got where dads could be dads. And kids could be kids. Where fathers and sons could share things. Together. Three men in a tent. Trouble was, to get there, first ya had to be...Three men in a car.
Wayne: Gee, think you could drive a little bit slower?
Jack: What are ya talkin' about? I'm drivin' fifty-five.
Wayne: Whoa...
Narrator/Adult: Not that bickering in the bucket was anything new to us.
Jack: Kevin, I said...Turn down that music.
Kevin: Why?
Jack: It's too loud.
Kevin: It is not.
Narrator/Adult: Still this time it was clear something had changed. Something hard to define.
Wayne: Who thought of this stupid trip, anyway?
Jack: What's that supposed to mean?
Wayne: Means why are we going?
Narrator/Adult: Fortunately, when it came to questions of cosmic dimensions...The old man was a pro.
Jack: Look. I took a day off, I got you two a day off and now we're goin' fishin'. And it's all I want to hear. Understood?
Kevin: Got it.
Narrator/Adult: And, given the circumstances...It was probably as good a reason as any. After all...This was ritual.

Jack: Ed's bait shop. Remember?
Narrator/Adult: Ed's bait shop. The last outpost before the wild. Nightcrawlers, inchworms, grubs. What kid could...Forget it?
Jack: OK - fan out. We need hooks, leaders, waders and lures.
Narrator/Adult: Wait a minute.
Wayne: Uh, Dad? How 'bout some food?
Jack: Food?
Kevin: Yeah. You know - to eat.
Jack: What are ya talkin' about? We don't need food. We're gonna catch fish!
Jack: Get beans.
Wayne: Yeah. And beer.
Kevin: Yeah.
Jack: Yeah. And soda for Kevin.
Narrator/Adult: Wait a minute.
Kevin: Dad. I'm sixteen years old.
Jack: So?
Kevin: So...I can handle a brew.
Narrator/Adult: Figured I'd get the priorities straight from the get-go.
Jack: Fine. Get him root beer.
Narrator/Adult: Seemed clear this tradition business...Was gonna have its drawbacks.

Narrator/Adult: Seemed the only thing biting around here were the mosquitos. So it was time to fall back on the oldest technique known to fishermen in times of trouble.
Jack: Kevin, ya gotta cast it out further...if ya wanna catch anything.
Narrator/Adult: Give the other guy advice.
Kevin: Don't worry about me...I know what I'm doin'.
Narrator/Adult: Even though I didn't.
Kevin: Dad! Dad, I got a bite.
Jack: Ya need any help?
Kevin: No - I got it.
Narrator/Adult: And I did. I had it. The first catch of the day.
Jack: Ease 'er in. Ease 'er in...
Narrator/Adult: It was big, alright. Big, mean, tough,...It was...Totally humiliating. (Kevin pulls out a tire from the water)
Wayne: Personally, I'd throw it back - it's flat.
Jack: Nah, keep it - it'll look good on the wall.
Narrator/Adult: Pret-ty fun-ny...
Wayne: Hey, Kev! Hey...I hear the tires are really bitin' around here.
Kevin: Shut up...Butthead.
Narrator/Adult: OK, then. If that's the way they wanted to play it. I could play rough, too. After all, if I couldn't catch a fish, there was always a chance I might snare myself...A hundred-and-forty-pound large-mouth ass.
Kevin: Hey, Wayne! Come over here - I gotta show ya somethin' - it's really cool.
Wayne: Yeah?
Kevin: Yeah, ya gotta see it.
Wayne: OK - in a second.
Narrator/Adult: Heh-heh. It was mean. It was rotten. It was irresistable.
Jack: What is it, Kev? Ya find somethin'?
Kevin: Uh...No,'s nothing. It's for Wayne. Wayne!
Jack: No, really - let me take a look.
Narrator/Adult: Uh-oh.
Kevin: No! Dad!
(Jack falls into a hole in the lake)

Wayne: I don't believe it. Beans again.
Narrator/Adult: Let's face it. We were failures. As campers...As anglers...As men.
Wayne: Well, I know...why don't we cook up Kevin's catch? Nothing like the taste of...barbeque steel-belted radial. Or how about...fillet of Firestone?
Narrator/Adult: Not to mention stand-up comedians.

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