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A school field trip finds Winnie upset at Kevin after he says that she is perfect during a game of truth or dare.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 6x17
Airdate: Wednesday March 03rd, 1993

Director: Stephen Cragg
Writer: Craig Hoffman

Guest Stars
Lindsay SloaneLindsay Sloane
As Alice Pedermier
Andy BermanAndy Berman
As Chuck Coleman
Trenton TeigenTrenton Teigen
As Harlan
Trenton TeigenTrenton Teigen
As Harlan
Gregor HesseGregor Hesse
As Louis
Gregor HesseGregor Hesse
As Louis
Devon OdessaDevon Odessa
As Sheila
Devon OdessaDevon Odessa
As Sheila
Jan EddyJan Eddy
As Bus Driver
Jan EddyJan Eddy
As Bus Driver
Eliott HaroldEliott Harold
As Mathlete
Eliott HaroldEliott Harold
As Mathlete
Justin WildeJustin Wilde
As Driver
Timothy StackTimothy Stack
As Mr. Plenitzer
A.J. LangerA.J. Langer
As Mary Jo
Main Cast
Fred SavageFred Savage
As Kevin Arnold
Fred SavageFred Savage
As Kevin Arnold
Danica McKellarDanica McKellar
As Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper
Danica McKellarDanica McKellar
As Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper
Daniel SternDaniel Stern
voiced Adult Kevin Arnold
Episode Notes
Trenton Teigen, who plays Harlen Abramson, previously guest starred as Andy Collins in "Soccer".

This episode was filmed at the Griffith Park Observatory, 2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles, CA 90027-1255, which is about 5 miles NW from downtown Los Angeles.

Episode Quotes
Kevin: Truth or dare?
Winnie: Truth.
Narrator/Adult: To expand the boundaries of higher education ...
Kevin: Who is the best kisser you've ever kissed?
Winnie: The best?
Narrator/Adult: To go where no man had gone before.
Chuck: Are you going to play for real or not?
Kevin: We are! Well, I asked her an honest question and she gave me an honest answer.
Chuck: Right!
Alice: I mean, no one is taking this seriously.
Chuck Coleman: Yeah. You could really learn a lot from this game.
Alice Pedermier: Maybe that's they are afraid of. Right, Pooh Bear?
CHUCK: Uh-huh..
Winnie: (to Kevin) Okay, truth or dare?
Kevin: Truth.
Alice Pedermier: Make it a hard one.
Winnie: Okay. If you had to change one thing about me, what would it be?
Narrator/Adult: Now, of course, moments like this had to be handled carefully.
Kevin: I wouldn't change a thing.
Winnie: Oh, come on, Kevin. There's gotta be something you want to change. You can tell me.
Kevin: No. Nothing.
Chuck: Forget it. This is joke.
Winnie: Come on, Kevin. You can tell me.
Kevin: Well, I am! You're perfect. In fact, if I am absolutely forced to pick one thing, that would be it.
Winnie: What would?
Kevin: Well, I'd have to say, if anything, sometimes you are too perfect.
Narrator/Adult: Heh-heh!
Winnie: (hurt) Too perfect?
Narrator/Adult: Uh-oh!

Sheila: This field trip chews.
Cindy: I told you we should have cut today.
Sheila: Oh, yuck! Look at that!
(Harlan opens a “Ding-Dong”) That Harlan kid is disgusting! What is he doing that for?
Cindy: Maybe, he is dieting...So gross.
Sheila: Can you imagine kissing him?
Cindy: No, not without barfing!
Sheila: I wouldn't do it for a million dollars.
Cindy: I wouldn't do it for anything.
Mary Jo: I'd do it for thirty.
Narrator/Adult: There you had it. When the ordinary mortals saw nothing but a fat kid with a cupcake...Mary Jo Genaro saw the challenge of a lifetime.
Sheila: Twenty-five?
Cindy: Yeah, and you gonna need a hickey for proof.
Sheila: Yeah. A big hickey.
Mary Jo: You got it.

Chuck: : Alice, you have a beautiful voice! Like a nightingale.
Alice: Shut up, ratface!
Chuck: I should have chosen dare.

Harlan: I think that was really nice of you.
Mary Jo: I'm a very giving person. Mind if I share your seat?
Nerd: (noticing Mary Jo is in his seat) Excuse me, but...
Mary Jo: Go blow, Poindexter!
Nerd: OK.
(Mary Jo offers some candy to Harlan)
Mary Jo: How about some Good-N-Plenty?

(Winnie walks up,wearing a dark-blue baseball cap, and stands in front of Kevin)
Winnie: So, what do you think?
Kevin: Well, you know ...
Winnie: I know. It's not me --whoever that is.
Kevin: Look, I love the hat. Here, I can buy it for you.
Winnie: Kevin, don't bother. I think I just ... wear it.
(Winnie leaves the boutique with the cap still on)
Narrator/Adult: Just one little problem here.
Kevin: Oh God.
Saleslady: May I help you with something?
Kevin: No, we were ...
Narrator/Adult: Let's see.
Kevin: I ... I was ... just, uh ...
Narrator/Adult: Let's call it ...
Kevin: Never mind.
Narrator/Adult: ... shoplifting.

Louis: Here we are, Arnold.
Narrator/Adult: Final preparations were being made.
Louis: Ground zero. Isn't that beautiful?
Narrator/Adult: One little thing: This wasn't just shoplifting!
Kevin: Look, Louis, may be that isn't such a good idea.
Narrator/Adult:This was ten to twenty in the State Pen.
Louis: What's the matter, Arnold? Are you chicken?
Kevin: No, just the whole place can blow up or something ...
Louis: Yeah, it's a risk.
Narrator/Adult: That was one way to put it.
Kevin: Lou, let's forget about it.
(The door bursts open and a security officer enters)
Louis: Uh-oh!
Narrator/Adult: Was I looking to bail on this whole thing?
(Louis throws the bomb to Kevin who throws it back. Louis then throws it into the toilet)
Kevin: No, don't!!
(Louis flushes the bomb down the toilet)
Narrator/Adult: I was a tad too late.
(Louis rams the security guard and runs out)
Security Guard: Hey, come back here!
Narrator/Adult: And realistically speaking, there was only one thing left to do.
Kevin:Oh my God!
(Kevin runs outside and joins his classmates)
Mr. Plenitzer: Okay, here it comes. We're going to achieve totality in 20, 19, 18, 17 ...
(Harlan comes out of the bushes somewhat dazed, followed by Mary Jo looking equally dazed)
Cindy: Oh my God, look at that hickey.
Mr. Plenitzer: ... 10, 9 ...
Chuck: Alice! Pooky! I made it!
Mr. Plenitzer: ... 4, 3, 2, 1 ...
(A big blast is heard, and the camera jiggles. The total eclipse suddenly darkens the scene. Kids scream and scatter)

Chuck: And then, finally, I jumped out of the truck and I ran all the way to the planetarium so that I could see y ...
Alice: Chuck! Instead of making up all these idiotic stories, just be a man for once and say that you are sorry.
Chuck: But I ... I mean I did.

Episode Goofs
"On the afternoon of March 21st, 1973, at exactly 2:15pm, a rare astronomical event occurred: a total eclipse of the sun." There were no solar eclipses observable from North America in 1973.

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