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The X-Files: Fallen Angel

With information obtained from Deep Throat, Mulder heads to Townsend, Wisconsin, to find evidence of a downed alien spacecraft before the military cleans up the area. While there, he meets Max Fenig, whose compatriots at the UFO organization NICAP have been following Mulder's work on the X-Files.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x10
Production Number: 1X09
Airdate: Friday November 19th, 1993

Guest Stars
Jerry HardinJerry Hardin
As Deep Throat
Scott BellisScott Bellis
As Max Fenig
Frederick CoffinFrederick Coffin
As Section Chief Joseph McGrath
Marshall BellMarshall Bell
As Commander Calvin Henderson

Co-Guest Stars
Alvin SandersAlvin Sanders
As Deputy Wright
Brent StaitBrent Stait
As Corp. Taylor
Kimberly UngerKimberly Unger
As Karen Koretz
Michael RogersMichael Rogers
As Lt. Griffin
Sheila PatersonSheila Paterson
As Gina Watkins
William MacDonaldWilliam MacDonald
As Dr. Oppenheim
Freda PerryFreda Perry
As Mrs. Wright
Jane McDougallJane McDougall
As Laura Dalton
Tony PantagesTony Pantages
As Lt. Fraser
Episode Notes
Max Fenig belongs to the organization NICAP, which stands for the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

Episode Quotes
Mulder: You really believe that story?
Scully: That story happens to be highly classified.
Mulder: It's a highly classified lie.

Scully: Mulder, the hearing is tomorrow at 10 o'clock.
Mulder: So that gives us 24 hours to investigate.
Scully: My assignment is to bring you back, not help you dig yourself in deeper.
Mulder: The Last Detail starring Dana Scully.

Episode Goofs
At the beginning of the episode, Deputy Wright radios to dispatch that there is, "a fire off County Road D-7." County roads in Wisconsin are assigned letters only. They are never accompanied by numbers.

When Mulder and Scully enters Max's trailer for the first time, Scully turns to her right, walks down the length of the trailer and looks at the pill vials while Mulder and Max talk. Then, when Max begins to show Mulder the exchange he caught on the Wolf 2000 scanner, the scene changes and Scully is shown on the left side of Mulder and Max when she should have been on their right.

Mulder discovered a v-shaped scar behind Max's right ear when he was having a seizure. However, later Mulder tells Scully that Max has a scar behind his left ear.

The doctor reports that the deputy and others were admitted with 5th/6th degree burns. The Red Cross first aid courses teach that a person with burns worse than 4th degree would be incinerated to ash.

Townsend, Wisconsin, is shown on the Air Force radar as being in southeastern Wisconsin. Also, at the end of the episode, Mulder and Scully drive from the motel that Mulder was staying at in Townsend to Lake Michigan in a relatively short amount of time. However, the actual city of Townsend is located in northeastern Wisconsin, within the confines of Nicolet National Forest. It would be quite a drive to make it to Lake Michigan from the actual Townsend.

The article on the toxic spill cleanup that Scully reads at the end of the episode states that Townsend, Wisconsin, is in "central Wisconsin" when the episode shows it to be in southeastern Wisconsin. Also, in the first sentence in the second column, the word any is spelled an.

Cultural References
Mulder: The Last Detail starring Dana Scully
Mulder makes a reference to the 1973 Hal Ashby film The Last Detail. The movie stars Jack Nicholson and Otis Young as two Navy MPs whose assignment it is to escort a sailor from his court martial to his prison cell. More information on the film can be found here.

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