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The X-Files: Bad Blood

Having to give a report to Assistant Director Skinner on their latest case, Mulder and Scully both give each other their interpretation of the events that led to Mulder killing a man who he suspected was a vampire.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x12
Production Number: 5X12
Airdate: Sunday February 22nd, 1998

Director: Cliff Bole

Guest Stars
Patrick RennaPatrick Renna
As Ronnie Strickland
Luke WilsonLuke Wilson
As Sheriff Lucius Hartwell

Co-Guest Stars
Forbes AngusForbes Angus
As Funeral Director
Forbes AngusForbes Angus
As Funeral Director
Brent ButtBrent Butt
As Coroner
Brent ButtBrent Butt
As Coroner

Arlene PileggiArlene Pileggi
As Skinner's Assistant
Arlene PileggiArlene Pileggi
As Skinner's Assistant
Episode Notes
When Scully asks Mulder what he's going to tell Skinner at the beginning of the episode, her left eye blinks just before the camera shifts to Mulder. When she tells him that she'll tell Skinner exactly what she saw, her left eye blinks twice more.

Episode Quotes
Scully: Beginning autopsy of white male, 60 years old, who is definitely having a worse time in Texas than I am. But not by much.

Scully: Mulder, please just keep reminding him you were drugged.
Mulder: Would you stop that!
Scully: Couldn't hurt!
Mulder: Stop it!
Skinner: Scully? Mulder?
Mulder: I was drugged!

Episode Goofs
At the beginning of the episode, when Mulder tells Scully not to start in with him, Scully leans back in her chair and interlocks her fingers on her stomach as Mulder goes over to the trash can and starts kicking it. When Scully is shown from a different angle, her arms are crossed in front of her. In each camera change, her arms shift position once again: from fingers interlocked to arms crossed and back.

Just as Scully is about to begin her first autopsy, the blade false off of her scalpel. As it does, her thumb can be seen moving up the top of the scalpel, indicating a switch to allow the blade to be removed from the handle.

When Scully weighs the organs, she incorrectly calls the small intestine the large intestine. The large intestine, also called the colon, is only five feet in length, but the organ that she puts in the measuring pan is much longer than that. The small intestine would fit the bill here because it is 20 feet long.

When Mulder was breaking the chair to make a stake, you can see a hand placing the stake that Mulder picks up on the pile of chair bits.

Cultural References
"Yada, yada, yada": Seinfeld
When Scully weighs the first victim's small intestine, instead of saying, "Tissue appears normal," she says, "Yada, yada, yada." The line is a reference to the Seinfeld season eight episode "The Yada Yada" that, at the time, made it a popular catchpharse.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorChris Carter (1)
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