Series 7 - Auditions 1 - Recap

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Season 7 starts up with Dermot O’ Leary hosting “The X Factor” and introduces that they are going to be in 6 different cities around Great Britain: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin and, this week, they are in Glasgow. Thousands of people have turned out and are ready to go. The judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole arrive and so does guest judge, Geri Halliwell. All are ready for the auditions and want to get the show started.

First up is 40 year old house husband, Steven Hunter and he wants to give it his all and perform to the judges liking. Singing “Disco Inferno”, he starts to dance around and is very entertaining. Simon stops the music and asks if he is going to sing. Steven tells that he was about to before getting cut off. Simon turns on the music again and he starts singing. Not the best voice in the world but Geri tells that he has potential and tells that she enjoyed it. Cheryl tells that she really enjoyed it. Simon tells that he has a good voice in there but has to drop the 16 year old boy act and be himself. They go down the panel and all of the judges say yes to him.

After the break, Diva Features enter on stage and they sing a song that sounded, as Simon says “that he picked the girls up at a bus station”. The montage continues with a 70 year old named George who auditions and it was not good enough to get through and Emedy who enters and does a horrible dance and singing routine to “Billy Jean”. Simon tells that he never heard that version and it is a no across the board for all the acts.

Hoping to bring Glasgow back to the talent they are is Gamu Nhengu. She tells that she wants to have people remember her. Singing her rendition of “Walking on Sunshine” The crowd goes nuts and cheers her one. Louis tells that he liked her energy and tells that she has a soulful voice. Simon tells that she sung his worst song in the world but tells that he really likes her and tells that she is really talented by making it her own. Cheryl tells that she was entertained even with Gamu staying on one spot. She gets a yes from all the judges and gets to move on to the next round.

After a short break, they do a little montage with Geri Halliwell talking all the time and how she won’t stop talking about her career and how she was a star and knows the pressure. This brings on “G&S” enter the scene and singing “Don’t stop Believing” and only the G in the group is horrible. The girl in the duo is a really good singer. Every time it was her time to sing, the crowd cheered and every time the boy sang it was silent. The judges have Caroline sing alone and her friend has the crowd show their support. Cheryl tells that she wishes that she had a friend like she has. Louis tells that he is going to say yes. Geri tells that she is saying yes. Simon says no. It is up to Cheryl says yes.

A montage of yes from the judges which include a waitress named Lynne Frances O’Neil gets on stage “True Colors” and gets through. Other groups follow including “Noir” and Mark McGregor to which Louis tells that he’s got it. The Glasgow auditions are over and they move to the next city.

After the break, they move on to London and there is no guest judge for the capital. The first act to audition for the city is “Jahm”. They enter onstage and sing “Bad Romance” and they are all horrible singers. After an agonizing audition, the judges are all silent for a minute. One of the singers asks how they did and Simon tells that they are the worst group they have ever heard. Lois likens it to cats being strangled and Cheryl tells that it was just bad.

This set off a montage of Girl Bands and a very opinionated Cheryl Cole to the talent to see if they are up to snuff. This includes girl groups: Dice, Electralytes, and Ladybird who just didn’t have what it took in the eyes of Cheryl. Simon jokes with her and asks if she could put away her claws and goes with his sense of humor and gives Cheryl a saucer of crème.

After the break, Katie auditions with “At Last” but Simon tells that he doesn’t want her to sing that and it throws her off and she tells that she could sing “We are the Champions”. She starts off and messes up her words. She asks for a redo and Simon gives her one. At the end, Louis tells that the redo do not help. She asks if she could sing her first song that she originally wanted to sing and they let her. She sings the song and she it is pretty good. Louis tells that she singing is good but it is not good enough and says no. Cheryl tells says yes for her energy and Simon tells yes and gives Katie another chance to get it down.

Shirlena Johnson is the last one to audition for week 1 and she is going to sing her own arrangement of “Mercy”. She starts and keeps saying “Release me, release you” and it is a bizarre and weird audition that had her growl into the microphone. After a few minutes Simon and Louis put her through to the next round based on the only reason that Simon wants to hear her again and see what she is going to sing again. The auditions are over for London and the judges call it a night.