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Series 7 - Auditions 2 - Recap

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The search for the next X Factor moves to Dublin and Louis Walsh needs to find talent in Dublin, being a fellow Irishman himself. Simon has false hope for the talent and Cheryl Cole is ready to go. Guest Judge Katy Perry is ready to go as well. There are high hopes from Louis and there are many things that are going to happen and it has been two years since going to Dublin and there are thousands of hopefuls ready to impress with their talent.

First up is “Temple Fire” and they are determined to show what Dublin has got and they tell that they have been practicing like mad. They start sing and they are horrible singers. Simon doesn’t think it is serious and Katy tells the “Ginger” to tell the truth. Cheryl says that she is speechless and they vote and it is a no across the board and the Temple Fire are upset that they don’t get through.

Next a montage of bad acts Michael McCathy, Noel Keegan, Laura O’Keefe and a man dressed in a tiger outfit. Louis Walsh tells that it is not his fault that Dublin has not represented yet. With the pressure on, one act Stephen Concannon sings and wins the hearts of Cheryl and Katy but not without taking off his shirt. However, Simon is not sold on the idea. But he makes it through, Sugar Bullet gets told that they are boring but he is of course out voted. Sadbh O’Donnell says that she doesn’t have any personality. Louis wants to know
Rebecca Creighton auditions and Cheryl says that she has a brilliant voice and Simon has turned over the no leaf and gives her a yes and Rebecca gets the first yes of the evening.

The last to audition for Dublin is 50-year-old Mary Byrne. Singing “I who have nothing”, Mary sings really good for a woman her age and the judges are all smiles especially Louis. Mary receives a standing ovation from everyone in the audience. Louis tells it was one of the most real and talented singers. Cheryl tells that it was her favorite audition of the evening. Katy tells that she brought something different. Simon tells that she has the best voice than anyone who auditioned and Simon tells that he really likes her. She gets a yes from everyone of the judges and gets to move onto the next round.

After the break they move to London again and the crowds are ready to go and judges arrive and there is no guest judge for London. First up to prove that London’s got the X Factor is Matt Cardle. Singing “I’m no good”, he is quite the opposite and has an interesting tone. Louis tells that he has a great sound and that he looks awkward on stage. Louis says yes, Cheryl does too, and Simon tells Matt that he really likes him.

Next up is Michael Lewis and he is a Michael Jackson enthusiast and Simon rolls his eyes. “Rock with You”, he dances around and has a tone-deaf voice and Simon calls it hideous. He tells that everything is horrible. Louis tells that it was bad and Michael tells that he can sing a different song and Louis allows him to sing another Michael song and it is also even more horrible than the first.

Boy band, “The Reason” is up and they have the high hopes that they are going to be able to perform well enough to show that they have the X Factor and they sing “Fight For this Love”. They are really good and sing it with harmony and without music. Simon tells that they are the best band that he’s heard in the competition, Cheryl tells that she liked the song and that they are really good to not jump around the stage, and Louis tells that they are great. They get to take their harmony to Boot camp.

This sets of a montage of group acts that include: a group of seven called “Seven”, girl band Husstle, and a Boy band Princes and Rogues that all get through to the next round of the competition and receive a yes from everyone.

The judges can’t stop saying yes and the last contestant of the evening, Annastasia Baker, comes on and she is a repeat contestant. They show that she forgot the words two years ago and she is back to sing “Rolling on a River”. But Simon stops her and tells that she has a natural voice but it is not good and tells that she should sing a different song. She sings “To make you feel my love” and blows the audience away. She gets a yes from all the judges and moves onto the next round. This ends this round of auditions and the judges get ready to move on to another city to find The X Factor!