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Series 7 - Auditions 3 - Recap

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The X Factor kicks off and Guest judge Natalie Imbruglia is going to be able to share her expertise on the judging panel. They are in London and there are thousands who feel that they are the X Factor and the one to beat. The judges enter in style and greet the fans. They are all hopeful and they are going to find the right talent. Louis’s hopes are high and would like to see a pair of twins go through. This sparks a pre-auditioning of a few twins: The Evans Twins who get a no to the next round and Bejon who, despite Simon’s choice, get through to the next round.

The first act to audition is a pair of twins from France. Simon is not at all happy when he sees that they are twins. Their name is “Twem” and they are going to be singing “Just Dance”. They start off and they are not the best singers but they are entertaining. Cheryl tells that it is not the best vocals but tells that they were entertaining. Louis tells that they are a likable bunch and Simon tells that they were not good. They vote and Louis gives them a free pass. Simon doesn't like where it is going to go.

After the break then next to audition is Storm Lee Gardner and he tells that he feels that he needs to be able to share his musical ability. He gets on and tells that he flew from Los Angeles and will want to sing “Every Breath You Take”. He starts singing and it is really good. However, Simon stops him and tells him to simply sing and that he need to drop the “Storm” part of his name and sing. Storm sings a U2 song and is wonderful again. The judges say yes to Storm and Simon says yes to Lee.

Ruth-Anne St Luce enters and calls Simon “Lightning” and sings amazingly well. John Adeleye sings “You are so beautiful” and Louis, Simon, and Cheryl say yes to him as well, and Elesha Moses who gets the right pass to the next round with her great vocals.

After the break, they move onto Birmingham to find the next X Factor and a guest judge hits the scene. Natalie Imbruglia enters and everyone greets her. The next up to audition is Liam Payne. He is a repeat audition and Simon recognizes him. He tells that he made it to Simon’s house but Simon tells that he was not ready. Liam tells that he is ready to prove that he has what it takes. Singing “Cry Me a River”, he shows that he has improved and sings good and at the end gets a standing ovation from Simon, the one he wanted to impress the most. Cheryl tells that his voice was perfect, Natalie tells it was impressive, Louis tells that he is glad he came back, and Simon tells that he wasn’t ready and that now he is. All the judges say yes and put Liam through to get another chance.

Next up is 41-year-old Patti Eleode auditions and compares her to the greats. She tells that she wants to be a household name. She enters the stage and sings and it is not good at all and it makes the judges laugh with her squeaky voice. Simon tells that people like her and that she will enjoy singing but has to do it alone. Everyone says no besides Louis. This sparks a montage of bad singers that include: Chad Kennedy, The High St. Boys that make Natalie covers her face to hide her laughing, and Scott Archer that doesn’t and Brenda Morris who is a very angry singer.

The next to hope save the day is 16-year-old Cher. She enters and tells that “Turn My Swag On” and she has a bizarre talent with her tone of voice and is really good at singing and shows that she has attitude. She receives a standing ovation from the audience and Cheryl tells that she is her favorite audition. Natalie tells that she could tell that Cher is nervous but it was amazing. Louis tells that she was born to be a Pop Star and all the judges give her a 100% yes. Simon tells that it was a great audition and tells that he likes her. Backstage Louis

Back after the break the auditions continue and Keri Arrindell shows that she has the voice to match the talent and gets a yes from everyone and crazy haired Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho sings an opera piece and gets through and Justin Vanderhyde sings and has the pointiest ears but his voice is amazing and gets through to the next round. The judges continue to say yes to a wide variety of singers.

The last to audition are Abby and Lisa and they show their age as Lisa starts to tell off the audience when they start booing because the girls are talking nonsense. Abby gets upset and gives Lisa the microphone and goes off stage. Lisa gets Abby back on stage and Simon tells them to start singing and they are not good at singing at all. Simon tells that they have the worst attitudes and calls them very rude. Lisa is the most rude of them and Natalie tells that they were not good. Lisa asks who she is and everyone is shocked. Abby walks off stage and hits Lisa in the face. Everyone is shocked and security separates them. Offstage the ex-friends are talking bad about each other and Simon tells the security to tell the girls that it is a no for them. The auditions end and they move on to a new city next week.