Series 7 - Boot Camp 2 - Recap

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The performances continue and it is the final chance for the hopefuls to prove that they can do it. With judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger taking the spot to do the judging, they have the chance to take the stage alone and sing a song. The judges take their seats and wait for the opening singer.

Katie Waissel is up first to go against the judges on stage and she tells that she would like to be a legend and that she feels super charged. She tells that she is thankful for the opportunity. “To Make You Feel My Love” is the song she sings and she has a soulful voice. Nicole says that she wants to look at her and that she was right there all the time.

Diva Fever enter the stage and they enter with their eye makeup and flash. They tell that they want to go all the way and that they have the talent to entertain. They want the best for them and they do this with “Bad Romance”. Simon tells that they are enjoyable and Louis agrees.

The next acts enter and Justin Vanderhyde sings his heart out and tells that he wants to be able to get through to the judges’ houses and to progress. Twem talk about how they are great together and there are many things that are going to come. Louis likes them a lot and says that they are good. Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho enters the stage and says that it would be a dream come to be able to make it through. He gets the judges to like the performance.

After the break is Aiden Grimshaw and he wowed the judges during the auditions and he tells them that he wants to make an imprint on the world. Brian Friedman tells him during the rehearsals that he needs to connect with the audience more and open his eyes. Otherwise the judges are going to tear him apart. He enters the stage and starts singing. He has a problem of opening his eyes. They are not unimpressed and they like the fact that he doesn’t always open his eyes.

Annastacia Baker sings at her best to prove that she wants the chance to get through. Elesha Moses has the voice that seems to go with the judges’ liking and she puts all of her into the song. Hustle proves that they are going to be in the top with their dancing and singing to a trendy song.

Rebecca Ferguson is up and tells that she had a problem with her confidence and vocals in her own mind. She tells that she wants this really bad and that she wants to be able to show the judges that she has what it takes to make it as a star. She sings and brings a lot of emotion into her voice when she sings. Simon tells that she has a recording voice and the only problem that she has to work on, is the confidence issue.

Nicola Festa is next and he tells that he wants to be a star and that he wants to be able to show that he has the right image that the judges are looking for. He walks on stage and tells that he is good to make it through. He starts singing and his proves to be to what he was wanting it to be at. Simon tells that he likes him and that he has potential.

Paije Richardson tells that he is hungry for the chance to go through and sings his heart out. Jo Beetlestone, whose sister entered her into the competition, wants to be able to make an impression. John Adeleye would love it to have the chance to prove that he has what it takes to make it through and sings nice. Raquel Thomas wants her life to change and sings to her heart’s desire. Mary Byrne tells that she wants it despite her voice being a bit cracky. She sings and the judges are happy with it.

Next is Gamu Nhengu and she has wanted to be a singer since she was 10 years old and tells that she would love to make it big. Singing “Make You Feel My Love”, her voice makes Louis cry because of the emotional performance. She gets off stage and tells that she gave it her all and that is all she can say to herself.

The final day of Bootcamp arrives and the acts get to find out their fate. Gamu tells that she couldn’t sleep and it is anyone’s game. Matt Cardyle tells that it is in the judges’ hands. Simon, Louis, and Nicole go to the auditorium to decide who stays and who goes home. Only 24 spots are going to be able to get through. Nicole tells that the girls take the cake for talent and Simon tells that he doesn’t agree. Backstage, the hopefuls are getting restless and the judges change the age category a bit. Instead of 25 being the cut off, it is 28.

The judges invite the girls first to line up and the girls that go through to judges’ house are: Katie Waissel. Requel Thomas , Kari Arridel, Tracy Cohen , Annatacia Baker, Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Loyd, and Gamu Nhengu

For the over 28s, the singers are: Steven Hunter, Uri Minquel, Storm Lee, Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho, Justin Vanderhyde, John Adeleye, and Mary Byrne

Groups: Twem, The Reason, Diva Fever, F.Y.D, Princes and P, and Hustle

The boys : John Wilding, Nicolo Festa, Paije Richardson, Aiden Rimshaw, Marlon McKenzie, Karl Brown, Matt Cardyle, and Tom Richards.

Nine people are called back to the stage and among them, Sophia Wardman, Liam Payne, Zane, Harry Styles, Rebecca Creighton and four other get on stage and the judges decided to make them into a boy band and a girl band. Simon tells that it is a life line and to practice more to make it work. The hopefuls celebrate briefly and are happy to have their chance to be able to go through.

Bootcamp is over and the 32 acts that remain are cut into four categories. The four judges are at home. Simon is in London, Louis is in Dublin, Cheryl Cole is back and she is in Los Angeles, and in Australia, Danni is back to help with the judging. All judges are waiting for their call. Danni gets the call first and she gets the Boys. Cheryl gets her call next and she gets the Girls. Simon gets the call and Louis as well. Simon gets the Groups and Louis gets the Over 28s. Louis is not that happy about it but tells that he is going to work them hard. The remaining 32 are going to have to fight their way through to get through to the top 12.