Series 7 - Elimination - 1 - Recap

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The Final 12 perform with Dannii’s picks: Aiden Grimshaw, Matt Cardle, and Nicolo Festa. Louis’ picks: Mary Byrne, Storm Lee, and John Adeleye. Cheryl’s picks: Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel, and Rebecca Ferguson. Simon’s picks: Belle Amie, F.Y.D and One Direction. With a BIG twist! The show opens Dermot coming out for a LIVE show and the twist is that the judges get a Wildcard to bring back one act from their groups. The judges go to the house and Louis pick Wagner, Dannii picks Paije Richardson and Cheryl picks, Treyc Cohen and Simon picks Diva Fever. All get excited to be able to perform again. The Top 16 come out and they have one shot to make it count. The theme tonight is Number Ones.

The first to kick it off the show is “F.Y.D” and they tell that they have been from all different backgrounds and Simon tells that their act is what the music industry needs. They are going to go all out tonight. They come out and sing “When I’m a Billionaire”. It is entertaining and they are in sync with each other. Louis tells that it was brilliant and the only negative is that they are better dancers than singers. Dannii tells that the song choice was perfect but the vocals were a little weak. Cheryl tells that they need to dance more and that the singing will come. Simon tells that they are relevant in the charts and that it was a great choice. “F.Y.D”. tells that they feel they did well.

Next is Matt Cardle and he tells that he lives with his parents and tells that he is working to open his eyes when he sings. He enters the stage and sings. He is opening his eyes and is a little pitchy. However, Louis loved it and tells that Matt is in it for the long hull. Cheryl tells that Matt did an amazing job. Simon tells that he wasn’t convinced that he could do it but after the performance he is a recording artist. Danni tells that he nailed it and can’t wait for the next performance. Matt tells that it was an incredible feeling.

After the break, John Adeley is up and he tells being in the LIVE finals is an amazing feeling. Louis tells that he picked him because he is the Dark Horse that needs to be noticed. He enters singing a slow song “One Sweet Day” and it is not a good change from the upbeat songs before him. Dannii tells that she loved the passion, but the song choice didn’t make him current. Cheryl tells that it was a good performance but has not put his stamp on it. Simon tells that he sang it good, but wasn’t number one. Louis tells that John has so much more. John tells that he had a lot of fun.

Rebecca Ferguson is up now and she tells that she is a single mother and that she wants to give the best performance she has ever given. Cheryl tells that she needs to show that she is a recording artist. She comes out singing and shows that she has overcome the shyness and is opening her eyes to the audience. Louis tells that she is a class act and that she is the real deal. Dannii tells that she loved it and it was amazing. Simon tells that she is a great singer and tells her to start showing the fun side of her. Cheryl tells that everything about her is real and that she was great. Rebecca tells that she is happy to be there.

Next to perform is Storm Lee and he has RED hair now. He tells that he has been waiting for this moment and comes out singing “We Built This City on Rock and Roll” and entertains the crowd with a set design, eye makeup. Dannii wants to know where Louis got the costumes. Dannii tells that he entertained the crowd. Cheryl tells that the costume is a little much and tells that it is good . Simon tells that it was something like out of Batman and it was a little ridiculous and Louis tells that he did an amazing job. Simon adds that the vocals were not bad.

“Belle Amie” get up to show there stuff and they had a little mishap with the vocals during rehearsal. They enter the stage and start singing and they are in tune with each other but are lacking something. The judges see this too and Louis tells that there is chemistry and wasn’t good with the song choice, but they have potential. Dannii tells that they did a good job singing. Cheryl tells that she was a little unsure and that the song choice was amazing. Simon tells that they are going to need time to get that chemistry and that the girl band is what is needed today. “Belle Amie” tell that they did a good job and that it is good to be there.

Next in the spotlight is Cher Lloyd and she tells that she has been grateful to have the chance to be there. Entering the stage, she sings with her attitude and it is
Louis tells that it could be a Number One and it was good. Dannii tells that she is a star and that she commanded the stage. Simon tells that any doubts to why Cheryl picked her is out the window. Cheryl tells that she is proud of her that despite the pressure, she blew everyone away. Cher tells that she needed that and that it was “Wicked”

Wildcard “Diva Fever” performs and Simon tells that he put them through because they are entertaining and people are going to like them. They enter the stage and they entertain the crowd and they have improved on their vocals. Louis tells that they bring fun and excitement. Dannii tells that it was like a Christmas Party and loved it. Cheryl likens it to a work out video and it was fun. Simon tells that the world has been a boring place and tells that he smiles every time they perform. “Diva Fever” tell that it is Amazing to be there.

Paije Richardson comes on stage and tells that he has been waiting for a moment and when he was picked as a Wildcard, he was ecstatic. Simon tells that Paij is a Yo-Yo with the yes and no answers. He comes out singing “Killing Me Softly” and it is good. Louis tells that he is very talented and it was amazing. Cheryl tells that Paij earned his spot. Simon tells that he sand the song really well. Dannii tells that he put his personality on the song. Paij tells that it is amazing to be able to have come back.

Katie Waisell is next and tells that she is happy to be there. Cheryl tells that she wanted Katie to redeem herself. Singing “We are the Champions”, she sings it really well. Louis tells that he doesn’t know who Katie is really in the way of image. Dannii tells that the vocals were amazing but hates the outfit. Simon tells that he loves the outfit and voice. Cheryl tells that she loved getting to know her and she loved the vocals. Katie tells that everyone has been supportive and tells that she will get him to tell her that she is a good singer as well.

Mary Byrnes is next to performing and tells that she has been waiting for years for a moment like this. Before the LIVE show, Mary gets Laryngitis. However, she is determined to give it her all. Singing “Man’s World”, she shows that her Laryngitis has not affected her at all. She has the skills of a performer and Dannii tells that she blew the house down with that performance. She tells that it was the best vocal performance of the evening. She tells that singing needs to be her day job. Cheryl tells that she felt every word and that it was amazing. Simon tells that the thing that made the performance great was that she gave it 110% and it was really good. Louis tells that she is a DIVA and he is proud of her and that she has the X factor. Mary tells that she would have never imagined that she would be there.

Nicolo Festa, the male DIVA, is up and he wants to make an impact and wants everyone to have fun. Danni tells that the real Nicolo is coming out and everyone will know. Singing “Just Dance”, Nicolo sings with the attitude of a Diva and sings well. Louis tells that he was amazing and loved it. Cheryl tells that she didn’t love it and tells that he needed to have his eyes uncovered. Simon tells that he went nuts this year and actually loved the song. Dannii tells that Nicolo sounded fantastic and that he is going to take it to the end. Nicolo tells that he is normal and not a Diva.

“One Direction” is up to sing and they tell that it has been a wonderful time and they have had a lot of fun so far. They enter singing “Viva La Vida” and they are in tune with each other.
Louis tells that they have the potential to be the next boy band. Dannii tells that it was good and they have good stage presence. Cheryl tells that she liked it and Simon tells that they are in the same category of those on top.

Wagner. He tells that it was amazing to have the chance to perform again and during the rehearsal, Wagner forgets some of the lyrics. He comes out on stage and sings a medley of “She Bangs” and “Love Shack”. It is strange and the judges feel it too. Dannii tells that Wagner was entertaining and crazy but very Karaoke. Cheryl calls him “earthy” and nice. Simon tells that it was completely bonkers. Louis tells that it was a lot of fun to watch. Wagner tells that he forgot everything when he had all the women around him and tells that t was a lot of fun.

Up next is Aiden Grimshaw all the judges tell that he is very shy and needs to perform to everyone and not himself. He enters the stage and sings “It’s a Mad World”, Aiden sings with his corkiness and powers through the song. Louis tells that his performance was the best of the evening. Cheryl tells that it was brilliant and amazing. Simon tells that it was his favorite performance. Dannii tells that it was strong and it was amazing. Aiden tells that it was fun to perform and it is apparent that he is very nervous.

The last to perform for the evening is Treyc Cohen. She tells that it is out of this world to be able to have this chance. She comes on stage and starts singing and hits all the notes. Louis tells that she deserves to be on the stage and that this is her time. Dannii tells that she has a phenomenal voice and wants to have her to keep it up. Simon tells that it was the best vocal of the competition. Cheryl tells that it was incredible. She tells that it was amazing and it was great. The votes are open and the audience and the world are in control of who stays and who goes.