Series 7 - Elimination - 5 (Result) - Recap

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Results Night and Dannii’s picks: Matt Cardle, Paij Richardson, Aiden Grimshaw. Louis’ picks: Mary Byrne and Wagner. Cheryl’s picks: Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel and Treyc Cohen. Simon’s picks: “One Direction” are in danger to getting sent home. With special appearances of Shane Ward and Kylie Minogue, the night kicks off with the Top 10 performing a song and singing their hearts out.

Shane Ward comes back to the stage after being crowned the winner of X Factor. He sings wonderfully and at the end, Dermot talks to Shane and asks where he has been. He tells that he is back and that it is the greatest feeling. He wishes all the contestants good luck.

Lines are closed and Cheryl got #1 Album and they talk about the night. Cheryl tells that the pressure is getting to the contestants. Simon didos. Louis tells that Rebecca was the best and Dannii tells that Matt has all 4 judges on their feet so that is a good thing. Kylie Minogue and performs a hit single. She does wonderful as always and the judges get ready for the results.

Dannii and the Boys, Cheryl and the Girls, Louis and the Over 28s, and Simon and his one group come out and the first person going through to the next round is Aiden Grimshaw. The next act going through is Rebecca Ferguson. The next one going to the next week is Matt Cardle. Also through is “One Direction”. The 5th act through is Paije Richardson. Also performing Live next week is Cher Lloyd. The next act safe is Wagner. The next act returning is Mary Byrne. This leaves Katie and Treyc in the bottom two. Katie tells that she is going to the best she can and Treyc says that she is as well.

Katie comes out and sings and at the end of the song, she is really defeated looking. Things could not look good for her tonight.

Treyc performs and she sings “Unbreak My Heart”. She too sounds defeated as well. Both were not that talented with their singing.

They come out and both girls are emotional. Simon tells that Treyc is the better singer, but Katie is the better performer. The act that he is going to send home Treyc. Cheryl tells that she is not sending anyone home. Danni tells that she has to send Katie home. Louis tells that he is going to have to send home Treyc Cohen. So with Treyc gone home, they take a look back at her journey and say goodbye.