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Series 7 - Elimination - 6 - Recap

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With Treyc out of the competition, Dannii’s picks: Matt Cardle, Paij Richardson, Aiden Grimshaw. Louis’ picks: Mary Byrne and Wagner. Cheryl’s picks: Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd, and Katie Waissel. Simon’s picks: “One Direction” are going to face the music and it is going to be the make or break of the contestants. It is Elton John night on the X Factor and they have 9 remaining acts to prove their stuff. Dermot introduces the judges and

First up is Paije Richardson and this week they went to the premire of the Dealthy Hallows and they got to meet Daniel Radcliffe and Paije was an extra in the Order of the Phoenix. Singing “Crocodile Rock”, he sings the song and he moves the crowd, but Louis tells that the song is not good and that it sounded karaoke. Cheryl tells that she has never heard the song before, but he made it his own. Simon tells that it was fun and tells that he has no chance at winning the competition compared to the other singers. Dannii gloats that the crowd is going wild. Paije tells that he is versatile and that he had fun.

Aiden Grimshaw is next and he is happy with Cheryl and the fact that she is starting to get her. He tells that the premier was amazing and he could get used to the fame. Singing “Rocket Man”, he sings well and gets the crowd going. Louis tells that he liked that he is different and he changed it and made it his own. Cheryl tells that he is consistency good. Simon tells that he it is Louis’s wrong time of the month and tells that vocally, it is not the best, but he has great presence. Dannii tells that it was a fantastic performance. Aiden tells that it was fun and he got his swag on.

The next singer is Mary Byrne. She tells that she talks to her daughter all the time and that she is popular where she is living. She tells that she has to give it her all tonight. Singing “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, she ends on a high note and get the crowd on their feet. Dannii tells that she got her mojo back tonight and that parts of it was shaky but the end note was amazing. Cheryl tells that it was good to see the twinkle back in her eyes. Simon tells that normally he wouldn’t like it, but it worked. Louis tells that she was bang on tune and it was amazing. She tells that she is more confident and that she was here to stay.

Katie Waissell is up next to show that she has what it takes to survive in the competition and she wants to have a comeback song. Singing “Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting”, she sings the song with energy and showcases her voice greatly. Louis tells that he saved her because he had faith in her, and it was not good at all. He tells that it was the wrong song and Cheryl is upset with him. Dannii tells that she sounded good on the chorus but the verses where not that good. Simon tells that it was entertaining. He tells that Louis is going to be removed from the building and tells that he is happy that he kept him in and tells Louis to shut up. Cheryl tells that she showed that she admires her confidence. Katie tells that she will keep smiling no matter the knocks.

Matt Cardle sings next and he tells that he got the support of a lot of people and that he needs to be able to give it 110% like last time. Singing “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”
Louis tells that he is the one to beat and that it was amazing. Cheryl tells that it was the perfect song choice and that he is getting better and better. Simon tells that it was amazing and could have listened more. Dannii tells that Matt has the hard song and he made it personal it was amazing. Matt tells that he wanted to have fun with that one and that he did.

Next up is Cher Lloyd and that she feels that singing is what she has always wanted this life. She tells that she is not giving it up. Singing “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”, she comes out and keeps the scene simple and showcases her voice nicely with the balled and then adds her own twist to it. Louis tells that it worked and that it was clever. Dannii tells that she hit her stride and that it was amazing. She tells that she would have liked more of the singing. Simon tells that 100% back in the game and it sounded like a record and that she was so down after the critism but she bounced back. Cheryl tells that it is easy to forget that she is 17-years-old and that she is a star in the making. Cher tells that she feels amazing and that she is in the place she wants to be.

Wagner is up with his entertaining show and that he is having the time of his life every week he is called back. Singing “I'm Still Standing/ Circle Of Life”, he is of course not the best vocals, but he entertains the crowd. Dannii tells that it was very “camp” and she kind of enjoyed it but tells that it was more talking then singing. Cheryl tells that Wagner gave it his all. Simon tells that he has seen weird acts and that it doesn’t make sense. Louis tells that people like Wagner and that he is liked. Wagner tells that Louis can’t get his name right.

“One Direction” is next and this week was busy for them and Daniel Radcliffe comes in and meets them. They have a fun time at the premier and they tells that they are excited for the chance. Singing “Something About The Way You Look Tonight”, they are amazing in their vocals and Louis tells that they are definitely going to the finals and they were amazing. Dannii tells that they are consistent and they were great. Cheryl tells that they are definitely headed in one direction and that is up. Simon tells that he generally believes that a group is going to win.

Rebecca Ferguson sings last and she was shocked at the attention at the premier. She tells that she doesn’t want to mess up the song tonight. Singing “Candle in the Wind”, her voice is stunning. Louis tells that they saved the best for last and that she made it her own. Dannii tells that was amazing and she loved it. Simon tells that it was relevant and stunning. Cheryl tells that everyone got to know Rebecca and that she is an inspiration to all people. Rebecca tells that she wanted to do the song justice and that it was the ultimate Elton John song. With all the singers performed, the results await to see who goes home and who goes on.