Series 7 - Elimination - 8 - Recap

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With Paije gone, it leaves: Dannii and Matt Cardle, Louis’ picks: Mary Byrne and Wagner, Cheryl’s picks: Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd, and Katie Waissel and Simon’s picks: “One Direction” are left in the competition. Tonight is Rock Week and they are down to only 7 acts to sing 2 songs. The judges come on and they are dressed in their best.

The first up tonight is Wagner. He tells that this time, he is not going to have any dancers on stage. Singing “Creep”, he does a better job than previous times. Dannii is shocked and tells that it was the best he has sung in the competition because he connected with the lyrics. Louis asks if she is calling Wagner a creep and she tells that it was good. Cheryl tells that it was his best performance.
Wagner tells that it was nice to have a compliment. He tells that he missed the dances.

“One Direction” is up and they are happy to be there and they feel Matt and Rebecca are the competition and this week they checked the charity single and it was nice. Singing “Summer of ‘69”, the boys come out and they are in perfect harmony. Louis tells that he loved everything in it and he thinks that they are the next boy band. Dannii tells that they stepped up their game. Cheryl tells that they are going up and it is amazing. Simon tells that Harry picked the song and it was a great choice. They tells that it is a great thing to work with Simon on everything and it was fun.

Next up is Mary Byrne and she tells that she is proud of being part of the charity song. She is singing “All I Want Is You”, she sings great and it is amazing as usual. Dannii tells that the crowd loves her and tells that she loved her performance. Cheryl tells that she felt her connection. Simon tells that it was a good song and it is better then last time. Louis tells that he loved it and doesn’t want her to go home at home. Mary tells that she put her heart and soul into it and it was fun.

After the break, Cher Lloyd is up to perform and she tells that she was a wreak last week and tells that she needs to move on. This week she has a song that was made for her. Singing “Girlfriend”, she comes out exploding with her rapping singing with her talent. The crowd gives a standing ovation. Louis tells that he made the right decision and she is becoming like her mentor and a Diva. Dannii tells that it was her favorite song of hers. Simon tells that from the disaster to the best performance of hers. That was on the money. Cheryl tells that she smashed it tonight. Cher tells that you have to take the good from the bad and go back and go back with a smash hit.

Next up is Rebecca Ferguson and she tells that the pressure was on her and she tells that she was intimidated for Rock Week and Simon tells that Rebecca is the girl to beat, but she has to show it. Singing “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”, she has a jazzy tone to it. At the end, Louis tells that he tells that it worked and that Bono would love the version and calls her a star. Dannii tells that her song sparkled but would have loved to see some more performance. Simon tells that it was a little bit stiff, but tells that she has the most beautiful distinctive voice. Cheryl tells that everyone agrees on Rebecca and is waiting for the Semi-Finals. Rebecca tells that she remembers looking at the floor and how much she has grown.

Up now is Matt Cardle and he tells that he was surprised that Paije left and thus leaving him the only guy left, but he tells that he needs to win it for her. Singing “I Love Rock N Roll”, he explodes on stage as always. Louis tells that he is persistently good. He tells that he is definitely safe. Cheryl tells that she enjoyed the performance. Simon tells that the song was terrific and it was good. Dannii tells that she loves to hear the crowd and it was amazing. Matt tells that he enjoyed it and he tells that everyone was sick this week so it was great to see that everyone is doing good.

Katie Waissel is next and she explains that she wants to show the real her and that is why she cut her hair. She tells that she is going to have fun on the stage. She enters the stage singing “Sex on Fire” and it is really entertaining. Louis tells that she is a rock chick and it was a very believable song. Dannii tells that she looks fantastic, but tells that she was trying too much with it. Simon tells that it was everything he loves about her. He tells that she is the only person who can sing it and calls it genius. Cheryl tells that she was amazing and got into the part. She tells that she takes herself seriously and she won’t let people down.

The Lines are open after the first round and the next to pick up round two is Wagner. He tells that he was born in 1956 and that it is going to be fun. He comes out singing “Addicted To Love” and it is….well, Wagner. He gets a mix of Boos and Cheers. Dannii tells that the same Wagner with the booing and the dancers. Cheryl tells that Wagner had a fun time. Simon tells that the show has gotten weird and Simon tells that there is something interesting with him. Louis tells that Simon needs to give the Emmy back and Simon gives him the look of death. Louis tells that it was great.

“One Direction” are up and they are excited for their song this week. They enter singing “You Are So Beautiful”, they are on perfect pitch and Louis tells that he loved the song, but tells that it wasn’t a rock song. Dannii tells that it was amazing and Cheryl agrees. Simon tells that Joe Cocker is a rock singer and tells him to buy a book. He tells the boys that it was stunning.

Mary Bryne is up again and this time, she is going to be singing “Brass In Pocket”. She enters and sings her heart out. Dannii tells that she vocally it was heading toward karoke, but her nerves were good. Cheryl tells her that she loved it. Simon tells that everything was negative and depressing last week and he tells that it was good. Louis tells that it is her last chance and that it was good. Mary tells that she had fun dancing around.

Rebecca Ferguson is up and she is going to have fun with the next song. Singing “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” and blows up the stage with her talented voice. Louis tells that it is great to see her do something up tempo and it was great. Dannii tells that is was so cool and she loved the performance. Simon tells that the last 2 weeks she was below her standard and with the song, she is back. Cheryl tells that she has proven that she has a superstar voice. Cheryl tells that she started off nervous at the beginning of the competition and feels that she is growing.

Katie Waissel sings “Everybody Hurts” for her second song and she tells that it is great to see that she has the votes. She comes out on stage and sings her heart out. Louis tells that he believes in her as a person and a performer. Dannii tells that it was a much better song and she sang it like her save me song. Simon tells that it was chopped up and she should have done better and is a little frustrated. Cheryl tells that it is the most beautiful song and she filled in the time beautifully. Katie tells that the song means a lot to her and she feels that she connected.

Up next is Matt Cardle and the next song is going to be giving him a stand up performance. Singing “Nights In White Satin”, he comes out with him and his guitar only. He sings it great as he always does and ends on a high note. Louis tells that it was a brilliant song choice. He tells that it was amazing. Cheryl tells that he sings so beautifully and it was amazing. Simon tells that it was the best versions and it showed it was genius. Dannii tells that it was real and romantic. Matt tells that it was a pleasure to sing the song and the closer he gets the more he wants it.

Last up for the evening is Cher Lloyd and she is singing “Walk This Way”. She tells that is going to go out the stage and sing it the way it was made for her. She comes out and has she has her stamp on it. Louis tells that she had two great performances and loved the whole performance. Dannii tells that there is no one who performs like her and she tells that it wasn’t her best. Simon tells that he disagrees with Dannii and tells that it was a fantastic night for her. Cheryl tells that she is original and she is dreamy. Cher tells that she enjoyed herself and having the time of her life. The performers have done all they but is it enough? Tomorrow is a DOUBLE elimination night.