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Series 8 - Auditions 5 - Recap

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The auditions continue in Liverpool and tonight the hopefuls want everything to go smoothly to allow them to get through to Boot Camp. Everyone has their own dreams to be a Pop Star. The four judges arrive in Liverpool and Gary tells that he is hopeful to find talent. Tonight is Tulisa’s birthday and Louis tells that they have a present. She unwraps it and it is a personal shirtless butler for the day.

Marcus Collins is first up and he tells that he wants to be a Pop Star and give a better life to himself. He sings and shows that he has the talent and gets the audience on their feet. Tulisa says that she was at his concert and says that it was outstanding. Louis says that he has the whole package and says that it was great. Gary says that he really enjoyed the performance. Kelly tells that he has it all. They vote and it is a yes across the board with no problem.

This sets off a montage of great acts that show that they have the talent that is good enough to get into Boot Camp to which the judges have no problem allowing through to the next round. The shirtless butler comes out and gives Tulisa her drinks and backrubs.

The auditions move on to Birmingham and first up is Graham Bennett. He says that he is going to be a singer and says that he gets crowds of women around him. He starts singing and it is horrible. At the end, Kelly says she didn’t like it at all. Tulisa says that she couldn’t understand him. Gary tells him that he is never going to go to Boot Camp. The judges vote and it is a definite no from all judges.

They show a montage of people who think that they can be as good as their idols, but they don’t come close to anything that resembles them at all. The judges don’t like the turn that Birmingham has taken.

Next up is Harry O’Neil and he is nervous he tries to remember the lyrics and this shows a montage of people getting the nerves the best of them. Hoping to break through his nerves, Jonjo Kerr goes up on stage and tells that he has always been a music fan. He starts singing and messes up on the timing. Gary tells that he has to organize himself. They give him a second chance. It pays off and he does a great job. Gary says that he needs to get focused. Kelly says that she was happy to see himself come out and says that he needs to work hard. Louis says that he knows that he can go far in the competition and says that he needs to believe in himself. The judges all say yes to Jonjo.

They go back to Liverpool and last contestant up for the night is Amelia Lily Oliver. She says that she has always wanted to see if people like what they hear and it is amazing to be there. She sings and shows that she has a soulful voice for a 16-year-old and impresses the audience and the judges. Afterward, she gets a standing ovation and Tulisa says that she performed great and blew up the stage. Louis says that a star is born because it was bold and beautiful. Kelly says that she was born to sing. Gary says that he is glad of her performance and says that it lifted the roof up and says that he was blown away. The judges say yes to her with no problems.