Series 8 - Elimination - 1 (Result) - Recap

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The results show and for the judges, it is the toughest joice that they have and for Tulisa and Groups: Rhythmix, NuVibe, 2 Shoes, and the Risk, Louis and the Over 25s: Johnny Robinson, Jonjo Kerr, Sami Brookes, and Kitty Brucknell, Kelly and the Girls: Misha B, Janet Devlin, Amelia Lily and Sophie Habibis, and Gary and the Boys: Craig Colton, Marcus Collins, James Michael and Frankie Cocozza, it is going to crazy. Cee Lo Green and Matt Cardle are performing tonight. Each judge is going to have to make a choice.

Matt Cardle comes out and sings his new single and shows what it means to be a winner of the X Factor and shows that he deserves the fame that he has been given. Dermot talks to him and Matt says that it has been great and thanks Gary again for writing the song.

Dermot asks if the judges have made up their minds and they all say that it has been tough to do. Next up is Cee Lo Green. He comes out and shows what it means to be a 3 times Grammy Award winner and sings his new single. He mixes it up by singing “Forget You”. Dermot asks Cee Lo if he is on tour and he says that he is going back to America, but they will see a lot of him.

The Over 25’s comes out and Louis says that the first act he is keeping in the competition is Sami Brookes. She runs over and hugs him. The second act that he is keeping is Kitty Bucknell. The last act he is taking to the next round is Johnny Robinson. Jonjo says that he could have done better and says that he had to choose someone.

The Boys come out and Gary says that the first act that he is going to put through is Marcus Canty. The second boy through to the next round is Craig Colton. The last spot goes to Frankie Cocozza. James is sad that says that he is not going to stop his music and says that it was a great time on the X Factor.

The Groups come out and Tulisa says that there first act that she is going to put through to next week’s show is “Rhythmix”. The second group that she is taking through with her is “The Risk”. The last group that she is taking with her to the next public vote is “NuVibe”. Dermot talks to “2 Shoes” and Tulisa is really emotional about it. They are good sports and they say that they have been happy that they made it this far.

The Girls come out and Kelly says that the first singer that she is putting through to the Pulic Votes is Janet Devlin. The second girl that she is keeping is Misha B. The last spot goes to Sophie Habibis. Dermot talks to Amelia Lily and Kelly says that she had to make a choice. Amelia is a wreck and goes off stage. The Top 12 are revealed and will be performing next week.