Series 8 - Elimination - 2 (Result) - Recap

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The 12 contestants sang and now have to wait for their results. Tulisa with The Groups: “Rythmix”, “NuVibe” and “The Risk”, Louis with The Over 25s: Johnny Robinson, Sami Brookes and Kitty Brucknell, Kelly with The Girls: Misha B., Janet Devlin and Sophie Habibis, and Gary with The Boys: Craig Colton, Marcus Collins and Frankie Cocozza are in danger of going home. They start off the night and Dermot tells that “The Wanted” and Katy Perry are going to perform for tonight. The judges come in and take their seats. The Final 12 perform a song together.

“The Wanted” perform on stage and they show that they deserve the success that they have gotten from the show. They get a standing ovation.Dermot asks the judges how they are feeling. Gary says that he isn’t worried about anything. Tulisa says that they have to vote about everything. Kelly says that she is nervous and Louis says that you can’t but help to be nervous.

Katy Perry performs on stage and shows what it means to have so much success worldwide. She goes acoustic. Dermot comes out and she says that she is on tour and that she is going to be in Liverpool.

The votes are in and The Groups, The Over 25s, The Girls and The Boys come out for the results. First through to the next round is “The Risk”. The next act through is Janet Devlin. The third act safe is Craig Colton. The next act through to next week is Johnny Robinson. The fifth act through is Misha B. The next act through is Sami Brookes. Also through is “Rhythmix”. The eighth act safe is Sophie Habibis. All of Kelly’s girls are through. Next act through is Kitty Brucknell. The final act definitely returning is Marcus Collins. This leaves NuVibe and Frankie Cocozza to sing in the showdown.

NuVibe comes out and sings for their life on the X Factor. Tulisa gives them a standing ovation. Frankie Cocozza comes out and sings for his life on the X Factor and Gary cheers him on. He does an alright job. The judges have to vote and Gary says that he is going to send home NuVibe. Kelly says that she is going to send home NuVibe. Tulisa says that she is sending home Frankie Cocozza. Louis says that he is going to send home NuVibe. They thank everyone for their time and Tulisa is emotional of them leaving.