Series 8 - Elimination - 6 (Result) - Recap

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Results night and Tulisa with The Groups: “Little Mix” , Louis with The Over 25s: Kitty Brucknell, Kelly with The Girls: Misha B. and Janet Devlin and Amelia Lily and Gary with The Boys: Craig Colton and Marcus Collins. Tonight 7 will become 6. Singing Live is One Direction and Lady Gaga. The Finalists sing “I’m Walking on Sunshine”. They do a great job singing the song.

“One Direction” performs on stage and they show that they have gotten better in their performances and it is good. Dermot comes out and asks how they felt coming out. They say that it felt amazing. They say that they like “Little Mix”. Dermot talks to the acts and they all say that they don’t want to go home and have fun and that they did enough to get through to the next time.

Dermot asks the judges how they are feeling. Tulisa says that she hopes that “Little Mix” got the votes. Louis says that he is scared. Lady Gaga comes out and sings her new single and shows that she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Dermot talks to her and asks her about Kitty and she says that she gave her a hug and Dermot says that she just gave her a bunch of ideas.

The Boys, The Girls, The Groups and The Over 25s come out and the first act through is Craig Colton. The next act through is Janet Devlin. The third act through is Marcus Collins. The fourth act through is Amelia Lily. The final act through is “Little Mix”.

This leaves Misha B. and Kitty Brucknell to fight for their survival on the X Factor. Kitty comes out and sings “Over the Rainbow”. She does the best she can. Misha B. comes out and sings “You Are”. She does the best she can do as well. Afterward, they go to the stage. The judges vote and Louis says that she is going to send home Misha B. Tulisa says that she is going to have to send home Kitty. Kelly says that she is going to have to send home Misha B. Gary says that she is going to send home Kitty. So Kitty Brucknell goes home and Louis says that he wants someone to sign her. Kitty leaves by singing a line from “Born This Way”.