Series 8 - Elimination - 7 (Result) - Recap

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Results Night and for Gary and The Boys: Craig Colton and Marcus Collins, Kelly and The Girls: Misha B., Janet Devlin and Amelia Lily and Tulisa and “Little Mix”, it is a tense night as they wait for their results. The finalists perform on the stage together and show that they can have fun despite the appending results. They have fun on stage. They are joined by Bryan Adams. Dermot talks to Bryan Adams later and he says that the advice he can give is for them to write their own music. He says that he is backing Amelia Lily.

Dermot talks to “Little Mix” and they tell that are feeling good. Misha B. says that she just keeps with going everything. Janet says that she feels that she did well. Amelia says that she had a lot of fun. Marcus says that he had fun and Craig says that he doesn’t feel that confident. Rebecca Ferguson performs on stage with her new single. Dermot talks to her and she says that it was nerve-racking and says that she had fun.

Dermot talks to the judges and Kelly says that everyone is nervous and says that they all have their fingers crossed. Tulisa says that she is happy with what they picked and Louis says that Craig is in trouble. Rihanna performs on stage and shows that she is worth the fame that she has gotten. She says that she almost moved to the UK because she is always there.

The Boys, The Girls and “Little Mix” come out and the results are in. The first act returning next week is Misha B. The next act through is “Little Mix”. The third act through is Marcus Collins. The final act through is Janet Devlin.

This leaves Craig Colton and Amelia Lily for the final vote. Craig Colton comes out and sings for his life on the X Factor. Amelia Lily comes out and sings her song and she does a great job as well. They come up for the judges vote and Gary says that he is sending home Amelia. Kelly says that she is going to send home Craig. Tulisa says that she is going to send home Amelia. Louis says that he is going to send home Craig. They go to deadlock. The singer going home is Craig Colton. He says that he had the time of his life and says that it was good. Gary says that he was amazing.