Series 9 - Auditions 1 - Recap

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It is another start to another season of X Factor as the contestants are ready to show that they have the talent to be the next X Factor. With “Little Mix” showing how it was done last season, this season has judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh. As a surprise, they are going to have special guests too. With Host Dermot O’Leary, the contestants line up to audition to show that they have it all to make it.

First up is Sheyi Omotayo. He says that he met Pixie Lot and that this is the biggest opportunity that he is going to get in his entire life. He comes out on stage and he wants to sing “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. He starts singing and tries to imitate Louis Armstrong in a horrible way. Afterward, Tulisa says that it was croaking. Louis offers his water and he takes Nicole’s. He tries to sing another song, but he is still doing the Louis Armstrong voice. Nicole says that she loves his personality, but doesn’t think his voice was good. Tulisa says that he went from a normal boy to Cookie Monster. Gary imitates the voice that he was doing and says that it was horrible and that he is going to need surgery on his voice. Louis says that this is not for the competition. They vote no for him and he is devastated.

However, not all the talent is bad as Fe Cockton Leckie, Rick Moorehouse and Tasha Leigh showed. Each of them are complimented on their singing and are told that they are going to get far in this. They get their ticket into the next round of the competition.

Next up is Jahmene Douglas. He says that he has always wanted to be a single and says that he doesn’t mingle well with other people. He comes out on stage and shows an amazing tenor voice. He gets a standing ovation from the judges and audience. Louis says that he is a revelation and says that a star is born. Tulisa says that he has the shock factor as well and says that it was amazing. Nicole says that she is an amazing vocalist and says that she wants to eat him up. Gary says that was off the scale and says that he completely nailed it today. They vote with an easy yes from all four judges and Jahmene gets through to the next round of the competition.

Up next is Zoe Alexander. She says that she is a Pink tribute artist. She says that she wants to be able to get out of it. She sings “So What” by Pink and is mediocre. Tulisa says that she doesn’t understand and says that she was going to break away and then she sings a pink song. They have her sing another song and it is still mediocre. Nicole says that her energy is good, but needs to go away and find who she is as an artist. Gary says that she needs to work on her voice and says that it has to be polished. Louis says that she has to figure out who she is. Zoe goes berserk and says that they told her to sing a Pink song. They tell her that she messed up. She throws a fit and throws the mic on the stage. She storms off knocking everything around including the staff.

The auditions move to Manchester and they have Mel B. First up is for Manchester is Curtis Golden. He says that he collects things and has a Spice Girls cardboard cutout from the movie of Mel B. He sings and he shocks the judges when he sings and has a soulful voice. Afterward, Louis says that he is quirky and different and says that he has something. Gary says that it was well done. Tulisa says that they have a nerd with talent. Mel B. says that she found it irritating. Gary says that he disagrees with her.

The attitude of Mel B doesn’t stop as one right after another, the singers are told by Mel B. that their singing is not good and that they need to make it doing something else. Singers come out on stage that sounds really good, but Mel B. stops that. The other judges comment on how Mel B. is really playing her role as Scary Spice. When an old man comes on stage and sings a sweet song, she calls it boring and Tulisa calls her “Meanie” Spice.

Last up for the night is Ella Henderson. She is going to sing an original song and says that it is a way of saying goodbye to her Grand-Dad. She comes out on stage and says that she has always loved music. She sings and is great. Afterward, Tulisa gives her a standing ovation. Mel B. says that those words were impacting and says that she is incredible. Louis says that he can’t believe that she is only 16-years-old and says that she is a class act. Gary says that it was out of this world and says that it was special. Tulisa says that the one thing that she really wants to mentor her. They vote with an easy yes from all judges including Mel B!