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Series 9 - Auditions 5 - Recap

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Another round of auditions is under way and Gary Barlow, Tulisa and Louis Walsh are ready to go. After last night’s battle of the egos between Gary and Geri, they are ready with a new guest judge. Tonight, they have Leona Lewis helping out. She is happy to be there. The judges make their way to their spots and get ready to hear the oncoming singers to see if they have the X Factor.

The first up is Eddy String. He comes out and shows that he has a personality and makes the audience laugh. He starts singing and entertains the crowd. Afterward, Leona says that she felt his energy, but couldn’t hear the vocals that well. Tulisa says that she loved it. Louis says that he is a great entertainer and says that it is a little Russell Brand comedy. Gary says that it could be a little annoying and says that he needs to tone it down. They vote and it is a yes from all four judges.

Next up is Amy Mottram. She says that she is a typical Essex girl and says that she loves singing. She has always wanted to be on the show and says that this is her dream. She sings and it is good. Afterward, Tulisa says that she sang that song like she has been on the Earth for a lot longer. Leona says that she is glad that she was here to witness her. Louis says that she has an amazing soulful voice. Gary says that she has confidence in her voice and the technique. They vote and it is an easy yes from all. She makes it to Boot Camp.

This sets off a montage of acts that impress the judges and audience with their voice that include Georgia Garrett, Charlotte Reavey and Sharon Rose. They all show that even though they are teenagers, they have old souls. They all make it to the next round.

Nicole makes it back to the judging panel as the next contestant, GMD3. They are all friends that have been in a band for a while. They come out and sing. The judges give them a standing ovation at the end. Gary says that they are going to have to get used to this. Louis says that he feels like they found the next JLS. Tulisa says that their vocals are amazing. Nicole says that they need an opportunity and this is it. Gary says that they blend so nicely. They vote and it is yes across the panel.

The Groups continue to impress and Mitsou, District Line and Duke show that they have what it takes to harmonize and be an all around good group. They all make it through.

Next up is MK1. They say that started as a duo and then added the one member. They have always wanted this for themselves. They start off good and then one of the singers joins in and it goes bad. Tulisa says that the good news is that the rap is good, but they need to either be a duo or get another member. Nicole says that the girl in the group is the star. They vote and Gary says that it is a no. Tulisa tells them that they need to take some time and they decide to go as a duo. They vote again and it is a yes across the board with the Duo.

Last for the night is Lorna Bliss. She is a repeat contestant from other talent shows and she wants to be everywhere on the TV. She comes out in a fishnet stocking outfit. She starts to sing and it is horrendous. She gives Louis a lap dance and makes her way across the judges table. Gary makes a run for it and Lorna craws on the floor. Afterward, Tulisa says that she is not in this for the talent, just for the fame. They tell her that they can’t take her seriously. She doesn’t get through. That is it for the 5th round of auditions!