Series 9 - Auditions 6 - Recap

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Gary Barlow, Tulisa and Louis Walsh are back for the sixth round of auditions. They start the night with guest judge Rita Ora joining the panel. The judges make their way to the auditorium and are in London to begin with. They take their seats and wait for the contestants to try to show that they have the X Factor and are worth of the title and prize.

First up for the night is Nick Buss. He is 70 years old and says that he is determined. He says that he is confident that he will do really well. He comes out on stage and says that he only knows Buddy Holly songs. He starts to sing and it is not good. Tulisa says that he looked like he enjoyed himself, but it is not right for the competition. Gary says that he doesn’t see the potential for him to sell millions of albums. They tell him no and he doesn’t take it that well as he goes off the stage cursing.

Leona Lewis comes and joins the judges for the next contestant. Jade Ellis says that she has a daughter and says that she lives in a tall block and says that she wants to show her talent. She come out and sings. Afterward, Leona says that she felt every lyric. Tulisa says that was amazing. Gary says that it was well done. They vote her through to Boot Camp with no problem.

The talent continues to come as Madeleine Wilson, Salena Mastroianni and Leanne Dlamini show that they have what it takes to make it through to the next round. The judges tell them that they are brilliant and amazing and they all agree to allow them into the next round.

Next up is Bianca Gascoigne, daughter of retired footballer Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne. She says that she has been famous as a celebrity when she did Love Island, but now, she wants to show that she can sing. She sings and it is a mediocre performance. Gary says that this is not good enough and says that it wasn’t bad. Louis says that there are amazing singers in this category. Tulisa says that she doesn’t feel that the vocals were not up to par. Rita agrees that it wasn’t that good. It is a no from all judges.

The auditions move to Manchester and Mel B fills the seat for Nicole. First up is Lauren Smith. She says that she is going to do her own cover to “American Boy”. It is pretty good. Tulisa says that they may have found themselves a recording artist. Mel B says that her eyes were closed the entire

Next is Tammy Cartwright. She says that she has been singing for a while and this is her last chance. She gets on stage and Mel B asks her to bring out her “crazy nan” as Tammy calls her. She tells the judges that Tammy definitely has what it take to win X Factor. She starts to sing and it is amazing. Afterward, Louis says that it was a powerhouse performance. Tulisa says that she is likable and says that she rocked the stage. Gary says that she can sing and says that it was amazing. Mel B says that it did start off as karaoke, but the song turned into something great.

Anastacia joins the judging panel and last up is Jade Collins. She says that she came to the X Factor because she wants to be a singer. She says that her dad has been in prison. She sings and it is great. Afterward, Louis says that she is young and has a lot of pain inside. Gary says that she was struggling, but he really likes her voice. Tulisa says that she has the spark and says that it is special. Anastacia says that she has passion. They vote and it is a yes from all judges. That's it for the sixth round!