Series 9 - Auditions 7 - Recap

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Tonight, the auditions come to a close as Gary Barlow, Tulisa and Louis Walsh get ready to see if they can find the singer who has the X Factor as they go into the last cities. Already, they have found amazing talent who has already gotten exposure. All hope to make it through to show that they have talent. Rita Ora is joining the judging panel to start off the night. They take their seats and wait the oncoming talent.

First up for the night is “Rough Copy”. They are animated and show a little comedy on the stage. They start singing and they are great. Gary says that they are going to be a nightmare to mentor, but they are great. Tulisa says that they are entertaining and it is great. Rita says that they should never change their cheekiness. Louis says that it is a yes and it is the same across the judging panel.

The love for Tulisa continues as Clapz Shizzayne and Dale Ali show their love as they sing right to Tulisa. They are good singings too and they make it through to Boot Camp so that they can show their love for their favorite judge.

The auditions continue in London and it seems that the boys have taken the auditions by storm as Adam Burridge, Triple J., George Shelley and Nathan Fagan Gayle all impress the judges with their good looks and great voices. They all make it through to Boot Camp to show that they have the X Factor.

Next up is Robbie Hance. He comes out and says that he is homeless. He says that he was put into Foster Care at 13-years-old and music has given him the passion to know that he is good for something. He starts singing and it is good. Rita says that he is capable of creating a scene. Tulisa says that he has been lost and says that it is good that he is there. Louis says that he had a hard time and needs a break. Gary says that he needs to work on his confidence only and says that it was great. They vote and he is voted into the next round of the competition.

After a round of horrible auditions, hoping to turn things around is Danielle Scott. Geri says that she found it a little bit depressing. Louis says that it was like an Adele impression. Tulisa says that she has a good voice, but is not sure that she is a Pop Star. Danielle begs to sing another song. They allow her to, but it is not good. Gary says that she was out of time and there were a lot of sharp notes. They say no and she walks off cursing.

After a round of mediocre voices that don’t get through, last up is repeat contestant Carolynne Poole. She says that she was in the middle of a marriage that was in tatters. Now everything is better and she is ready to show off the real her. She sings and shows that she can still sing. Louis says that he loved it and says that she got her confidence. Tulisa says that it was better and she loved it. Mel B says that her voice is beautiful. Gary says that it was great. They vote her through to Boot Camp.